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  1. EXCLUSIVE: The Little Women actress is said to be neck and neck with Ozark’s Julia Garner in the race to win the role in the much-anticipated movie co-written by Madonna
  2. proxy

    Justify my love video is gone from her channel
  3. proxy

    What conspiracy theory about this, that's how social media works, they always collecting information about users, nothing new. If you have instagram, facebook, twitter you have to agree to this. Madonna just discover it
  4. proxy

    Did I wrote that you can't have an opinion, did I censorship you, I just don't agree with you
  5. proxy

    Same,I was just cheking quality on my 4K tv, it's nice
  6. proxy

    Anyway we are winning! Next Sorry?
  7. proxy

    Papa don't preach
  8. If someone ever wonder this is her boombox from video
  9. Quality of Hung Up remaster it's not medicor 1080p, it's really great 1080p with many details. You wanna see crap remasters go to Mariah Carey videos. I'm really happy with what we get.
  10. I don't think so, they asking about next video from Confessions, I think they will upgrade all her videos with time.
  11. Actually La Isla Bonita is her most popular song on YouTube.
  12. We really win with this one, the quality is stunning