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  1. Express Yourself Promise to Try or You'll See?
  2. Dark Ballet What It Feels Like for a Girl or Hung Up?
  3. Open Your Heart Lucky Star or Across the Sky?
  4. Medellin Sooner or Later or You Must Love Me?
  5. I've never heard of Todrick Hall. Who is this prick? They'll make anybody a "star" these days - just take a look at Justin Bieber.
  6. I'll Remember Devil Wouldn't Recognize You or Devil Pray?
  7. Stay Till Death Do Us Part or The Power of Goodbye?
  8. I love this album! And I quite agree, I'm not big on Shoo Bee Doo either - it's too boring of a track to listen to. I love the rest of the songs though, particularly Like a Virgin, Over and Over, Dress You Up, Pretender, and Stay. And I quite agree on one other point: she is one hell of a mess these days! She's like Kim Kardashian on steroids.
  9. Bottom line is this: Bobby Brown is a pig. He famously abused Whitney Houston throughout their tumultuous relationship, but maybe that's the kind of guy Madonna is attracted to. It's pathetic.
  10. Girl Gone Wild Pretender or True Blue?
  11. Don't Tell Me Where Life Begins or Survival?
  12. 4 Minutes Cry Baby or Spanish Lesson?
  13. For the most part, she's always been extremely thin - too thin, I agree. But it must be impossible for women in Hollywood to walk the balance: they either get criticized for being too thin or too heavy. It seems they're damned if they do and damned if they don't.
  14. Why's It So Hard Rescue Me or Deeper and Deeper?
  15. Intervention Think of Me or I'd Rather Be Your Lover?
  16. How convenient of Madonna to "stand up" for Dave Chapelle when she has just announced her first music project in years.
  17. Material Girl Stay or Bye Bye Baby?
  18. She needs to stop rehashing the past and come up with some new stuff if she wants to make money.
  19. She's Not Me White Heat or Fever?
  20. Over and Over Like a Virgin or Inside of Me?
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