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  1. Don't know if this has been shared here before, but I noticed that many videos containing snippets of I'm Going to Tell You a Secret were removed from Youtube (being the documentary itself, tour edits using the Paris footage...). Also, some HQ uploads of the VMA 2003 performance were removed between yesterday and today (they don't show up anymore on my playlists). This could be just a coincidence but it got me thinking... American Life boxset anyone?
  2. I do like it, but it's not one of her best either to me. That's generally true for the songs coming from compilations or soundtracks not being released as singles (ie: Spotlight outside of Japan, Beautiful Stranger in the US, American Pie in the US), but I'm not sure this applies to Something to Remember. Some songs that are on it are album tracks. Forbidden Love was put on it as it was supposed to be Bedtime Stories' 5th single, but the title track seems to have been chosen due to being a personal favorite rather than anything else, and was before that an I'm Breathless exclusive. Same can be said for Love Don't Live Here Anymore, which was previously only released as a single in Japan in 1986 and was previously just a Like a Virgin album track everywhere else. I think that for this compilation the songs were more chosen based on personal preference rather than their potential exclusivity, and I'm really glad that they chose This Used to Be My Playground and I'll Remember for it, as they've never been released on a Madonna record otherwise. Crazy for You was also only released in remixed form beforehand and while the version on Something to Remember is not the exact same as the original, it's the closest to it we have on a Madonna record.
  3. Personally would have really liked Love Tried to Welcome Me to be on there, that’s the biggest loss for me. Also I didn’t mind One More Chance. It was nice hearing Madonna on a guitar ballad. While it’s a bit whiny lyrically and my least favorite song on Something to Remember, I still like it and appreciate that a new song was included instead of an already available one. Plus, i’d rather listen to that than I Can’t Forget.
  4. Even though SEX is not my favorite project from her, I appreciate the fact that she's celebrating it 30 years later and that the money earned from it will go to charity. Also she looks really really good! Love this Dita 2.0 look.
  5. Having Gambler after such a long time on streaming will be a great thing. It's a nice song that's often forgotten. As for the Bye Bye Baby remixes, I'm also curious to hear the Daniel Abraham Mix one day. As of now the House Mix is my favorite otherwise, the Vogue reference in the middle is a nice touch.
  6. The Turn Up the Radio Remastered EP just got two new tracks added. Make sure to update your files by downloading them on the MDNA era (Remastered EP Collection) topic.

    Also, Bye Bye Baby (Tahallassee Pop) and GHV2 Megamix (S.A.F. Lustful/Long Medley) were both reuploaded in their related topics as both had a small noticeable glitch at the end. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but at least now I'm done with the remasters. You now have the best remastered collection I can deliver you in full. :)

  7. I actually really liked Frozen on Fire, it's the best Sickick remix version for me and it ranked number 10 on my Spotify Wrapped this year. The Fireboy DML version was nice as well. I never listen to the other two though. Overall I think these 4 remixes were a nice bonus (though I agree that M jumped on the trend a bit late) and i'm glad that it helped improving her streaming power.
  8. The Remastered EP Collections for the I'm Breathless, Erotica and Music eras all just received various updates. I highly suggest to anyone who has already downloaded them to check them out in the Audios section. :)

    1. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      how are you on bpm's ?

