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  1. not some user spill some tea on Max track on ATRL JBB said: this is so... uueeehm... so, so vulgar, bad and tacky. (bout Vulgar) Madonna's collaboration with Max Martin is amazing πŸ‘ It's old classic 80's Madonna pop. If you love her first three albums you gonna like this. Think dancey Madonna/Stephen Bray/Nile Rogers mixed up with Reggie Lucas. don't know if we can trust this
  2. double fantasy was local release so maybe we gettin Popular early too
  3. actually Madame X had her cameo in Unholy music video lets call it prequel
  4. Double Fantasy was good but it floped well the only reason the Madonna in this track i think is Mike Dean i don't think Abel need publicity from Madonna and Sam since his audience is kind a different and more interested in Carti comeback yeah its fanmade i saw it on weeknd reddit
  5. there no even single cover since this release come as the part of pre order of album
  6. we got like 15+30+21 = 1 minute the last teaser got me like
  7. well not only Weeknd also Playboi Carti name kind a big Even the flop for Weeknd standards its Madonna peak like for last 10 years in hot 100
  8. can they give us a studio snipet since its Weeknd release it will be out first in US at midnight then in other local zones
  9. Since Popular comin this week next week seems to be fine for Bulgar cause Material Gwoorl (oh my god) Vs Break My soul remix released in the same week was a mess
  10. OMG its new single not just a ost song Republic payola confirmed TTH cover here we go
  11. maybe its because Weekend song is coming too and they decided to delay it....again
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