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  1. Anyone know the name of the lush male dancer on the left in DTM?
  2. I agree. And I have been lucky to see all tours (except Virgin - UK based).
  3. I have seen the show from 3 locations and the best value was straight on 'in the gods'. The visuals and sound were best. Only issue not a fan area, so lots of people sitting down. Great price to see Madonna.
  4. $40 fanclub tickets, I wish I could get there to see it for a 4th time...
  5. Hi, does anyone have any Lisbon 7th photos that they are happy to share with me. I had an issue with my phone. thanks
  6. Does anyone have last nights concert? I was there it was amazing, apart from people wanting to seat and watch the concert rather than dancing.
  7. Hello, has any got a hi-res or vectors of the tour logo - just the text past with the strange O. Thanks
  8. Hello, not sure if this is the right area to ask... Does anyone have the tour logo text in white with a red O still? Many thanks in advance.
  9. M&S Bank Arena (Liverpool) has no shows booked end of Sept to 12th October - so likely to be there.
  10. She was in New York last night with Ricardo Gomes, I have just seen.
  11. There was a intrusive photo of her on a BA flight to London last week.
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