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  1. maybe when they put it on replay on site we get better version cause even 1080 13 gb file looks like 560p to 720p
  2. i don't know is it me or but both versions looks a bit blury and pixilated for me
  3. UPDATE! CELEBRATION, Madonna $225,580,345 Revenue ($2,819,754 avg.) 1,127,658 Tickets Sold (14,096 avg.) $200.04 Average Price 80/80 Reported Shows $133.12M Revenue (North America) 616,143 (100%) Tickets Sold 48/48 Reported Shows Palacio de los Deportes, Mexico City: 82,421 (100%) - $15,000,261 (5 shows) Kaseya Center, Miami: 37,556 (100%) - $8,649,389 (3 shows) Moody Center, Austin: 22,957 (100%) - $5,706,268 (2 shows) American Airlines Center, Dallas: 23,726 (100%) - $5,047,270 (2 shows) Toyota Center, Houston: 19,268 (100%) - $3,724,053 (2 shows) Footprint Center, Phoenix: 12,596 (100%) - $3,214,228 Amalie Arena, Tampa: 14,396 (100%) - $2,950,174 State Farm Arena, Atlanta: 11,139 (100%) - $2,679,812 Ball Arena, Denver: 12,472 (100%) - $2,640,479 Acrisure Arena, Palm Springs: 9,027 (100%) - $2,376,991 Madonna's lifetime revenue has now surpassed $1.7 billion from 16.4 million tickets sold in 747 shows played since 1985, extending her record as the highest-grossing female live act in history.
  4. According to UOL, Madonna is uncomfortable with the heat and has even complained about the sun - and the noise made by fans on the sidewalk in front of the Copacabana Palace, in Rio de Janeiro. "She complains about everything, including that you can't look at her much," said an employee.
  5. Anitta confirms that she will not be at MET GALA because of Madonna's show in Copacabana! “When I received the invitation I couldn’t deny it. It will be historic for my country. The whole country is talking about the show now.” So Anitta will not attend MG because of concert in Rio but Madonna will do
  6. Madonna arrives to Met Gala 2024 after 10 hours fly from Brazil
  7. this list is fake asf its not even official account Does anyone really think that after one of the hardest shows of her career, which ends on the night of the 5th Madonna from Rio will fly rush to New York for the Met Gala with a...flower theme, scheduled for May 6th?
  8. well it has a point when it was big and digital sales is affecting directly on charts now its affect is like below zero
  9. its only shows that it takes 3 copies today in itunes to take #1 spot its irrelevant asf
  10. those filters and collages it remains Italian Vogue by Klein
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