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  1. Is there a tumblr blog like this for Madonna's videos? http://kylieminogu-e.tumblr.com/tagged/kmv

    1. Holy_Water


      If so, post a link, please :)

    2. Dazedmadonna


      I don't get it, is it a tumblr where you can download the videos or just for GIFs?

    3. Holy_Water
  2. Material Girl Like a Prayer Vogue Frozen Music Hung Up Girl Gone Wild Ghosttown
  3. Rihanna will never be iconic Will never reach M's level of success and impact, as well Her performances are either hit or miss. Mostly misses Speaking of single sales, she'll surely pass M. It's just a matter of time.
  4. oh mess well, he might be bi, who knows.....
  5. i think only 4 and 5 can be labeled as ballads
  6. Well, Beyonce is in the group, so we better keep our expectations low
  7. more stripped down tour, more vocals and instruments.....
  8. Just made a thread about Brooke Candy in ''other artists''! Wanna read your opinions about her

  9. Thoughts about Cruel Youth's EP?

    1. Headless.Headphones


      Dark and sexy and love it. Only grip is Trouble was an amazing album so I miss the more uptempo stuff from her but Alexis Texas and Mr. Watson make me care less lol.


  10. Hung Up Frozen Music Erotica Living For Love Like a Prayer Give Me All Your Luvin' American Life Live To Tell Everybody Like a Virgin Secret 4 Minutes
  11. Are there png pics of numbers with the RH logo??? Do you know what I mean?? I need them right now..

  12. 1. Confessions on a Dance Floor 2. Music 3. American Life 4. MDNA 5. Rebel Heart 6. True Blue 7. Like a Virgin 8. Erotica 9. Like a Prayer 10. Hard Candy 11. Bedtime Stories 12. Ray of Light 13. Madonna
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