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  1. Madonna at #3 in my top 5 of top artists (#1 and only female overall ) Popular #5 Vulgar in top 20 but its Marlon Hoffstadt Edit
  2. Well i start to watch TPOG video HD and Give me a chance and I'll let you see how Nothing has changed
  3. The one of the videos most i crave for its "Human Nature" its the only one from BS era that don't upgraded yet but video source is video tape the best result will mostly look like Don't Tell Me upgrade
  4. Artists usually paly the full set of their shows in festivals as far as i remember Madonna never did a whole thing she always doin short cuts with 5-6 songs and the last her big live gig was like BBC weekend in 2008 for Hard Candy and it was 30 minutes set so it will interesting if we got whole show with live broadcast
  5. The Glastonbury and Rock In Rio would be great but it feels like Madonna hates stuff like this
  6. are Madonna fans still lives in 1989 without internet and believe everything they see its ELLE fake af
  7. Let me guess the pic with BIG ELLE logo on it from source that didn't exist
  8. opera and ricardo gomes hmm it sound like it could be anything to me but not music video
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