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  1. Intervention Oh Father or Thief of Hearts?
  2. Dark Ballet Dear Jessie or Nobody's Perfect?
  3. Burning Up Survival or The Power of Goodbye?
  4. Bernhard has a valid point. Her friendships and romantic relationships just don't seem to last. Furthermore, I don't see what Ingrid is so upset about - everybody is entitled to their own opinion, whether others like it or not. Get a life, Ingrid.
  5. Her best decisions, in my opinion: 1. Releasing Bedtime Stories to cool her image after Erotica. Both albums are very good, but I'm not sure if the public could've/would've endured her much longer if she had continued that overwhelmingly bold image of the Erotica era. 2. Being so persistent in taking on the role of Evita. 3. Deciding to make Truth or Dare/In Bed with Madonna (though it really looked like a pain the ass to do!). 4. Taking an eight-year break with touring after The Girlie Show. Some of her fans complain that Bedtime Stories didn't get a proper tour with it, but after 10+ years in the business and all that goes with it, she most likely just needed a break from the touring schedule.
  6. This is cool! Got to admit I like Madonna on the money.
  7. God, so many good ones to choose from! Here goes: Spanish Eyes Love Tried to Welcome Me Gone
  8. While there is some good stuff on this album, I can't say it's one of my favorites. I must say, though, that there is some great and underrated tracks on there: "I'd Rather Be Your Lover," "Forbidden Love," and "Love Tried to Welcome Me" (this last one is a great track; so lovely and wintery-sounding). That being said, it had some awesome videos; I'm especially fond of the "Bedtime Story" music video. One of her best, in my opinion.
  9. Open Your Heart True Blue or Cherish?
  10. The Immaculate Collection! I never cease to be impressed by this collection. It was a great time in her career.
  11. It's a great album! I love how she combined sex and prayer into the title track. It was very clever, maybe even a little bit blasphemous, daring, and easily one of her best songs, both lyrically and musically. I also really enjoy "Express Yourself," "Keep It Together," "Spanish Eyes," and "Act of Contrition" ("What do you mean it's not in the computer!?"). I've never been that fond of "Love Song," "Cherish," or "Promise to Try" - this last one just sounds flat and boring to me. This album, in my opinion, sprouted one of her most creative periods, not to mention awesome music videos to match. The "Oh Father" music video is so beautifully done and one of her most underrated pieces of art. I've grown quite attached to this whole era of her work and the way she presented herself as a true songwriter and proved to all her naysayers she was more than just a one-hit wonder.
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