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  1. jaiikaii

    Lady Gaga

    I'd almost convinced myself it was an unused Born This Way era demo when we got it a few months ago leaked. I'm glad to see it's a new single now
  2. A local Trans Trance Artist from my town in Australia has just released a new song and I got to do a role in the music video for her as the double agent. Something I've never done before so was pretty exciting for me. It's great music for anyone who is into Trance. Here is a cover of Imogen Heap that is beautiful that Thea made before she started her transition.
  3. Madonna Australia (Fan site) is also saying they have known for a while that the Sydney shows will be filmed for the DVD and confirmed it today I'm going to the first Sydney show on Saturday and was at the Girly Show they filmed in Sydney for the DVD back then too. Can't wait.
  4. Wish I could have been picked for the show. Looks great on the videos.
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