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  1. That's for this very reason i've wanted to make a thread apart for our long pages of speculating and keep this one only when an official info drops but the mod has decided otherwise, so mayble we'll go on speculating in private. I really don't wanna ennoy the people who don't wanna go through pages and pages of speculations. This and also i don't wanna have to justify myself again and again to people who find us stupid to speculate on an unknown snippet or whatever else. I want a place full of Forcekin's and with less Donna's 😂 Anyone know if we can make a group chat in private message on the forum ?
  2. I've decided to create this thread to keep the New album thread free from pages of speculations and stick to official anouncements. Some people can be annoyed by pages of speculations and wanna find the official new info easily. That way It's also easier to get what's official and what's speculated.
  3. Come home speculating queens 👑 https://madonna-infinity.net/forums/topic/38302-the-official-m-new-music-speculation-thread-👑/
  4. Last in : -Suspicious snippet used by Deezer (official sponsor of the Rio show) on their new teaser to promote the Rio show. New version of an obscure and unknow Ukrainian track from 1998. New version can't be identified on Shazam. Sound is fresh and 80's (just like Max Martin has described the new track he has made with M). Strange choice from Deezer considering they have access to all the Madonna catalog. - Few days ago Ricardo Gomes has posted on his story a pic of Madonna with a recording mic followed by another pic with a text saying "unexpected suprise coming next week"
  5. We're at home bitches ! Welcome in THE place to be if "We R Superstars" is your fav Madonna track, if you have subscribed to "TheNewMadonna" mailing list and you're waiting for the drop of the suprise double visual album she's been preparing secretly since last year ! Yes, you're in the right place if you've been told more than once "you're in for disappointement" or the infamous "Can't wait for the meltdowns". Here we believe in the cryptic tweets of "Popleaks", we swear ouf lives on the info of the insiders of PopJustice. Come join the party, this is where the fun is. Now speculate girls
  6. Guys, i really think it's time to open the official "Madonna New Music SPECULATION thread". In this thread we now spend more time discussing the specualtion VS official statement with people than actually speculating on the clues we see (cause yeah we see dead people) so yeah it's time to move ! Come join the party, i'm creating the thread right now 😉
  7. Just to make things clear, we know there's like 5% chance this snippet is the new Madonna track, but we're gonna discuss those 5% to death yeahhhhhhh
  8. Well, unless she has officially retired, new music is coming at one point. Who knew we would get a new song with TheWeeknd ? No one. It literally came out of the blue. If we had ask on the forum if new music was coming just 2 days before "Popular" premiered at the Cannes festival, literally everyone would have said "No new music is coming, she's rehearsing for the tour".
  9. Honestly suprise album or not, the music must be good, and very good. It's time for her to release a real worldwide smash that will make the whole planet dance again, from 7 to 77 yo.
  10. Yeah we love speculating, it's fun and exciting. If we were only to discuss official anouncement there would be like 2 new topics a year in the forum. Yayyyy ! The forum would be dead. There are still 5584 topics about weither I'm Breatless is a studio album or not or if Curly Bat is better than Ponytail Bat. We only have one and only one new album thread where we can specualte so let us be, and yeah, we know most of the time we will be disappointed but it's part of the game, we know it. Now if some fans are ennoyed by speculation on the official new album thread i can understand, so maybe we should create a thread dedicated to specualtion so that this thread can stick with official anouncements only.
  11. No need to release a full new album just after the tour. She can release a one off single to test the water with a new sound.
  12. Well, one thing is no speculation is that she has recorded a new track with Max Martin before the tour. She has posted about it herself and Max Martin himself confirmed it and described the track as 80's sounding.
  13. Max Martin can make her sound like that on his 80's sounding track 😎
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