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  1. Love Tried to Welcome Me La Isla Bonita or Open Your Heart?
  2. Dress You Up One More Chance or Dear Jessie?
  3. Vogue Everybody or Physical Attraction?
  4. Another Suitcase in Another Hall Deeper and Deeper or Beautiful Stranger?
  5. Celebration Candy Shop or Can't Stop?
  6. Like a Prayer Don’t Tell Me or Dress You Up?
  7. True Blue Drowned World/Substitute for Love or The Power of Good-Bye?
  8. Material Girl Ain't No Big Deal or Stay?
  9. Let Down Your Guard Sorry or Nothing Really Matters?
  10. Like A Virgin Girl Gone Wild or Living For Love?
  11. History Drowned World / Substitute for Love or Hollywood?
  12. Beautiful Killer Mer Girl or Sky Fits Heaven?
  13. Spanish Eyes Back That Up to the Beat or Ciao Bella?
  14. This Used to Be My Playground Ghosttown or Live To Tell?
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