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  1. Don’t Tell Me Burning Up or Justify My Love?
  2. Music Hung Up or Deeper and Deeper?
  3. Rescue Me Like a Virgin or Material Girl?
  4. Don´t Stop Beautiful Scars or Graffiti Heart?
  5. Cherish Music or Don’t Tell Me?
  6. Causing a Commotion Thief of Hearts or She’s Not Me?
  7. Frozen True Blue or Papa Don’t Preach?
  8. Keep It Together (SingleMix) Justify My Love or Bedtime Story?
  9. Bye Bye Baby Secret or Human Nature?
  10. Dress You Up I Want You or Love Don't Live Here Anymore?
  11. Deeper and Deeper Die Another Day or Beautiful Stranger?
  12. Love Profuson American Pie or Don't Cry for Me Argentina?
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