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  1. Askeroff

    yap u right October 21, 2016 anyway it takes 11 month to official release then
  2. Askeroff

    RHT was announced in September 2016. comes to Showtime in December and finally was released in September 2017 So April seems to early for release
  3. Askeroff

    Madonna by herself! well i said it before , I wouldn't mind if it will be Kristen Stewart for young years she's a brunette and she have THAT attitude of bad punk girl \
  4. here we go WW 1984 Trailer 2 1080p - 168MB
  5. uk chart don’t count radio plays And remixes can’t chart in the uk, only if label worried about to change a credits as we can see thy don’t - i mean Warner
  6. Well its sounds to me like peter rauhofer 4 minutes remix in demo Madonna vocal production is great tho
  7. Now give us Madonna cameo teaser
  8. no single cover no video release mention even release date is a mess
  9. Wait. why he said its S Price co produced did he messed with original track credits or... omg
  10. He also posted that Madonna should back to Warner , make another record with Price and get the f* out G Oseary
  11. Askeroff

    I agree with what was stated above, you cannot blame the interscope for everything if Madonna herself is not interested in giving a decent promo. Eurovision, which was supposed to be the opening act before the album turned out to be a huge disaster, everyone who was possibly interested in the album just turned away. The graham show just reinforced that bad attitude. There were no performances in the week of release! what was the point of Fallon's appearance, interviews don't sell albums ... And again, both in Euro and in Fallon, for some reason she presented the "Future" song as the main theme of the album, while everywhere it was said that this was a Portuguese album, what was the point of such a step. Why then was there a need for a lead single with Maluma, their billboard performance was great and received a lot of great reviews from the public and press.
  12. Wonder Woman 1984 (2019-12-09) 1080p - 166MB
  13. Askeroff

    sources tell Billboard that she has not inked a new deal anywhere as of Saturday (Aug. 8) and any talks are in early stages. While The Sun reports that Madonna is considering a return to Warner Music Warner Music declined to comment for this story.