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  1. Devil Pray True Blue or What It Feels Like for a Girl?
  2. Crazy for You Thief of Hearts or She's Not Me?
  3. Act of Contrition Promise to Try or Something to Remember?
  4. Love Makes the World Go 'Round I'm Going Bananas or Did You Do It?
  5. This has always been one of my favorite Madonna albums. I bought it maybe about 10 years ago and I was instantly hooked into it. In my opinion, Deeper and Deeper is one of the best songs she's ever done - the lyrics are multilayered; Bad Girl is a helluva music video; The Girlie Show is perfection. The whole Erotica era is dark and edgy, one that I'll always love.
  6. I'd say it's her desperate plea for attention, much like a personal ad. Here's an example: "SWF with T&A seeking BBC from the NBA."
  7. I love it! It has a much more light-hearted and upbeat feel to it.
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