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  1. I don't mind the Wideboys mix of this one too but the Jody Den Broeder mix is my fave.
  2. Wow I only had the Aussie edition so looking forward to hearing some of the others. Thanks so much.
  3. I'm desperate for a re-up too
  4. Here is my latest mashup of All the Lovers vs Behind the Wheel (instrumental cover version by Playgroup). I think Kylie sounds great to this music and I haven't butchered her too much haha. D/L: [Hidden Content] You can listen to it here on my Youtube but the audio quality is lowered a lot there: Hope you like it
  5. I'm starting to like the Cerrone mix a bit but totally agree the mixes are just like you said. She used to always be really good at getting great remix work.
  6. OMG I love the Def Club mix and haven't had a great rip from my vinly. Thanks
  7. I have the VHS and used to love the bit where they are walking around in Japan and the intro for More Than Physical.
  8. I'd love a reup too if possible.
  9. There is one called ther Anton Powers mix and another one called Initial Talk mix on TRA now that say they are official mixes.
  10. Thanks. Only had a dodgy one before.