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  1. Poll: Favorite song: Frozen or Ray Of Light?
  2. geert

    Express Yourself Vogue Papa Don’t Preach Bedtime Story Take A Bow
  3. geert

    Madonna Best: Borderline Worst: I Know It Like a Virgin Best: Into the Groove / Material Girl Worst: Shoo-Bee-Doo True Blue Best: Papa Don't Preach Worst: Love Makes The World Go Round Like a Prayer Best: Express Yourself Worst: Act Of Contrition Erotica Best: Deeper And Deeper Worst: Did You Do It? Bedtime Stories Best: Take A Bow Worst: I'd Rather Be Your Lover Ray of Light Best: Frozen Worst: Mer Girl Music Best: Don't Tell Me Worst: Nobody's Perfect American Life Best: Nobody Knows Me Worst: I'm So Stupid Confessions on a Dance Floor Best: Hung Up Worst: Let It Will Be Hard Candy Best: She's Not Me Worst: Incredible MDNA Best: Masterpiece Worst: I Fucked Up Rebel Heart Best: Inside Out Worst: Auto-Tune Baby Madame X Best: I Don't Search I Find Worst: Batuka
  4. geert

    best: True Blue,Erotica worst: Hard Candy
  5. geert

    Express Yourself Vogue Papa Don't Preach Into The Groove Frozen
  6. geert

    Freedom (1994)
  7. Poll: Favorite song: Music or Hung Up?
  8. geert

  9. I love them both but my favorite is Into the Groove.
  10. Poll: Favorite song: Holiday or Into the Groove?
  11. geert

    song: Rain video: Rain