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  1. Living For Love Justify My Love or Express Yourself?
  2. Frozen Dark Ballet or Killers Who Are Partying?
  3. American Life American Pie or Beautiful Stranger?
  4. Hollywood Papa Don't Preach or Open Your Heart?
  5. Till Death Do Us Part Living for Love or Love Profusion?
  6. Back That Up (Do It) RH Extreme Occident or Falling Free?
  7. Causing a Commotion Like a Prayer or Express Yourself?
  8. Supernatural (Previously Unreleased) Ghosttown or I'll Remember?
  9. Supernatural Dear Jessie or Dark Ballet?
  10. Freedom (BS) American Life or Bitch I'm Madonna?
  11. Rainbow High You Must Love Me or Another Suitcase in Another Hall?
  12. Santa Baby Like a Prayer or Vogue?
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