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  1. "While I’m passing joints to Madonna" Queen
  2. Why censorship let everyone knows who this is, it's public and his not ashamed of his statement!
  3. I'm happy that they giving us those HD videos, but they could do that a little bit faster
  4. Madonna just plunked down a small fortune, and now she's proud of The Weeknd's Hidden Hills Estate. https://www.tmz.com/2021/04/12/madonna-buys-the-weeknds-house-hidden-hills/
  5. I'm waiting for your PROFESSIONAL comment about this https://ew.com/movies/madonna-biopic-diablo-cody-didnt-quit/?fbclid=IwAR2oOAF-xCshk4idBWjtBgU-pO-T5iwa1w0tsvU1csnXLls8sCHWtsCuFcE
  6. EW has confirmed Madonna and the Oscar-nominated Juno writer turned in a final draft of the script before the latter 'moved on' to a new project. Now some fans can you stop spreading fake news and gossips https://ew.com/movies/madonna-biopic-diablo-cody-didnt-quit/?fbclid=IwAR2oOAF-xCshk4idBWjtBgU-pO-T5iwa1w0tsvU1csnXLls8sCHWtsCuFcE
  7. Madonna is nobodys grandmother, ageist, she's a popstar and can do whatever she wants.
  8. You will be telling a one of the most famous woman, who spend more than 40 years in show-business what is professional or not
  9. Long time Madonna hater Piers Morgan got fired!
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