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  1. I would live to know your source for the This Used To Be My Playground info! Sorry if I am annoying I am just thrilled
  2. Isn't the Barcelona gold edit a compilation edit and so they are not considered for CD Maxi's and Digital Releases Same as the Movie Versions that are not getting released? Is there one official promo edit or something that I am missing apart of these ones Even though I agree with your post and the Papa Don't Preach single could have the edit but it's ok
  3. Do you have a picture of your personal library? I bet it's very organized and do you have your own greatest hits on there? Sorry but I am curious
  4. Do we have a list of songs or remixes or edits that have been available for the first time on digital by streaming? I'm building a playlist and I have some but not all I think
  5. I think we got the Burning Up 7" Edit from the Japanese single collection didn't we? I think
  6. I'm thinking True Blue on 30th June if they do what they did with American Life and Ray Of Light
  7. Can someone bring out one of the pictures of the "For Consideration" Celebration CD's?
  8. True, I doubt it's real and why would they approach fan accounts instead of file collectors or traders?
  9. I wonder if some ATRL insider knows info about the dates for June
  10. But before "Celebration (2024 Bonus Tracks)" Jking😶‍🌫️
  11. Guys it's a mistake by the label In the album tags it will come out as a single
  12. YESSS! Who's That Girl (Extended Version) is copyrighted! @planetbenjamindo you know anything about a June release or something? Thanks even if you don't answer or say something about it
  13. I just did this and it was good! It was hard since I used mobile but it was worth it
  14. Imagine that true blue is coming on its album anniversary with ain't no big deal, now that I think about it it's possible
  15. I would love to see your personal library and it's cover arts I bet it looks amazing judging on your personal artworks for the singles
  16. I would do the entire 1990 era plus the rest until 2001 0. Keep It Together (Edit Of Shep Pettibone Remix) (Bonus Tracks) 1.Vogue (Alternate Single Version) 2. Hanky Panky (Q-Sound Mix) 3.Justify My Love (Orbit Edit) 4.Rescue Me (S.O.S Mix Edit) 5.This Used To Be My Playground 6.Erotica (Edit) 7.Deeper And Deeper (7" Edit - With Fade) 8.Fever (Radio Remix or Edit One) 9.Secret (New Edit) 10.Bedtime Story (Edit) 11.Human Nature (Video Version Or Human Club Mixshow) 12.Ray Of Light (Radio Edit with alternate Orbit Intro) 13.Frozen (Edit) 14. Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Miami Mix Edit) 15. You'll See (Edit) 16.Music (Edit) 17.Don't Tell Me (Edit) 18.What It Feels Like For A Girl (Radio Edit or Video Version) 19.GHV2 Megamix (Bonus Track) And maybe a new bonus remix disc...
  17. Is there a date system in your audio player? Maybe it can say where it was downloaded and when, the tracklist looks pretty fanmade and basic but we know Warner
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