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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone! Madame X was released a year ago! I feel like it's time to do another megarate like last year!  For those who don't know what a megarate is: every participants has to rate each songs from Madonna's Madame X from 1 to 10 (rules are detailed below). With every score, average scores for each songs will be calculated and we'll have a definitive ranking of all of the songs from Madame X! The bonus tracks will be part of the competition as well. I feel like one week is enough for people to vote, but if you disagree on that let me know! Rules: Make sure to know each song included in the competition. Rate each song from 1 to 10. You are allowed to give the same rate to multiple songs. Decimals are allowed only up to the hundredth (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED WHEN YOU CAN IN ORDER TO AVOID TIES). You are allowed to give one 0 and one 11 (OPTIONAL). Send your rates to me by personal messenger, NOT in the thread, before June 21. This should be interesting! Hope a lot of you will join!  PM Friendly Tracklist: 01 - Medellín 02 - Dark Ballet 03 - God Control 04 - Future 05 - Batuka 06 - Killers Who Are Partying 07 - Crave 08 - Crazy 09 - Come Alive 10 - Extreme Occident 11 - Faz Gostoso 12 - Bitch I'm Loca 13 - I Don't Search I Find 14 - Looking for Mercy 15 - I Rise 16 - Funana 17 - Back That Up to the Beat 18 - Ciao Bella
  2. Post something Madonna released on your birthday. It could be an album, single, DVD or whatever. Me: Released The Confessions Tour DVD - January 26th
  3. Actually I'd like to propose a NEW GAME... Remember "Which Madonna song am i thinking of"? I give one WORD contained in the lyrics and you have to guess the song. Not in the title, of course... For instance, if I say "lock" it's Open your heart. But also Into the groove.. I could start with LEGS
  4. Hi everyone! We'll soon know a definitive fan ranking of Madonna's discography with this new Madonna Album Ranking Megarate! Here are the rules: -Rank the albums in this order: favorite to least favorite. -Rate each album from 0.0/10 to 10/10. -Give your fave track from each album. -For your 3 favorite and your least favorite album, give the reason why you've ranked them there. -PM me your vote. Example: 1-Like a Prayer (9.5/10) Fave Track: Like a Prayer Reason: "Classic Madonna. Every track on it is a masterpiece..." 2-Ray of Light (9.0/10) Fave Track: Ray of Light Reason: "So different from the others. Best vocals ever..." 3-Madonna (8.5/10) Fave Track: Holiday Reason: "This is the beggining of her stardom! Has many great songs..." [...] The albums in this competition are: -1983 - Madonna -1984 - Like a Virgin -1986 - True Blue -1989 - Like a Prayer -1990 - I'm Breathless -1992 - Erotica -1994 - Bedtime Stories -1998 - Ray of Light -2000 - Music -2003 - American Life -2005 - Confessions on a Dance Floor -2008 - Hard Candy -2012 - MDNA -2015 - Rebel Heart The deadline is 02/11, in a bit more than 2 weeks! The results will be posted on the first page! Good luck!
  5. It's all in the title... http://www.sporcle.com/games/Jordan/madonna_songs If you want to make it a bit harder, there's a 20mn one that stops at MDNA but includes soundtracks and non-album songs : http://www.sporcle.com/games/DitoElectropop/madonna-songs
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