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  1. Erotica True Blue or Like a Virgin ?
  2. Open Your Heart Hanky Panky or Bye Bye Baby ?
  3. I Want You More or I'm Going Bananas ?
  4. I'm always so happy with this community. :hearteyes:

    Thanks a lot @Combatiente:clapp::Madonna042:

    1. Fighter


      Thanks dear :seeno::flower::hug: Im glad u enjoyyy

  5. Some Girls Live To Tell or Crazy For You ?
  6. I'll Remember Erotica or Justify my Love ?
  7. Help please, I'm looking for a Mega link that someone shared recently, with a lot of files and I accidentally deleted the link on my notebook, I was able to download only 5 and I remember it was like 15


  8. Jimmy Jimmy Beautiful Stranger or You'll see ?
  9. Is it worth sharing all that one has of material? Yes, but as several told me, they only like the comment to get the link but the vast majority never say thank you. And then they share the links without giving credits, not even to those who make certain edits. :confused:

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    2. DanK


      "And then they share the links without giving credits, not even to those who make certain edits. " ---> Tell me about it. And that goes for Madonna herself, too.

    3. Brandon Clark

      Brandon Clark

      Yea that really is the worst! Some people really do irritate the hell outta me with that stuff but what can you do ya know?! 

    4. Winn


      Ok, I always kinda thought ppl never really read the remarks on those threads but you're right, ppl should say thank you. I honestly do appreciate ppl that share. Some of my all time favorite M remixes are from this site. Thank you!:kiss::heart:

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