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  1. She changed her profile photo to the like a Prayer single cover photo. That’s HUGE for Madonna to change her profile pic since she doesn’t change it.
  2. I would die for most of those. I Gsmbkrr reinvention would be tight.
  3. Ok I listened to it. Dear Jesse and especially pray for Spanish eyes were heavily remixed/remastered and altered. I really prefer this version of Prayvfor Spanish eyes. Dear jesse is a mess though as well as oh father, so yes, this is celebration 2.0
  4. https://madonna.fanfire.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/Store.woa/wa/product?sourceCode=MDNBANWWUSD&sku=MDN86894 it says like a Prayer XX 20
  5. Yeeesss! I always thought starting the tour with a remix of Rescue Me would be life!!!!! Agree with causing a Commotion and bad girl. I miss her collaborations with Shep
  6. Hey Madonna. Please put Set the Right on vinyl!
  7. I like it but think they should have put the 7in single version of dear jesse on there.
  8. These movies are soooo bad. I think Madinna was able to smash the pre-production of the bigger budget, blond ambition movie.
  9. Rescue Me Oh Father physical attraction Keep it Together Who's That Girl Causing a Commotion Spotlight theif of hearts secret garden shoo bee doo where life begins till death do us part set the right sidewalk talk / get over mashup cherish a reinvented extended versión
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