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  1. Askeroff

    Bedtime Story - this is her best performance So perfect that look. omg Goddess Versace who bathes in light beams and electronics
  2. and Robbie Williams
  3. All songs he produced for All Saints sounds like ROL and MDNA
  4. I am sure that the mixes for GOD Control are on the way. Do you really think it is very expensive for her? I even think she doesn’t pay them, saying that it’s luck and big opportunity to work with her Some no name artists make dozen packs of mixes. so why she cant
  5. Askeroff

    COOL! Queen of pop and dance Hope she will release them next week and we can move to God Control mixes
  6. Askeroff

    Yeah this chart is kind of joke but it's all we have now Its the only chart now , where Madonna singles goes to #1 one by one
  7. Askeroff

    Fake . since this lawsuit came out, stans started to make up fake quotes from it to pretend their faves got cheated on
  8. Askeroff

    She doesn’t have to go back to Warner to let her old stuff out, they just need her permission, which i guess they never get. But what do you expect from label or management. Why dont you think that problem is possible in her herself, simply not wanting to obey or do everything her own way. She said during a promotional campaign RH that she had no contract with any label. As far as we know, an interscope serves only as a distributor. Maverick was in charge as her management and this year she has a new PR team.
  9. Askeroff

    She will never return to warner Her success decreases, the older she gets, she is not an exception of the rule, this happens to all artists. And what success do you expect in the era of streaming, when no one else buys albums anymore. stop living in a twilight zone I also think that she will continue to tour with a live nation
  10. meh Except "Easy Ride" all her remixes for M just unlistenable. (for others artist i also don't remember one good) lol Her remix for "I Rise" is bad , even Offer Nissim with his "all the same" sound a way better. And grammy should win someone who did better remix . not because its woman who did remix for woman in the name of pride these two like from another level from basic Tracy sound Lincoln Barrett - The One (High Contrast Remix), performed by Jorja Smith Luc Bradford - Swim (Ford. Remix) performed by Mild Minds
  11. Askeroff

    Well "Music" was kind of revolutionary for Madonna , follows that Daft Punk underground sound that they use in their "Homework". Madonna makes trends with it . "Hung Up" was like atomic bomb that burned and destroyed everything around . That deep Stuart beat , disco ball lights ,Madonna that f*cks boombox in pink leotard.....damn its top of pop culture heaven The perfect example of using a sample ,but in her own way, its hard to believe but it overshadow original by ABBA ! God Control... there is something wrong with it i mean it have nice elements but it miss a typical pop song structure , verses , chorus hooks ..that repeated words "wake up" its not enough for me so HU is a winner but i save a little room for Music too
  12. Askeroff

    so guys u were right Honey Dijon mix is basically Sebastian Manuel mix its good but nothing special