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  1. ricardo gomes just post it Madame X streaming in October ♥️ so its digital release in oct not dvd
  2. Well i don't expect , that bitch will say ..So , finally i've done my work! U must Go now to ur car and find ur local itunes store with MX tour exclusive only on VHS waiting for you on shelves. Now! And yes baby, my new album is also there ... And yes baby it' s a visual double album . Love M.
  3. its taken from here https://www.instagram.com/p/BHi5_i2gFND/
  4. This Instagram not belongs to Rocco it was confirmed ages ago so i guess this music has nothing to do with him
  5. everytime i see another M post about soon, final stage, gradient, almost finished , sound ... i see her face like this and then i hear this music in my mind
  6. Still think its coming in aug-sept after announcement in June
  7. on the front page of Lil Buck's clothing line https://www.ffoclothing.com/ so i guess we exactly know now what this shoot was made for
  8. I guess it will come August - September
  9. omg the look! MX era found dead This is random tegs @madonna for @burberry NYC, 2021 #BurberryAW21 or she really became burberry new face
  10. omg the remixes length masterpieces overtures 9-11 minutes long the way remix industry died left us with 2 minutes cuts 😐
  11. What a serve! She look so fresh and hot! Her legs looks good, the main Q is her fake ass still around
  12. i was rooting for this too but Madonna unfollow Drake on insta he still follows her tho
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