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  1. Any remixology-like page / masterpost for Kylie Minogue ? Thanks in advance !

    1. heartcore


      If you want information, MixKylie is a pretty good reference point. In terms of actual downloads, there's some unreleased tracks and remixes posted in the media section but unfortunately no masterpost as such.

    2. Curtains


      Thanks this might help once i'll start organizing everything before remastering. :) 

  2. EDIT: nevermind, I thought the portuguese lyrics were related to that but they mean "the thing that hurt the most is that I wasn't lost". So yeah the quote seems to just be "Life is a circle" then.
  3. Madame X turns 2 today. Time flies... Let's celebrate! :)

    1. PanditaRulez


      And we are still waiting for the concert to be premiered at any streaming platform :cry:


  4. So no single this week again huh? Well i'll do what Madonna's team doesn't then. #tomorrow
  5. 14-07-2021 👀

    1. deathproof
    2. Andymad


      weird that was my old dog's birthday

    3. Fighter


      whats that

  6. Omg yes i just saw that. Stay and Pretender also sound better, I’m so happy about it! so now what needs to be corrected: On the Madonna album (reissue and original): correct Holiday version. On the Madonna album (only the reissue): correct Borderline version, Physical Attraction in HQ. Burning Up 12" Version can also sound better. On the True Blue album: correct Papa Don’t Preach version and White Heat in HQ. On the Immaculate Collection: correct Lucky Star and Borderline versions. i think that’s it?
  7. It was amazing to watch, I almost feel like I rediscovered the video.
  8. Your vote wasn't counted as more than half of your scores were below 5.
  9. #1 – GOD CONTROL Average: 8,868 Highest Score: 11 (Mooncrown11, Cody Banks, thisisyuri, madenis) Lowest Score: 5,00 (Levon, tifenn) Recap and comparision with last year's megarate coming in a few minutes!
  10. #3 – CRAZY Average: 8,380 Highest Score: 11 (lmcv, luis-rj) Lowest Score: 5,00 (Voguerista, Chris Morlock, MadonnaXLB) #2 – I DON’T SEARCH, I FIND Average: 8,443 Highest Score: 11 (Dj Garrido, CharnyBoy, sydney78a, BadGurlMadge) Lowest Score: 1,00 (Lord Stoneheart, tifenn)
  11. God Control, Crazy and I Don't Search I Find are the songs left!
  12. #5 – CRAVE Average: 8,274 Highest Score: 11 (MCHL, stefo, SeekingThrill, exciter) Lowest Score: 1,00 (jeditegovna) #4 – EXTREME OCCIDENT Average: 8,345 Highest Score: 11 (boy skeffington, Karma, Kurt420, jeditegovna, bumholegeorge) Lowest Score: 2,00 (stfan97)
  13. The Top 5 consists of: -God Control -Crave -Crazy -Extreme Occident -I Don't Search I Find Post your predictions!!
  14. #8 – MEDELLIN Average: 7,819 Highest Score: 11 (WopaelWopael, MadonnaXLB) Lowest Score: 4,00 (Rupert76, stefo, stfan97) #7 – KILLERS WHO ARE PARTYING Average: 7,877 Highest Score: 11 (Rupert76, Shoful, Shaun) Lowest Score: 0 (CharnyBoy) #6 – COME ALIVE Average: 8,016 Highest Score: 11 (Lord Stoneheart, migsou) Lowest Score: 3,00 (Levon, stfan97)
  15. #10 – BATUKA Average: 7,579 Highest Score: 11 (proxy, Joanna, Tomasz) Lowest Score: 0 (migsou) #9 – I RISE Average: 7,793 Highest Score: 11 (al4realz) Lowest Score: 4,50 (Karma)
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