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  1. It's true that the way the singles for this era were released seemed very strange. 2003 American Life 2003 Hollywood 2003 Nobody Knows Me (promo only) 2003 Nothing Fails 2003 Love Profusion 2005 Mother and Father (promo only) It's highly likely that Nobody Knows Me was actually planned to be the third official single from the album, given how many remixes were done for the song. But when the previous singles didn't chart well in the US, they went for more radio-friendly options for the next singles instead and quickly released them in order to try to have a hit as soon as possible. But this failed and is probably one of the reasons why the American Life remix album (where the Mother and Father and Easy Ride remixes were likely going to appear) was cancelled and we got the Remixed & Revisited EP instead. Love Profusion was probably not planned as a single in the original schedule but seemed like the most radio-friendly song left to release after all the previous singles flopped.
  2. It was for his project. Since they broke up and nothing was released before that happened, it's safe to say that this collab was shelved.
  3. Wonder if the Madonna x Sickick original tracks will surface one day... This was posted almost 18 months ago.
  4. Get Up from the Gotham demo tape would have made an interesting b-side. I find myself listening to it more than I Know It and Ain't No Big Deal. It's no masterpiece, but I'm glad it exists and leaked, as it's unlikely to appear on the first album reissue.
  5. The Q-Sound Mix is actually my favorite version of Live to Tell. I like that the intro is slightly shorter, for my taste the album version drags a bit too much. I don't mind the echoey vocals at all either.
  6. Let's say that they'll reissue the first album along with Like a Virgin this year, what do you think could be the tracklist? Realistically, and if they're willing to package this as a boxset, they could do something like this. CD 1 - ORIGNAL FIRST ALBUM WITH 4 BONUS TRACKS: 09-Ain't No Big Deal 10-Burning Up (Steve Bray Demo) 11-Everybody (Steve Bray Demo) 12-Ain't No Big Deal (Steve Bray Demo) CD 2 - ORIGINAL LIKE A VIRGIN ALBUM (+ ITG) WITH 4 BONUS TRACKS: 11-Desperately Seeking Susan [Unreleased] 12-Angel (Steve Bray Demo) 13-Over and Over (Steve Bray Demo) 14-Shoo-Bee-Doo (Steve Bray Demo) CD 3 - THE REMIXES: 01-Everybody (UK 12" Mix) 02-Burning Up (12" Mix) 03-Lucky Star (US Remix) 04-Borderline (US Remix) 05-Like a Virgin (Extended Dance Remix) 06-Material Girl (Extended Dance Remix) 07-Angel (Extended Dance Remix) 08-Dress You Up (12" Formal Mix) CD 4 - THE VIRGIN TOUR Of course we can always wish for more but if these two albums are packaged together, this will limit the possibilities for the tracklist to be truly expanded as I don't see a 8 CD Boxset being released. Also, as much as I would like the Vision Quest tracks along with these, I feel like they won't get included, though I'd like to be proven wrong and have Crazy for You (with its Jellybean demo), Gambler (with its Steve Bray demo) and of course Warning Signs.
  7. Glad to see the video being released at last. She looks great in it. I wonder if the Fortnite deal is the reason it's out latter than we expected.
  8. There were two versions of the cover, like the Bedtime Stories album. The cover on the digital release isn't what it looked like on most releases but it was like that for some.
  9. Glad the Single Remix is there indeed as it's my favorite version, but too bad that this release is an incomplete one still. It's not that hard to get all these remixes on streaming, in this case they've been available in digital source for years and can even be found on this forum.
  10. Yes sorry It was a mistake. I believe I read somewhere that it was lipped alongside other songs on these shows and included it on my list. Will edit the list now. I also have to update my post with the Celebration Tour.
  11. The album version is 4:00, that's why, the video version is 4:10.
  12. The video version has a longer ending, you can find that version on my Remastered EP Collection.
  13. Considering they’re mostly going with the UK/US tracklists, I guess the Material Girl single on streaming will just be this: 01 - Material Girl (2024 Remaster) 02 - Material Girl (Extended Dance Remix - 2024 Remaster) 03 - Pretender (2024 Remaster) The Angel Remix and Into the Groove were on the Japanese tracklist but I feel like an Angel/Into the Groove single is more likely. I also don’t see them releasing the Video Version as it was never commercially released. The 7“ Version from Finally Enough Love is just the album version. And The Immaculate Collection version is also my favorite, I love the little extra echos and the cold ending as well.
  14. Should we redo the megarates? :)

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