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  1. Looking what's going on with Tina's music after her death, I have not so optimistic conclusion that people most of all love dead artist. Madonna sadly will be celebrated when she will be gone. To bad many fans cant celebrate her while she's still here :sad:

    1. Angelo


      Do you really care what other people think about M?? Such a waste of time. Everyone has their opinion...stupid or not

  2. In celebration of Pride, Apple Fitness+ is introducing new workouts and meditations that will shine a light on the LGBTQ+ community, as well as a new Artist Spotlight featuring music by longtime social activist and ally Madonna. The Artist Spotlight series — which dedicates an entire workout playlist to a single artist — expands with new workouts featuring music by Madonna. On Monday, June 5, new workouts featuring the singer’s music will be available across workout types including HIIT, Rowing, Cycling, Core, Treadmill, Strength, Dance, and Yoga. https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2023/05/apple-fitness-plus-celebrates-pride-with-a-new-artist-spotlight-featuring-madonna/
  3. You think every Madonna fan is streaming her music, especially the older one, you're optimistic
  4. The question is does Madonna or Sam did have time to filming it, they both very busy.
  5. I think M have no time to promote this song, so playing it at Sam concert was part of promotion, now they have to find way how to show this song.
  6. This collaboration now make some sense, I think this will be for Sam single (tho I can be wrong) I think purpose of this collab now is to give M some attention and push her streaming numbers before release song with Max Martin. I also wonder if we gonna get some sexy video. Just my thoughts
  7. Yeah you should be sorry, Madonna is far better vocalist, that's not even up to discussion.
  8. So I think it's the end for tonight, also I think that presenting new song in the moment of Tina dead is a bad idea, because it will take away the attention that Madonna obviously want's, I mean it's a new song right.
  9. Yes it looks like they teasing performance, my little heart...
  10. 💙


  11. :eyes:


    1. RUADJAI



    2. Angelo


      Like a Prayer Remix feat. The Weeknd

  12. IDAHOBIT 2023 :rainbow:


  13. Jose Xtravaganza on Madonna 


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