  9. Thank you for your sweet message. No one owes me anything though. You all were the reason these games were a success and made this interactivity possible.
  10. @Jet, @TOpher, @Enrico, @Unruhe, @musicinferno, @HC Charge, @frozen78, @Danton, @Brendanlovesu1, @EgoRod, @stefo, @jesus, @Nowheretohide, @Dj Garrido, @deathproof, @Fernando, @chipie, @sidney78a, @Karma, @Inco, @mcat, @Drum Dub, @Daxkoba, @Bjonkers, @Bohh, @mirtillo, @migsou, @truevirgin, @Foreigner, @MDNA22, @desperateK, @Tony Fortin, @Copenhagen Ciccone, @Polaris, @Alexei, @Holger, @MattyMads, @Simeon Penn, @androiduser, @MPowered, @proxy, @Leandro Gomes, @Janinno Salazar, @Roy, @gst6662000, @Andreo, @Voguerista, @Pretender1978, @spinningaround, @poodle, @Frankito, @MadonnasPussy, @GhostOrchid, @mrmadonna, @Fontainebleau, @Levon, @patrice1711, @PanditaRulez, @SuperBicycle, @drunkby6, @Pretty Madonna, @geert, @alfi1973, @mikenmark, @bitchimmadonna, @BringUrLUV, @reinvented_0, @Sven, @The Grey Pilgrim, @zephyr in the sky at night, @konfideinmenow, @PlayPause, @chaosmen1984mk, @panosgk, @Winn, @lennyleonard, @johncba, @ludowillo, @RUADJAI, @Chris Morlock, @Ayham, @Rebel Hugo, @Roland Barthes, @MadonnaLove, @Loru, @DjKingBee, @thehorrors, @theglamorous, @WopaelWopael, @Robertthenurse, @JanekCiccone, @animalinstinct, @Ch3rish, @vadge, @LoveAffair, @Alibaba, @OceanBlue, @rgdlee, @xrayeyes, @mossy, @d2-mac, @Scor-pi-o, @ajwr83, @Steve Collins, @dubtronic, @MusicFreak To everybody that once participated to these games I'd like to thank you from the very bottom of my heart for all of your support. I truly loved organizing these and seeing all your reactions. In about 30 minutes, it will be exactly a year since the megarate for the first album era started. Life is truly a circle. I was planning to organize more games, with the next one being a Tour ranking. However, due to financial difficulties, I will have to sell my PC, meaning that I won't be able to organize another game. I also won't be able to remaster any new file for quite a bit. I know that some of you will be disappointed, as you expressed excitement about these, both publicly and privately on my DMs. I am sorry, but I hope to come back in full form in the future. In the next few days, I will do the last updates to some of the remastered EPs i have uploaded in the Audios section. I'm a bit teary writing this, as Infinity has become part of my daily life and I've loved being able to interract with this community. Being able to talk with people that shared the same love that I have for Madonna truly made my days. I wanted to at least end this with a bang with the FEL megarate and you were there for it. I can't thank you enough. Love you all and remember... Music makes the people come together !
  11. As a bonus, here's the list of the songs that were rated better than during the album megarates! -What It Feels Like for A Girl (Above And Beyond Club Radio Edit) [9,20 vs. 7,93] -Celebration (Benny Benassi Remix Edit) [8,78 vs. 8,41] -I Don’t Search I Find (Honey Dijon Radio Mix) [8,63 vs. 8,42] -Keep It Together (Alternate Single Remix) [8,55 vs. 8,33] -American Life (Felix Da Housecat’s Devin Dazzle Edit) [8,07 vs. 7,83] -Everybody (You Can Dance Remix Edit) [7,94 vs. 7,38] -Medellín (Offer Nissim Madame X In The Sphinx Mix) [7,29 vs. 6,90] -Bitch I’m Madonna (Sander Kleinenberg Video Edit) [6,75 vs. 6,30] -Turn Up the Radio (Offer Nissim Remix Edit) [6,34 vs. 6,30] Also, note that while Like a Virgin was rated higher than Material Girl on the album megarate, the opposite happened here. I felt like this deserved a mention.
  12. #2 – Vogue (Single Version) - Average Rate : 9,23 / 10 - Highest Rate : 10 ( @Drum Dub, @gst6662000, @EgoRod, @HC Charge, @theglamorous, @Andreo, @MusicFreak, @Sven, @Alibaba, @Ayham, @Inco, @proxy, @Rebel Hugo, @MDNA22, @Tony Fortin, @Levon, @Leandro Gomes, @ajwr83 ) - Lowest Rate : 3 ( @zephyr in the sky at night ) #1 – Deeper and Deeper (David’s Radio Edit) - Average Rate : 9,39 / 10 - Highest Rate : 11 ( @Drum Dub, @Roy ) - Lowest Rate : 6 ( @theglamorous )
  13. #3 – What It Feels Like for A Girl (Above And Beyond Club Radio Edit) - Average Rate : 9,20 / 10 - Highest Rate : 11 ( @Andreo, @mirtillo, @proxy, @rgdlee, @OceanBlue ) - Lowest Rate : 3,9 ( @PlayPause )
  14. #4 – Hung Up (SDP Extended Vocal Edit) - Average Rate : 9,00 / 10 - Highest Rate : 11 ( @PlayPause, @Levon, @migsou ) - Lowest Rate : 6 ( @theglamorous, @Simeon Penn )
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