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  1. At Melbourne Airport last week, in the duty free store, passing through customs. I was purchasing a bottle of ‘Chanel Bleu’ cologne when ‘Vogue’ started playing over the speakers. The sound played over the entire duty free section. Perfect timing!
  2. totally agree, and it’s usually the people who have achieved nothing in their own miserable lives that like to give her crap. Gutless keyboard warriors
  3. I really hope the official tour book (if released) is NOT a book full of boring live shots. Anybody could compile a collection of live stage photos. I want to see a lavish program with rare images; great design layout and interesting stock treatments. I hope it will be designed and produced by a professional design agency that specialise in books and publications. They really need to raise the bar for this one, given the lacklustre tour merchandise that we’ve received for this tour.
  4. Tex20


    Yep, that’s the reason why I had to hunt down that Japanese promo CD, I ‘had’ to get that original mix as it wasn’t available anywhere else. I still prefer this version over all the other mixes / edits.
  5. Yes I”ve found them to have really bad email etiquette and little arrogant when you ask them questions to provide more detail about their items or shipping options. And yes, overpriced items. not the best place to purchase Madonna items but does the job when you need it.
  6. I sent a message to Madonna’s ICON fan club to see if they had any information on plans to release a tour program for this latest tour. They responded with “We apologize for the inconvenience. However, the ICON Team does not have direct contact with the artist and or, management. We are unable to pass over any business or personal requests to the artist.” IMO the official tour programs are the best items of all the merchandise that they release to support her tours. I really hope this tour gets a tour program too, I just want to complete my tour program collection.
  7. So many mixed reviews already. I'm just grateful that she is still alive to be here and provide us with yet another incredible tour... it seems though that no matter what she does, she can't make 'everybody' happy. I'm just going to enjoy it for what it is... Bitches it's a new MADONNA tour! Just enjoy it.
  8. 👍🏻 Yeah, there are some collectors that are confused and think that it was actually pressed as a cover but the internal test proof is as far as it got.
  9. That’s incorrect. Copies of the alternate LP cover were ‘not’ officially pressed. There are a couple of colour proofs out there (made for internal approvals only), it was not actually released or printed at Sire Records at any time. I have the proof but suspect it is a duplicate copy of the original
  10. The official box set only has one enamel badge. Which pictures are you seeing that shows two badges?
  11. For graduation I think he should buy you the rainbow LP set! Just sayin 🌈
  12. Thanks mate. I’m gonna try the sleeves made by Discrepancy Records, they seem to be custom made for it
  13. I might try and find a retail option that’s perfectly sized, thanks for the tip anyway
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