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  1. Tough one... Heartbeat Ghosttown or Live to Tell?
  2. I won't judge personally (as I don't really care about anyone's personal life), Sean Penn. Let's make it sticky: Candy Shop or Candy Perfume Girl?
  3. Today I'll go with Devil Wouldn't Recognize You Ray of Light or Music?
  4. The Next Best Thing soundtrack One More Chance or Hey You?
  5. Today I choose Deeper and Deeper. Shoo-Bee-Doo or Cherish?
  6. Hollywood video God Control video or Dark Ballet video?
  7. X-Static Process Pray for Spanish Eyes or Intervention?
  8. Easy Ride Candy Perfume Girl or What It Feels Like for a Girl?
  9. Secret video Nothing Really Matters or Rescue Me?
  10. Both! But I'll choose Beautiful Killer... Or Masterpiece? I don't know, I'll let her choose. Looking for Mercy or Crazy?
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