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  1. FrozenYoghurt

    what is FNAC? And what is a MC album?
  2. FrozenYoghurt

    I don't know where I can ask this: If I want all deluxe AND bonus tracks, what version should I buy? The 2-Disc Hardcover?
  3. FrozenYoghurt

    Oh yes I did that. Also, the Demo Assembly versions are slightly more brickwalled hence a little less dynamic. But apart from that, anything that's missing?
  4. I wanted to add the Ray of Light Demo Assembly to my iTunes, and for Disc 2 I wanted to add the other leaked demos that we had been leaked long before. Is this list (-> attachment) complete or is a demo missing? Thank you for your help :-)
  5. FrozenYoghurt

    LAP isn’t all that to be honest. It has a few amazing songs and a few skips. Just like Hard Candy. And the Timbaland sound was still very trendy in 2008, it only became outdated in 2009 when electronic pop lost its urban touch.
  6. FrozenYoghurt

    Unironically, Hard Candy. It isn't a good Madonna album (should have been for Nelly Furtado), but I am a sucker for Timbaland urban pop of that era. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You has an incredible instrumental. 4 Minutes is so eclectic. Kanye's guest verse on Beat Goes On is fantastic. Like A Prayer might be better though.
  7. FrozenYoghurt

    She will replace with a promo shot from the upcoming era
  8. FrozenYoghurt

    It's the problem with almost every pre-2010 music video on youtube
  9. FrozenYoghurt

    okay, it looks very good though. So, the intended and correct cover is that with her face upside-down and the blue letters in front of the blue background?
  10. FrozenYoghurt

    She looks a lot like recent Miley Cyrus here Very interesting comment!
  11. FrozenYoghurt

    I assumed this might come off as negative, but I didn't mean to be controversial. She aged very gracefully. My main point was that she made a big transition from Something To Remember to Ray of Light. Maybe that's what I meant.
  12. I know, aging is a human process. It happens to everyone. Eventually, it will be evident in your face and appearance. Madonna looked very much according her age during Erotica and Bedtime Stories promo, a woman in her early 30s. I just watched the Evita movie (1996) for the first time and noticed how she looked too 'old' for the role she played, a character in the late 20s. Madonna looked more like 40 at that point, being 36-37 during the shooting of the film. She suddenly started looking like a middle aged woman. In 1997, during the creation of RoL, she rocked the longer curly hair and had less make-up. To me, she looked like a totally different person, very different from 1994-Madonna. I don't mean it in a negative way (she still looked fantastic) but it seemed she has aged 10 years between 1994/1995 and 1997/1998. Within 3 years, her looks transitioned from rebellious young woman to 40-something mother-of-two. It must be the make-up, her face suddenly looked more mature and more like the Madonna of now (esp. 00s Madonna). Does anyone think so too? Can you point towards what exactly changed her appearance and what made change so drastically?
  13. FrozenYoghurt

    Is this title layout fan-made?
  14. FrozenYoghurt

    POG? I think the demo assembly has some additional demos we haven't heard yet (like Nothing Really Matters '97). So it's not all old stuff
  15. FrozenYoghurt

    what do you mean?