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  1. My guess this could have stemmed from the fact she did a semi porn film before she was famous and depicted a rape scene by multiple people...
  2. It's possible she is preferring to take on many roles and tasks as well. After all, she isn't the sort of entertainer who just checks in to do a certain job. She involves herself in every aspect that she can, especially regarding her music and even have for her film work as well. And yes, I agree. I am not sure how one would come to the conclusion she's "purging" anyone. I think she's just making a point that she isn't afraid to take on many hats regarding her own career.
  3. TB video Who is the better actor Sean Penn or Warren Beatty?
  4. This is exciting! I can't wait! It's moves like this which will always keep Madonna in what's currently in the mainstream. Like it or not, every bit helps.
  5. Maybe it is, but at the same time, you have to ask why all of a sudden more attention is being paid to that album and/or singles lately. It's possible it may be the result of the tour which encourage some media sources to pay more attention to it. Do I think Warner paid to get these songs more attention lately? No, but I do believe in domino effects. It's not far fetch that recent Madonna releases, concerts and media coverage has help paid more tribute and interest to some of her back catalog, including her debut!
  6. Thank you for your clarification and post. I have great respect what you said... and whether that image was bad editing or a real issue, the fact is, there are women who do suffer from issues in that area with skin especially as they age. Sometimes it can be helped while other times it is not. Age can be a bitch even for those who are known to be wealthy and are able to take care of their skin. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in this world are not as fortunate, due to many good reasons, mostly because they don't have the money. Again, life and age just creeps up on you, and the attribute you thought you most value can easily dissipate very quickly. We all grow old and unfortunately, unless your making millions or billions of dollars, you can bet, there will be parts of your body one day that won't looks as good as it use to. This is why I never poke fun of people with skin or health issues especially due to age and illnesses. We should always keep that in mind because any one of us could easily end up with unfortunate issues that is hard to control, especially as you age. Thank you again!
  7. One More Chance is a lovely song. I'm going with that today. X-Static Process or Extreme Occident?
  8. It was a promotional compilation of her biggest hits at the time. Released by WEA Records UK in 1987 to promote the Who's That Girl Tour. A1Holiday (Edit)4:02 A2Lucky Star (Edit)3:48 A3Like A Virgin3:35 A4Material Girl3:57 A5Intro The Groove4:38 A6Angel (Remix Edit)4:51 A7Dress You Up3:58 B1Borderline (Remix Edit)3:59 B2Live To Tell (Edit)4:32 B3Papa Don't Preach4:22 B4True Blue (Remix)4:23 B5Open Your Heart (Remix)3:57 B6La Isla Bonita (Remix)3:58 B7Who's That Girl3:54
  9. Like A Prayer Film Cameos: Blue In The Face or Girl 6
  10. Yes. They actually sounded better than Madonna singing it live in the last couple of tours, one of them really stood out I could hear, but wasn't sure which one it was.
  11. Yes, I remember these. I bought all the mini-LP that were available. They are pretty cool.
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