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  1. meh Except "Easy Ride" all her remixes for M just unlistenable. (for others artist i also don't remember one good) lol Her remix for "I Rise" is bad , even Offer Nissim with his "all the same" sound a way better. And grammy should win someone who did better remix . not because its woman who did remix for woman in the name of pride these two like from another level from basic Tracy sound Lincoln Barrett - The One (High Contrast Remix), performed by Jorja Smith Luc Bradford - Swim (Ford. Remix) performed by Mild Minds
  2. Askeroff

    Well "Music" was kind of revolutionary for Madonna , follows that Daft Punk underground sound that they use in their "Homework". Madonna makes trends with it . "Hung Up" was like atomic bomb that burned and destroyed everything around . That deep Stuart beat , disco ball lights ,Madonna that f*cks boombox in pink leotard.....damn its top of pop culture heaven The perfect example of using a sample ,but in her own way, its hard to believe but it overshadow original by ABBA ! God Control... there is something wrong with it i mean it have nice elements but it miss a typical pop song structure , verses , chorus hooks ..that repeated words "wake up" its not enough for me so HU is a winner but i save a little room for Music too
  3. Askeroff

    so guys u were right Honey Dijon mix is basically Sebastian Manuel mix its good but nothing special
  4. Askeroff

    Orlando Puerta from citrusonic post it
  5. It would flop anyway so whats the point at least we have video
  6. Wish this was Italy themed completly new shoot its just random pics from her archive
  7. Anyway the whole thing is Mirawais concept. lyric. music. Casey just did some changes Dying to listen it in full. The piano part is great
  8. thank you exactly Its different in some parts but some lines are the same "Everybody knows the damn truth Our nation lied, we lost respect When we wake up, what can we do? Get the kids ready, take them to school"
  9. So demo basically sound the same as original. Even lyrics
  10. Askeroff

    meh i think I Rise Tracy Remix is blank and basic. One of the worst in this era. There's a lot more good remixes who deserve it more. Even Offer Nissim is really serving MX era with his mixes. Anyway its sad that nomination only goes to remixer . not to an artist
  11. We have some Billboard official updates sales + stream 5/26/18 Billboard charts: Confessions on a Dance Floor ALBUM SALES: 1,738,923 ALBUMS W/TEA W/SEA ON-DEMAND 2,016,961 MDNA ALBUM SALES: 547,636 ALBUMS W/TEA W/SEA ON-DEMAND 667,546 Hard Candy ALBUM SALES: 751,496 ALBUMS W/TEA W/SEA ON-DEMAND 1,174,955 AMERICAN LIFE ALBUM SALES: 685,638 ALBUMS W/TEA W/SEA ON-DEMAND 735,156 Bedtime Stories ALBUM SALES: 2,339,495 ALBUMS W/TEA W/SEA ON-DEMAND 2,407,276 REBEL HEART ALBUM SALES: 244,538 ALBUMS W/TEA W/SEA ON-DEMAND 375,930 Rebel Heart Tour 2 CD ALBUM SALES: 6,289 ALBUMS W/TEA W/SEA ON-DEMAND 14,265 GHV2 (Listed as Vol. 2- Greatest Hits) ALBUM SALES: 1,397,910 ALBUMS W/TEA W/SEA ON-DEMAND 1,689,370 Ray of Light ALBUM SALES: 3.896,998 ALBUMS W/TEA W/SEA ON-DEMAND 4,013,816 MUSIC ALBUM SALES: 2,936,779 ALBUMS W/TEA W/SEA ON-DEMAND 3,020,447 SOMETHING TO REMEMBER ALBUM SALES: 2,104,241 ALBUMS W/TEA W/SEA ON-DEMAND 2,303,417 So her recent albums should be certified like this with new streaming numbers but i guess Warner will never do that.. 3xP Music 2xP Confessions On a Dance Floor 2xP Celebration 1xP GHV2 1xP American Life 1xP Hard Candy G MDNA