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  1. Don't tell me you like funk music like Kool & the gang cause if yeah then we're really twins 😮
  2. 👍👍👌 Excatly like me ( And also like you i hate the Celebration name with a passion....)
  3. Yessss this is it !!! Thank you very much !!! After all those yeats we still have no info about that version ! I repeat for those who don't wanna read all the topic that these two snippets were online before Hung up leaked or had been released.
  4. "The bustier" was also part of the guests... I swear it has become more iconic than the Cone bra bustier...
  5. For the Confessions Tour in Paris i did the queue since the day before the show and slept on the ground.
  6. Damn A.i fake pictures are now making their way into online small documentaries... About 5 fake a.i pics in a 3 minutes long video... https://fb.watch/ngV9NYBkrR/
  7. Well political, religious and sexual have been done and repeated multiple times with her. I agree with @Ayham that something, light, carefree and positive would be a fresh move.
  8. Whattt ?? Really ?? Damn i need to investigate on that !! Where can i see the alternate version ?? Edit: i've found that alternative version and just watched it. It's really bad compared to the released version. Thank god they have re-edited it !!
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