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  1. Ok tired of this topic, the long discussion in the unreleased music videos thread and now that one... I'm not gonna argue and repeat again and again the same thing. If only i knew i would have never talked about that video... I just said that there's an unreleased video of M dancing on a tread mill with blue sweat pants and the song is Give it 2 me. I've been told it was for a music video (then scrapped), but maybe it was meant for a backdrop video or maybe for nothing, just for fun. Now everyone is free to believe what he wants to believe. We don't have the video nor the official reason for this video so no one is right and no one is wrong at this point. Peace to everyone and it's the last time i discuss this topic. ✌️
  2. If you believe that Madonna dances her ass off in all her photoshoots and ask to be filmed while dancing like crazy for more than one hour, it's your right. On a side note, the "silly" comment was unecessary, i respect you and i expect the same in return. If you need to be insulting to prove your points it's sad really.
  3. She was also shooting a backdrop music video during that shoot 😉
  4. The styling could be better that's a fact but i find her moves very good, better than in the released Give it 2 me video.
  5. Interesting... We'll find out soon i think. From the way she's dancing i think it's "Give it 2 me" but we'll see...
  6. I'm just being ironic, i know for a long time there's a video of M dancing on Give it 2 me shot by Steven Klein with M on the treadmill wearing blue sweat pants. I've been saying it no later than a few weeks ago here on the forum and some members, especially one that i won't name was quick to say it doesn't exist and that if i "imagine something it doesn't mean it exist" (in other words i'm deranged)... If you have a couple of minutes you can enjoy the read here
  7. Oh ! "Give it 2 me" you say ? Interesting.... Good observation 😉 Why is she dancing so hard if it's just a photoshoot 🤔🤔🤔
  8. She needs to do a serie, period. No way she and we will be satisfied with two hours. There's just too many interesting things to tell. Ending at BAT would be very frustrating. She won't even be able to tell about her important work in Malawi, that is something people need to know. Same for the coma and near death incident, that is something to tell. Becoming a mother, another important turning point in her life. Kabalah is another topic that is worth being mentionned as it changed her way of seeing life, the spiritual side... And i refuse to believe they will make 50 flash forward in the last 15 minutes of the movie to tell everything about the next 30 years that they couldn't tell, that would be ridiculous. Wasn't she working on the Evita era while making the storyline with Diablo Cody in an Instagram live once ?! I think i remember that. If so, then it rule out the rumor the movie ends at the BAT.
  9. I've played a 8 minutes long medley of her 80's tracks.
  10. 1 hour ago in the pub where i'm working as a dj and something tells me i will hear her again within the next hour 😁😁😁
  11. Thank you very much @deathproof. Well... I have nothing to add 🙂 Just glad we will finally be able to enjoy that rare video. ❤️
  12. Please no flash foward... This is getting so over used, tired and that it makes that effect very tacky at this point. 20 years ago, yeah it was kind of fresh, now it's so expected and unoriginal... I've never liked that effect to be honest, even when it was fresh. To me it's often used to create a diversion when a movie is kind of flat. That effect is supposed to be the "Woww" moments of the movies. When a movie is good, with a solid storyline and a brilliant director you don't need that kind of tacky effect. Most of the best movies of history don't have those tacky "flash foward" effects...
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