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  1. @Jet, @TOpher, @Enrico, @Unruhe, @musicinferno, @frozen78, @Danton, @Brendanlovesu1, @EgoRod, @jesus, @Nowheretohide, @Dj Garrido, @deathproof, @Fernando, @chipie, @sidney78a, @Karma, @mcat, @Daxkoba, @Bjonkers, @Bohh, @truevirgin, @Foreigner, @MDNA22, @Copenhagen Ciccone, @Polaris, @Alexei, @Holger, @Robertson Penn, @androiduser, @proxy, @Leandro Gomes, @Janinno Salazar, @Roy, @gst6662000, @Andreo, @Voguerista, @Pretender1978, @spinningaround, @poodle, @Frankito, @MadonnasPussy, @GhostOrchid, @mrmadonna, @Fontainebleau, @Levon, @patrice1711, @PanditaRulez, @SuperBicycle, @drunkby6, @Pretty Madonna, @alfi1973, @mikenmark, @bitchimmadonna, @BringUrLUV, @reinvented_0, @The Grey Pilgrim, @zephyr in the sky at night, @konfideinmenow, @chaosmen1984mk, @panosgk, @Winn, @lennyleonard, @johncba, @ludowillo, @RUADJAI, @Chris Morlock, @Ayham, @Rebel Hugo, @Roland Barthes, @MadonnaLove, @Loru, @DjKingBee, @thehorrors, @theglamorous, @WopaelWopael, @Robertthenurse, @JanekCiccone, @animalinstinct, @Ch3rish, @vadge, @LoveAffair, @OceanBlue, @rgdlee, @mossy, @d2-mac, @Scor-pi-o We reached 22 votes. There is only one week left to vote. In case you see this post late in the voting process, here's a link to all the tracks that are in the competition! [Hidden Content]
  2. To be honest, I liked most of what Madonna put out this year and last year as well. I was indifferent to some of the Frozen remixes but loved the visuals and especially liked Frozen on Fire. I like Material Gworl too and this new Hung Up remix. The only things that I disliked were the Maluma performance and the Hung Up remix video. As for albums that came out this year that I really liked... Dawn FM by The Weeknd, Dance Fever by Florence and the Machine, Hold the Girl by Rina Sawayama. My taste is varied but mostly pop music still.
  3. It's a metaphor. They love pussy, so fuck the dogs I guess... Artists are here to disturb the peace!
  4. By the way any idea of where the Pride 2022 performance proshot went? Cause that performance was actually good and the teaser we got was promising, we were actually looking foward to that.
  5. While I don't think the video is meant to be something "serious", it is definitely below her standards, just like her last performance with Maluma. I liked the fact that it was less facetuned, but still this video just wasn't for me. A bit too trashy for my taste, lots of fast cuts (i guess i expected more scenes of her dancing on the streets as seen on the pictures) and as mentionned by some users, the drug references just aren't necessary. Yes it's like a lot of reggaeton videos but none of her fans asked for this. I hope she had fun making it at the end of the day and that she likes it because it's her art. Personally, I will probably not replay it for a while. Which is a shame because I like the remix (even though I find its mastering odd), but I just don't like this video unlike the Frozen ones and I perfectly understand that longtime fans would feel alienated by such content.
  6. I have received 16 votes in 48 hours, and many others requested the link. Hopefully this will be a success once again!
  7. I opened a thread in the audios section about it in early January.
  8. You may know it as "The Beat Is So Crazy", which is the title the song got once it was given to Eve (that version had Madonna as a feature).
  9. I hear the similarities. Great song and great album overall though. Loved the first album and this artist.
  10. @Jet, @TOpher, @Enrico, @Unruhe, @musicinferno, @HC Charge, @frozen78, @Danton, @Brendanlovesu1, @EgoRod, @stefo, @jesus, @Nowheretohide, @Dj Garrido, @deathproof, @Fernando, @chipie, @sidney78a, @Karma, @Inco, @mcat, @Drum Dub, @Daxkoba, @Bjonkers, @Bohh, @mirtillo, @migsou, @truevirgin, @Foreigner, @MDNA22, @desperateK, @Tony Fortin, @Copenhagen Ciccone, @Polaris, @Alexei, @Holger, @MattyMads, @Robertson Penn, @androiduser, @MPowered, @proxy, @Leandro Gomes, @Janinno Salazar, @Roy, @gst6662000, @Andreo, @Voguerista, @Pretender1978, @spinningaround, @poodle, @Frankito, @MadonnasPussy, @GhostOrchid, @mrmadonna, @Fontainebleau, @Levon, @patrice1711, @PanditaRulez, @SuperBicycle, @drunkby6, @Pretty Madonna, @geert, @alfi1973, @mikenmark, @bitchimmadonna, @BringUrLUV, @reinvented_0, @Sven, @The Grey Pilgrim, @zephyr in the sky at night, @konfideinmenow, @PlayPause, @chaosmen1984mk, @panosgk, @Winn, @lennyleonard, @johncba, @ludowillo, @RUADJAI, @Chris Morlock, @Ayham, @Rebel Hugo, @Roland Barthes, @MadonnaLove, @Loru, @DjKingBee, @thehorrors, @theglamorous, @WopaelWopael, @Robertthenurse, @JanekCiccone, @animalinstinct, @Ch3rish, @vadge, @LoveAffair, @Alibaba, @OceanBlue, @rgdlee, @xrayeyes, @mossy, @d2-mac, @Scor-pi-o, @ajwr83, @Steve Collins For information, the Levitating remix in this megarate is supposed to be the unreleased version where Madonna does most of the lead vocals, the bridge being a re-recorded version of Lucky Star. Once again, if you need a link to all the tracks that are in the competition, feel free to send me a PM for that. It is already ready to be sent!
  11. Hi everyone ! Since we'll soon be celebrating the 40th anniversary of Madonna's career (!!), and due to popular demand, I've organized a megarate for every single Madonna album. It's now time to rate tracks that are a little bit more obscure... Let's now see how the unreleased tracks from 2002 to 2020 (minus the Rebel Heart sessions, since that was already covered) compete with each other. Rules: - Make sure to know all the songs included in the competition. - Rate each song from 1 to 10. You are allowed to give the same rate to multiple songs. - Decimals are allowed only up to the hundredth (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED WHEN YOU CAN IN ORDER TO AVOID TIES). - You are allowed to give one 0 and one 11 (OPTIONAL). - Send your rates to me by personal messenger before October 3rd, NOT in the thread. Songs: 01 – Set the Right 02 – The Game 03 – If You Go Away 04 – Is This Love (Bon D’Accord) 05 – Miss You 06 – Boum 07 – I’m in Love with Love 08 – Keep the Trance 09 – Triggering 10 – Across the Sky 11 – Animal 12 – Feeling So Crazy 13 – Latte 14 – Levitating (The Blessed Madonna Original Remix) Good luck to everyone!
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