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  1. https://screenrant.com/avatar-movie-madonna-inspiration-jon-landau-response/?utm_content=bufferd6b6d&utm_medium=Social-Distribution&utm_source=SR-TW&utm_campaign=SR-TW Jon Landau revealed the surprising way Madonna inspired the film's cinematography. Landau, who shares producing credit with Cameron, says they were inspired specifically by the pop star's microphone placement during her concerts which gave them the idea to keep the camera close to actors while filming action scenes.
  2. https://ca.style.yahoo.com/madonna-50-cent-online-feud-155528240.html
  3. https://thatgrapejuice.net/entertainment/2022/05/bobby-brown-reflects-sleeping-with-madonna-crushing-janet-jackson-ahead-doc-premiere/ A&E will release a 2 part documentary about Bobby and he has something to say about our Queen: “Did I sleep with Madonna?We didn’t do any sleeping,” he reportedly said. “That just happened. I don’t even know how it happened. I don’t believe she knows how it happened. She probably knows how it happened, but we didn’t do no sleeping.”
  4. Madonna also tweeted the Pope, asking to review her excommunication 😂but first she got the @ wrong, and sent to FrPontifex, then deleted it
  5. They are arguing on Twitter, was he the one she was talking abiut on IG stories??
  6. Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones (pre-order) Deluxe 50-track album 3-CD, 6-LP, streaming and digital download versions out Aug. 19 Track Listing 1. “Holiday” (7” Version) + 2. “Like A Virgin” (7” Version) 3. “Material Girl” (7” Version) 4. “Into The Groove” (You Can Dance Remix Edit) +# 5. “Open Your Heart” (Video Version) + 6. “Physical Attraction” (You Can Dance Remix Edit) +# 7. “Everybody” (You Can Dance Remix Edit) +# 8. “Like A Prayer” (Remix/Edit) 9. “Express Yourself” (Remix/Edit) 10. “Keep It Together” (Alternate Single Remix) *+ 11. “Vogue” (Single Version) + 12. “Justify My Love” (Orbit Edit) 13. “Erotica” (Underground Club Mix) 14. “Deeper And Deeper” (David’s Radio Edit) +# 15. “Fever” (Radio Edit) + 16. “Secret” (Junior’s Luscious Single Mix) 17. “Bedtime Story” (Junior’s Single Mix) 18. “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” (Miami Mix Edit) 19. “Frozen” (Extended Club Mix Edit) 20. “Ray Of Light” (Sasha Ultra Violet Mix Edit) +# 21. “Nothing Really Matters” (Club 69 Radio Mix) + 22. “Beautiful Stranger” (Calderone Radio Mix) 23. “American Pie” (Richard ‘Humpty’ Vission Radio Mix) 24. “Music” (Deep Dish Dot Com Radio Edit) 25. “Don’t Tell Me” (Thunderpuss Video Remix) +# 26. “What It Feels Like For A Girl” (Above And Beyond Club Radio Edit) 27. “Impressive Instant” (Peter Rauhofer’s Universal Radio Mixshow Mix) +# 28. “Die Another Day” (Deepsky Radio Edit) +# 29. “American Life” (Felix Da Housecat’s Devin Dazzle Edit) *+ 30. “Hollywood” (Calderone & Quayle Edit) +# 31. “Me Against The Music” (Peter Rauhofer Radio Mix) + – Britney Spears featuring Madonna 32. “Nothing Fails” (Tracy Young’s Underground Radio Edit) *+ 33. “Love Profusion” (Ralphi Rosario House Vocal Edit) +# 34. “Hung Up” (SDP Extended Vocal Edit) 35. “Sorry” (PSB Maxi Mix Edit) +# 36. “Get Together” (Jacques Lu Cont Vocal Edit) + 37. “Jump” (Axwell Remix Edit) 38. “4 Minutes” (Bob Sinclar Space Funk Edit) + – featuring Justin Timberlake & Timbaland 39. “Give It 2 Me” (Eddie Amador Club 5 Edit) +# 40. “Celebration” (Benny Benassi Remix Edit 41. “Give Me All Your Luvin’” (Party Rock Remix) – featuring LMFAO & Nicki Minaj 42. “Girl Gone Wild” (Avicii’s UMF Mix) 43. “Turn Up The Radio” (Offer Nissim Remix Edit) *+# 44. “Living For Love” (Offer Nissim Promo Mix) *+ 45. “Ghosttown” (Dirty Pop Intro Remix) 46. “Bitch I’m Madonna” (Sander Kleinenberg Video Edit) +# – featuring Nicki Minaj 47. “Medellín” (Offer Nissim Madame X In The Sphinx Mix) – Madonna & Maluma 48. “I Rise” (Tracy Young’s Pride Intro Radio Remix) 49. “Crave” (Tracy Young Dangerous Remix) – with Swae Lee 50. “I Don’t Search I Find” (Honey Dijon Radio Mix)
  7. Finally Enough Love (pre-order) Standard 16-track album Streaming version out June 24 1-CD, 2-LP and digital download versions out Aug. 19 Track Listing 1. “Everybody” (You Can Dance Remix Edit) +# 2. “Into The Groove” (You Can Dance Remix Edit) +# 3. “Like A Prayer” (Remix/Edit) 4. “Express Yourself” (Remix/Edit) 5. “Vogue” (Single Version) + 6. “Deeper And Deeper” (David’s Radio Edit) +# 7. “Secret” (Junior’s Luscious Single Mix) 8. “Frozen” (Extended Club Mix Edit) 9. “Music” (Deep Dish Dot Com Radio Edit) 10. “Hollywood” (Calderone & Quayle Edit) +# 11. “Hung Up” (SDP Extended Vocal Edit) 12. “Give It 2 Me” (Eddie Amador Club 5 Edit) °+ 13. “Girl Gone Wild” (Avicii’s UMF Mix) 14. “Living For Love” (Offer Nissim Promo Mix) *+ 15. “Medellín” (Offer Nissim Madame X In The Sphinx Mix) – Madonna & Maluma 16. “I Don’t Search I Find” (Honey Dijon Radio Mix)
  8. So in fact M seemed to be in Medellín at least intil now! Here with Yudy Arias, Maluma's aunt
  9. Jeremy Scott took Anitta to the ball, maybe M won't attend...
  10. There are fine moments of course like Blake Lively and Jessica Chastain, but the Kardashit family is the worst!! One with Monroe dress and the other a bride with a cap! CAP! Minaj as well! Disgusting
  11. The theme os Gilded Age, as of the HBOMax series... Easy and glam, but people can go far from it as we see. Seems like they don't give a F to it.
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