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  1. @Enricois this the performance from that night?
  2. I'm talking about the physical aspect, not just the sound quality. A digital file is still just a file regardless of its bitrate or quality, but vinyl and CDs offer much more with packaging and design which can also make them very collectible. That's why I prefer them over digital.
  3. I agree with you, there’s something special about the vinyl and CD formats, especially if you’re a collector trying to hunt down that rare or elusive item. Digital files may be convenient and versatile but nothing beats owning the physical formats which provides an elevated experience.
  4. It’s not official , there are many of these so called ‘promos’ out there which are actually fake items made to try and look like official Madonna items. People should do their homework before parting with their money. Or at least be aware if they are purchasing a bootleg or counterfeit item.
  5. Couldn’t agree more. The same fantasy crap fed to millions over the world via a fictional book
  6. @deathproof Looks like I was right about the back cover!
  7. @Jackie, that’s excellent news, it’s gonna be great! @Fighter, wishing you all the best and thanks for doing such a great job.
  8. Oh yeah, I missed that mention of a 'double cover' on the RSD description. You may be right.
  9. That would be great, but knowing how lazy Rhino / Warner Bros. can be, I think it's more likely that they will just use the same artwork as the back of the 'Who's That Girl' picture disc for the back cover.
  10. I didn’t really like any of the album versions of the 3 singles that were released. I much preferred the remix edits. 4 Minutes (Junkie XL Remix Edit) Give It 2 Me (Paul Oakenfold Edit) Miles Away (Johnny Vicious Club Mix Edit)
  11. @otcoam, thank you, that would be great. Happy to just get a scan of the page with the UK discography. Cheers
  12. Does anybody here have this book? Would you mind posting a scan of the discography pages? One page has colour images of her records and the other page is a list of her UK releases. If anybody could post scans of those two pages, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  13. You’re very lucky that they remained pristine over the years. How are they displayed? Do you have shelving, or on the walls?
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