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  1. He said that to you because you constantly are giving her backhanded compliments! Meanwhile, my comment has nothing to do with me thinking she looks bad. Of course, she looks beautiful. I simply stated she looks upset! You're the one being the drama queen here!
  2. I get the impression, she looks upset or sad. It somewhat looks as if she was crying.
  3. Not the same thing! Other than both are in a small space, the tiny desk has known to bring out a full band of instruments and back up vocalists, etc. For me, it would remind me more of like MTV's. American Life: On the Record performance. She could have a full band and perform songs in their original form, other than on little toy instruments which Fallon does.
  4. Candy Perfume Girl Body Shop or Incredible?
  5. Celebration Into The Groove or Causing A Commotion?
  6. A sorta had a hunch Express Yourself would take the lead.
  7. I don't think some fans still wouldn't mind it, but I thought the same. Katy is having a hard time herself getting her music heard, so teaming up with Madonna doesn't seem like a real plausible strategy to gain a lot of attention, except from the fan bases. I don't think the general public will pay it a lot of attention. It isn't impossible to think it may gain a little attention, but not like if she teamed up with someone like Taylor Swift who is doing quite well on the forefront in succeeding with the general public at the moment.
  8. Actually, it was released in November of 1999. So if we're concentrating on re-issues specifically here, based on the LAV anniversary, then I would think if we don't hear anything in the next month or so, nothing significant (at least on the physical level) is going to be re-released. But yes, we'll just have to see how this plays out. I just can't imagine Warner and Madonna's team are going let LAV 40th pass by without some sort of celebratory mention.
  9. That's a lot though. But I'm sure if they held off the release of the album, the single may have sold more at the time. The album was released just a couple of weeks after the single was released. The song was just building momentum on the charts and didn't get to #1 until August. Imagine the sales if they held off the release of the album. Though, I'm sure the record label prefer the sales go to the album instead which is understandable.
  10. While I don't mind people expressing their dislike about an artist, but some make a career out of it. For me, if I don't like a certain artist, I might state it once and move on. I'm not interested in tearing them down. I'm quite aware my dislike for the artist might be based on something I don't understand (or even care to understand). Still, i don't need to keep coming back and bash them, especially to the point of making things up that aren't factual about them. For me, I really enjoyed her music up to Witness. I didn't hate what came after, but it's just more the same and didn't really keep my interest as much. She's still a kick to listen to and watch.
  11. My reaction was not based on what you posted; it's the guy's reaction. I remember when that happened as I was still watching the show at the time. While he was surprised by the kiss she snatched, he was hardly that upset about it at the moment. I'm sure if he was chosen, he would have had made no complaint.
  12. Sign me up. I would love it. I saw Lenny Kravitz some time back. It was really great. Really enjoyed Justin's a month or so back too.
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