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  1. This looks like the real reason of this meeting. https://ew.com/movies/madonna-biopic-julia-fox-could-play-debi-mazar/?fbclid=IwAR2jiCiX5hK7dyQ9KeY8Crx2fgJTa7ln0S3QXmXPnwyBMGAGxDI2hkfFEWM
  2. Streaming The Queen :jamming:


    1. beautifulkiller


      I think the more iconic moment was her dedicating the song to him on tour because she knew he was a big fan of it and a big fan of her :)

  3. All this 50 #1 dance hits will get new remix'es with Candy Shop, Candy The Ultimate Remix 40th Anniversary Celebration
  4. Maybe Madonna should record album for kids :salty:


    1. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      i imagine it being an album about sexual education in which public school teachers use it to help teach middle schoolers whats what :dead:

    2. professormouse
  5. And they say that Madonna doesn't pose with her fans, but why Kanye is choking her:smile:image.thumb.png.8ea496084dbc0ec4cee436978dbb2837.png

    1. Prince of Darkness

      Prince of Darkness

      Christ! and people complain about Madonna's ass. That girl behind Kanye is the real deal.

    2. professormouse


      Grace Jones once spoke of discovering her throat was like another vagina.
      Who knows ?

  6. Getting close to 200 millions views, watch & share fans :Madonna019:


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