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  1. Wow, I really love seeing her dressed like that in Like a Virgin from Girlie Show but the Confessions Tour version, that energy that makes you not take your eyes off her for a second, that choreography is totally magnetic. I choose Like a Virgin (Confessions Tour) Don't Stop or Sanctuary ?
  2. Open Your Heart X-Static Process or Devil Wouldn't Recognize You ?
  3. Oh "Dress You Up", that walk down the stairs at the beginning of the Virgin Tour, the best. Absolute beauty with that jacket with many colors, her look and her splendor made me love her more than ever. Both opened a very important path in my life, Like a Prayer, opened my mind and my heart more, touching my emotions, like the entire album, and Vogue, opened the way for me to have more confidence in myself, enjoy, Be happy, and live without complexes. But I choose VOGUE Nothing Fails or Hollywood ?
  4. Oh yessss, I love Physical Attraction Shanti / Ashtangi Gambler or Dress You Up ? These drive me crazy
  5. Omg!!! you're right, it was the emotion I choose "Gone" Think of Me or I Know it?
  6. The same thing happens to me, they are two wonderful songs that fascinate me. And I was just listening to "Stay" I choose the song that opened the door of my happiness in all aspects. Vogue
  7. 2 ballads that I love, but I choose Live to Tell Shoo-Bee-Doo or Stay ?
  8. Material Girl (Blond Ambition Tour) Cherish or Girl Gone Wild ?
  9. I Rather Be Your Lover This Used to Be My Playground or Time Stood Still ?
  10. Omgg!!! how difficult...but Promise to Try. Time Stood Still or The Look of Love ?
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