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  1. "Well, of course, MY Voguing record flopped, the music industry has always been one of the most sexist, racist and homophobic organisations on the planet."
  2. "Eight years of acting classes reduced down to a one inch piece of wobbling plastic."
  3. Uh-huh, this my shit All the girls stomp your feet like this A few times I've been around that track So it's not just gonna happen like that 'Cause I ain't no hologram girl I ain't no hologram girl Colonel Tom Parker made the same money from Elvis Presley, "whether he was alive or dead."
  4. i'd love to see the ABBA show but I'm not sure about the snort of laughing gas b4 you go in hologram tours have you heard of Colonel Tom Parker ?
  5. forgetting where you first wrote something is for legal reasons "Curiously "Up And Down Suite" is divided in three parts on vinyl, although the reproduction isn't affected." https://www.discogs.com/release/77802-Madonna-Rain how v. G. Michael, Prince...
  6. an angel told me https://fotpforums.com/topic/134909-why-nothing-really-matters-flopped-in-us/
  7. Because she was already seen as veteran and she was competing with new teen stars, she was 40, and experimental and hard album like ROL already had 3 big hits so it just got lost...
  8. like Kate Bush ? then she'd have no one to blame if the record goes tits up 5 Star built their own studio. It's not always a gr8 idea
  9. that her DJ boyfriend was a drug dealer some of the time
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