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  1. its not even warner release why some of you upset its just remix
  2. so its basically BLOND:ISH doing "Sorry" deep house remix with distorted vocals nothing new and Madonna not evolved they just giving her credits but it sound good tho
  3. Kim Petras was on SNL performing with Sam Smith does it mean they meet too also... Madonna & Lil Uzi in the studio last night
  4. she looks good not the guy on background wear the same shirt that i have .im gonna throw it away
  5. KYLIE /As mentioned in this thread for her 2008 tour book/ The cover kind a remind me also Pierre et Gilles La Madone au coeur blessé 1991
  6. the way they try me with textless pic on preview i want it so badly
  7. the whole set is the case of investigation how magazine could put on the cover and set another woman and call her Madonna on their pages
  8. I fall in love with this photo shoot more and more, and after looking at the latest pictures of Klein (pure cringe and crime ), I had no questions or comments left for Vanity Fair
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