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  1. Thanks! I was today year’s old when I learned about this version, and the funny thing is, I own this promo CD. *facepalm*
  2. https://youtu.be/IuUC6PoZB0E At the 03:45 mark. I don’t think I’ve ever heard this version before.
  3. Madonna: Physical Attraction Like A Virgin: Stay True Blue: Where’s The Party Like A Prayer: Promise To Try Erotica: Thief Of Hearts Bedtime Stories: Don't Stop Ray of Light: To Have And Not To Hold Music: I Deserve It American Life: Intervention Confessions On A Dance Floor: Like It Or Not Hard Candy: Devil Wouldn't Recognize You MDNA: Gang Bang Rebel Heart: Rebel Heart
  4. This is going to be hard because I love so many, but let me try: 1: Like A Prayer - "Like A Prayer" 2: Erotica - "Thief of Hearts" 3: Confessions On A Dance Floor - "Like It Or Not' 4: Ray Of Light - "Ray Of Light" 5: American Life - "X-Static Process" 6: True Blue - "Open Your Heart" 7: Music - "I Deserve It" 8: Rebel Heart - "Rebel Heart" 9: Like A Virgin - "Dress You Up" 10: Madonna - "Holiday" 11: Hard Candy - "Across The Sky" (I know it wasn't officially released, but it's my favorite from that era) 12: MDNA - "Gang Bang" 13: Bedtime Stories - "Human Nature"
  5. A fart is a chemical substance, it comes from a place called 'bum', it penetrates through trousers and lands on everyone

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    2. manoba


      A fart is an unwanted gift. For most people anyway.

    3. stormbringer


      It's "lands an amusable hum" I think

    4. Andymad


      I always thought it was "lands in a musical hum"

  6. Madonna: 'Physical Attraction' Like A Virgin: 'Stay' True Blue: 'Love Makes The World Go Round' Like a Prayer: 'Spanish Eyes' I'm Breathless: 'Something To Remember' Erotica: 'Thief of Hearts' Bedtime Stories: 'Don't Stop' Ray of Light: 'Sky Fits Heaven' Music: 'I Deserve It' American Life: 'Intervention' Confessions on a Dance Floor: 'Forbidden Love' Hard Candy: 'Devil Wouldn't Recognize You' MDNA: 'Gang Bang' Rebel Heart: Either 'Rebel Heart' or 'Devil Pray'
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