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  1. Yeah, I dont remember who was her lover at that time, but it slounds like that... because otherwise it would be strange if it was for Rocco with all nentions of bad boys, and car keys and massage hahahaha... stupid little song haah
  2. I totally agree, so sometimes when they asked her about it she said one thing and the other time, said the other thing... And, since we are at the topic, is Superstar from MDNA about Rocco or someone else? Maybe you know someting...
  3. Of course, and people always say that, but why in the hell would someone edit this, haha
  4. But "Nothing Fails", along with tracks "Intervention" and "X-Static Process," became the centerpiece of the album as a triptych of love songs for Ritchie.[4] Wiki says its about Guy. And in my opinion, considering the theme of the whole album it might be about both of them...
  5. I remember whem AL was released I read in an interview that love Profusion, Intervention & X-Static Process are about Guy. But than after the Tears of The Clown... about Rockco... IDK
  6. I think she would rather die than release that kind of compilation album...
  7. GHV XXX: The Immaculate Celebration (Radio Edits Remastered & Revisited)
  8. All of these are released on IC, STR, GHV and Celebration... so whats the point to release them again... If she releases "greatest hits" from MDNA, Rebel and Madame X albums plus couple of remakes (Frozen, Material girl Hung up), but hm... haha
  9. Im thinking, maybe she is going to release it because of the whole hype about the tour, now kinda everybody love her again so it might give her more streams and sales stuff... and she can sing couple of new songs or she doesnt, but she can like sell more copies because of the tour. She can also sell it for ridicolous price like Lady Gaga did with Born tHis Way and top the charts... Whatever the thing is, I am pretty hopefull haha
  10. So guys, what do you think about this? Any info, any idea?
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