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  1. Can you please tell me how much WM paid to Rolling Stone, since you so well informed.
  2. I love Rebel Heart for Ghosttown mostly, so sad this song didn't do better, Madonna put her heart into promotion of this song.
  3. What low quality work, maybe for you, even Rolling Stone mag name one of the Frozen remixes with Fireboy DML one of the best songs so far this year. $51,361,009 from theatre tour is not a flop. Madonna just have it number one album around the world on Itunes with collection of old remixes, that sells around 200 000 copies so far. Your every post in every topic is focused to write something negative towards M.
  4. I don't think this remix is embarrassing trash, it's quite good in my opinion, and maybe you should read again what @Prayer wrote, the line "maybe not so much on her work, but definitely in her attitude", he's talking about attitude not her work, and his comparison is valid.
  5. So you should just end the conversation there, instead replaying with "whatever", it's showing lack of argument and second it's quite rude towards person you start dialogue with, no hard feelings tho
  6. "Whatever" yeah that's my favorite answer of all times
  7. And figure it out thanks who? Show me his new solo song that would do the same, and selling arenas, Madonna with greatest hits tour will do the same.
  8. "this attitude she has doesn’t help her at all" What are you even talking about, Madonna most of all is a music legend, her position in pop culture is set in stone. What damage control she supposed to do, what crime exactly Madonna committed, you people are so ridiculously over dramatic, to point is just sad to read, and that you are even serious. And believe me most of kids that listen to Elton remix with Britney, doesn't even know who Elton is or care about him.
  9. I really don't understand the point of this conversation. Tokischa is not a big star and Madonna is legacy artist, her music will go nowhere especially that streaming numbers rules the charts. Nothing even great songs like Ghosttown from last decade do nowhere, so expecting that some side project that those remixes are will be a hit and without any promotion is delulu. Respect to M for promoting and giving her platform to less know n artist, if she was targeting at hit with this she would do what Elton lately doing.
  10. Because I'm being mention, If you read my first comment was made because this subject was discussed already in different topic
  11. My biggest problem with this video is Madonna's bleached eyebrows, and that's all.
  12. This is Madonna forum, she’s a music legend, she’s not Kardashian or any other celebrity for being known because of being known. Let’s gossip about music, her private life( who she slept with) it’s not my business, I couldn’t care less.
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