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  1. I've heard it all before, I've heard it all before...
  2. Hung Up on Tokischa" has surpassed "Frozen (Fireboy DML Remix)" and is now Madonna's most watched 2022 video in its first 24 hours with over 500k views Keep streaming it and keep watching it guys
  3. after 5th watch I'm obsessed with it its ridiculous in good way its cool ,fun and hot El tiempo pasa lento y yo 'toy rápida
  4. why so much hate its not perfect it have some issue but its not bad or worst she still got it
  5. well ... its not that bad love the colors outfits and locations room with green sofa the best but video feels like out of place and lacks some energy i want more choreo it must be wild and God who did that high lace front on wig must be crucified
  6. so no teaser no any mention except twitter it coming up today not even single #soon!
  7. me when i find out Tokisha have onlyfans well hope Madonna make one too
  8. Love the photoshoot love his reasoning No M name mention he seems to be very cool ,intelligent and good looking guy
  9. Rocco Ritchie Explains His Artmaking Process We spoke to the artist about his alias, Rhed, and why he felt ready to come forward as Rocco in 2022 The British-American artist Rocco Ritchie, or Rhed, is described by his gallerist as “classically trained in fine art from the age of sixteen.” Rhed embarked on his academic path, studying between New York and London, providing him with his recognisable and distinct painting style. Drawing inspiration from the likes of the early 20th century expressionists, Rhed admires the lifestyle of an artist just as much as the art. After several years of schooling and participating in small, private exhibitions, Rocco has now gone on to establish his independence by co-founding his gallery Maison Rhed with two friends. He credits leaving New York as good motivation. “Moving to London had a huge effect on me. It was the perfect moment; I was shifting gears from a teenage boy to a young man and it pushed me to focus on my passion but to also get out of my comfort zone. I was fortunate enough to know what I wanted to do at a young age and once I had settled into art school, it kick-started my work.” Before he was discovered to be the artist Rhed himself, the public knew him not only as a second generation of a superstar but also as a sartorial enthusiast. In his eyes, clothing is the perfect way for the wearer to express who they are just like an artist would express themselves through their work. “I think clothing can be a projection of the artist and what they’re inspired by. The photographer Cecil Beaton is one of my biggest style icons and in the 1930s he produced some of the best aesthetic photography for both fashion and art. Salvador Dali was a fabulous painter and distinctively well-dressed. I’ve always tried to present myself to be more than just an artist, to be bold and make a statement, even when I’m not painting. It’s what brought me to wearing a suit, which is usually considered to be a mundane item of dress, but to know what goes on behind making it is where the art lies. It took a tailoring apprenticeship for me to find that out and I’ve got to tell you, I have a tremendous amount of respect for those who design and create clothes. In 2018, Rocco Ritchie enrolled at Central Saint Martins, where he studied fine art before moving on to the Royal Drawing School. He confesses that it has been a long learning process. Art requires time to soak in, and it cannot be mastered overnight. “It certainly helped growing up in a house that was passionate about art and culture. Neither of my parents are painters, but both are artists in their own right and they taught me to appreciate and respect it. Their shared fascination eventually piqued my interest and since I can remember I’ve always been surrounded by it.” Rhed is open about his influences, and much like his dress sense, he favours the past over the present. “My favourite artists are sadly all dead. In my opinion, the greatest art movement was probably in early 20th century Europe. The world had never seen such beautiful and contrasting work. But perhaps it is easier to be lost and distracted in this day and age and I wonder if that standard of art existed because of the dedication that was required to paint it. I enjoy modern art, and I feel it’s necessary to consume as much as you can, yet I’m rarely as inspired by it. I think to be a brilliant painter requires discipline, much like a musician or an athlete, you’ve got to earn it.” Rhed currently paints from his studio in West London. Earlier in May, Maison Rhed curated their first solo exhibition which he says took a year to produce. “The process behind my work is constantly changing because I’m constantly learning. I figured I’d embrace my inconsistencies rather than resent them. I think when you start being too sure of yourself and too certain about your work then the progress stops, and when it came to the exhibition, I had already prepared for the criticism, that’ll always be one inevitability that never disappears.” Rocco Ritchie’s journey as an artist started under the name of Rhed; a topic which caused a stir this year when it was revealed that he chose to paint under an alias instead of his real name. What was the reason for debuting anonymously? “Rhed is just a name. The only real meaning and importance of that were so my life and my career weren’t confusing each other, especially at a point where I haven’t earned the title yet. It’s not that I don’t feel proud to be who I am, on the contrary, I couldn’t be prouder of my parents and what they’ve achieved and in turn taught me. I just needed enough time to develop and experience my own lessons just like they did, without the extreme public judgement. Rhed was a mask until it wasn’t.” As for his plans over the next few years, and if he is having another show? “I’m not in a rush, currently taking everything one step at a time. I am head down in the studio, working on commissions, tackling new things and getting better at old things. I’ll think about shows later.” Photographer: Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca @ De Facto Inc Stylist: David Nolan @ Monday Artists Text: Monica Ng Art Director: Jack O’Donnell Digital Tech : Alex Cornes Talent: Rocco Ritchie READ NEXT
  10. Guys do u really expect her to just drop the video out of the blue without weeks of spamming us with short clips and her #Soon
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