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  1. Die Another Day Secret video or I Want You video?
  2. True Blue Lucky Star video or Who’s That Girl video?
  3. medium length blonde curly hair on Madonna Deeper and Deeper video or Erotica video?
  4. Cherish Bitch I'm Madonna video or Give Me All Your Luvin' video?
  5. I'm Breathless Bedtime Stories album or American Life album?
  6. Girl Gone Wild Papa Don’t Preach video look or Material Girl video look?
  7. Turn Ip The Radio video look Music video look or Hung up video look?
  8. Love Spent (Acoustic Version) Love Profusion video or Lucky Star video?
  9. Cherish Rescue Me or Where’s The Party?
  10. Dress You Up video Jump or Celebration?
  11. Who's That Girl Drowned World Tour or MDNA Tour?
  12. Revenge Papa Don’t Preach cover or La Isla Bonita cover?
  13. Runaway Lover Vogue cover or Justify My Love cover?
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