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  1. proxy

    For me it all started with Immaculate Collection
  2. La Isla Bonita video is getting close to 300 millions views!
  3. Yes she's there,my hero, share this photo everywhere!
  4. We most stan Bob Dylan forever, other girls can't relate!
  5. I think it's quite good
  6. proxy

    Now #JusticeForAmericanLife and I wish I could see justice for Erotica
  7. proxy

    This is my least favorite album, I only like Girl Gone Wild, Beautiful Killer and Masterpiece, that's all
  8. I'm still new here, dont know how things work on this forum, I don't want to do something wrong
  9. @VogueristaInstead of sharing hateful article, share this one!!
  10. Very hard to choose. I thing "You'll see", "Bad girl" and "Power of goodbye" is my favorite becouse of Madonna's beauty and the video is so gorgeous
  11. I'm hateful, becouse I want to delete hateful article?!
  12. Yes I read it, it's a badly written half-truth hateful article, to look Madonna bad!
  13. Why you are so hateful, delete this fucking shit!!!!!