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  1. Now Abel (The Weeknd) has reposted Madonna's story about "Vulgar" What does it mean ? Is he part of the track too ??!
  2. As @Askeroff as mentionned, Abel (The Weeknd) has reposted Madonna's story about "Vulgar" What does it mean ? Is he part of the track too ??!
  3. I bet she will post a story in a few days with the caption "Am i popular ?"
  4. Yeah now i hear at least one line where she SINGS !!! Gives me hope she has actually a few singing lines in the track. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Where have you seen a member criticizing Madonna for EVERYTHING she does ? All i have seen for many years in this forum is fans who are discussing various and precises topics about Madonna, liking some stuff and not liking some other according to their tastes. The only constant moaning i have noticed is some members always moaning when someone discussing something he doesn't like. It's delusional to take part of a discussion board and expect everyone to praise everything and only express the same opinion as "Wow i love it", that would be boring and pointless and no such forum exist, not even the Disney Princesses one.
  6. It's safe to say this is not what she was working on with Max Martin as it's just 3 spoken words. She can records those three words while brushing her teeth at home or while going to David's soccer game on a sunday morning and send the wav.file to Adel...
  7. Seems like for maybe 2 seconds and i'm not even sure then i hear Abel's voice for sure... Anyway it's obvious Madonna is not really part of this song or singing in it, i mean we wouldn't even have to question ourselves, we would obviously hear her singing voice on the video.
  8. What the hell ??? We can hear the full song and Madonna is only saying like 4 words during the intro... Sorry, i'm always trying to be positive and all but this is beginning to be a bad joke, first we get the announcement that Madonna will be on three new tracks with Christine and the queens, super exciting and then the 3 songs drop and turns it's only a few spoken words, then the big Sam Smith collab announcement drops and once again super excited, then an a reliable insider says Madonna's parts are mostly spoken words and qualified the song as vulgar, turns out just yeterday Madonna teased the Vulgar title on her story, so seems like the insider is legit, and now another announcement of a new track with the Weeknd, once again super excited but the red carpet video plays the whole track and now it's getting even worse cause she only says like 4 words during the intro and nothing more... So we have now 5 new songs with only spoken words... Ok i keep some expectations for the Sam Smith collab cause i haven't heard it but from the insider description it's also spoken words... What the hell ?? Did she record a pack of spoken words in her new home studio and is selling them word by word to any new artist who wanna a collab ?? Sorry for the negativity, i'm not often doing it on the forum but this is getting boring, 5 times being excited for almost nothing... i know she owns us nothing but these kind of announcements creates real excitement for fans who haven't got new music from their fav for a long time. 5 times is just getting like a bad joke now... Now it's only missing the info that the upcoming Max Martin track is mostly spoken words and i'm done...
  9. Absolutely true. The sample must be used brilliantly by a good producer and on a solid track. Hung up or Fantasy by Mariah Carey are two good examples of good sampling. The sample must be the icing on the cake, i mean the track must be good even if you take the sample off. If the sample makes the song it's just not good.
  10. Postponed from the date in our head. We even had the time...
  11. Samples have always existed and is a very common thing in history of music. In my opinion Madon'a hasn't over used samples in her career, or at least heavy sample like o' "Hung up" so it could be a good thinh of she'd do it again this time.
  12. A good sample is always a good idea when a maintsream singer wanna get back on the charts. Mariah's fantasy and heartbreaker, J-Lo's On the floor, Madonna's Hung up etc... A well know sample, if used on a solid track is usually succesfull, it gets good memories to people while being a new and modern track. I keep on thinking Madonna should use a fire sample on her next lead single.
  13. She HAS to sample one of her fav 90's track at some point : Inner circle "Good life". She jams to it as soon as she can and that sample would be killer !
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