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  1. I noticed it when I first bought the 12” back in the late 80s and thought it was a strange choice of image and a really weird pose. Back then, they probably couldn’t do too much to fix the image other than add a darker shadow on that side of the face. Of course, now we have the benefit of technology to Photoshop it and correct the image. Please excuse my bad retouching...
  2. The 7” Dance Edit is my fav. I love the 12” Dance Mix but the edited version just has the right mix of original single elements with that killer ‘dance beat’ bass line.
  3. Yes, it really puzzles me that the Warner Bros. label doesn't give her latest releases and reissues the attention to detail I would expect. With such large budgets her, record company seems to be taking short cuts. It really doesn't make sense to me especially when you see other labels are doing great things for their artists / acts.
  4. I haven't played the vinyl so I'm not comparing audio but from a collector's perspective (and in my opinion), the original ORLAKE pressing is better, both aesthetically and in terms of production. A picture disc's desirability is generally based on its aesthetic value. The biggest problem with most re-issues is that they tend to have lower quality imagery. The record company doesn't always use the master artwork so they end up having to scan a printed cover which results in colour washout, over exposure and lower resolution or blurrier images. I can't say if that's what's happened here but to my eyes there is a discernible difference. I've noticed this same issue with many of Madonna's vinyl LP reissues and more recently on the 'Who's That Girl - Super Club Mix' red vinyl 12". The image is blurry, the colours washed out and the image has been strangely cropped. I have the 'Who's That Girl' UK picture disc promo insert and that is super sharp and clean in comparison and has richer, brighter colours which makes me wonder who is currently in charge of the quality control at Warner Bros. As you know, this can also happen with the sound. Some re-issues also have inferior sound because they are not using the original source tapes and they haven't remastered it properly. It's a shame that production values at Warner Bros. have dropped in recent times even though technology has improved. So for me, the original is usually the best.
  5. Yeah it’s a gamble sometimes. My suggestion would be to hold onto them for a while (if you can), because I believe eventually those items will increase in value - but it will take some time.
  6. Original ORLAKE pressing compared to Reissue I have compared my original ORLAKE pressing of EROTICA with the recent reissue. At a glance, I can see some 'visual' differences between them at a surface level. These are just my own observations. There may be more that others notice. (I'm not looking at codes or logos etc...) • Original EROTICA picture disc - colour of disc has a more purple tint - disc has thinner black rim - the detail in the picture disc is slightly sharper - backing insert image is slightly sharper (better / sharper resolution) - the gold border on the insert looks a little like a metallic gold • Original EROTICA promo store display - backing insert image is slightly sharper - colour of image has a more purple tint - the gold border on the insert is lighter tint • Reissue EROTICA picture disc - colour of disc has more of a blue tint - disc has thicker black rim - the whites on the disc are blown out more, like the image has a higher exposure - the backing insert looks slightly blurrier than the original (could be a scan of the original) - the gold border on the insert is darker tint
  7. That particular CD is very collectible due to the unique picture sleeve, whether it’s rare or not is debatable. I think that it really comes down to how badly somebody wants it. All her items fluctuate in price, and it usually depends on the demand for the item at that time. I agree that auction hype (and collectors) can sometimes inflate prices of her items but that’s what collecting is all about. That thrill of hunting down and finding that item you really want in your collection. That’s certainly why I enjoy it so much 😀
  8. It looks like a Herb Ritts shoot with his typical photo styling.
  9. I remember reading somewhere that those photos actually made an appearance in The Girlie Show tour program. It sure makes sense timing wise.
  10. Yes, those 'Ill Remember' era photos are great too. It's shame the record company didn't use more of those images as alternate picture sleeves for international releases. That's probably the reason why the Japanese sampler CD has become so collectible.
  11. I've always preferred that part of the video where the flamenco guitar comes in. Not only does she look great but they are difficult photos to find in high res. It's also the reason why I wanted the rare 1992 Japan promo sampler CD which featured that image of Madonna on the cover and includes two mixes of Deeper And Deeper.
  12. Totally agree, ‘David’s Classic 12” and ‘Momos Fantasy’ are the only two versions of DAD that I have on repeat on my M playlist.
  13. Here's my little FEL collection, I love the rare Promo Sampler CD.
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