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  1. Very interesting comments on this thread. I wish somebody who worked at Warner Bros. back in the day would shed some light on this. I totally agree that this sleeve would have looked great in the large 12 inch format. Shame it never got a bigger format than cassingle or Japanese snap pack. The French single was nice but didn’t feature the original Orange tinted sleeve design.
  2. Does anybody have any idea why Madonna’s ‘Oh Father’ 7” vinyl single was released in the US without a picture sleeve? It’s strange how all the other singles from that album ‘Like A Prayer’, ‘Express Yourself’, ‘Cherish’ and ‘Keep It Together’ came with full colour picture sleeves but ‘Oh Father’ didn’t. What was even stranger is that the US Cassingle of ‘Oh Father’ did have a picture sleeve. Why go to the trouble of creating a sleeve design for the cassingle but not the 7” vinyl single?
  3. They did well considering they (most likely) weren’t Madonna fans.
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