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  1. I can't wait for the moment they drag that pumpkin out of the White House. The waiting for this to be over... and I'm from the UK, so can't begin to imagine how Americans are feeling right now as we all wait for this to be over.

  2. Today is 1 year since my mom's funeral. I think I've coped quite well with everything these past 12 months have tried to thrown me off with.

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    2. Enrico


      I can see your face
      In our secret place
      You're not just a memory
      Say goodbye to yesterday
      Those are words I'll never say


    3. Voguerista


      @captainjayyou describe it exactly!!  @Enricoso sooo beautiful! Nope, I will never say goodbye. hugssss

    4. Bobo


      Thank you everyone, it was a tough week to get through, like the whole year really. And then randomly coming across a picture of my mom on a relative's Facebook that I'd never seen before, was unexpected and just brought it all back. But doing ok for now. Sending digital hugs to you all.

  3. Urgh, that moment when you're ill and you grab a tissue to urgently blow your nose and it goes right through on to your clothes... or is that just me?

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    2. madmadmadgefan


      You think that's bad?  How about when you are taking a dump and you grab the toilet paper and as you wipe, the toilet paper tears. 


      My advise to you when that happens....Do not...I repeat...Do not immediately scratch or pick your nose.  It may feel good at first.  But I guarantee you, that that smell you are smelling, is not your Mamas home made fudge. 


      Just a little bathroom humor.  We have to laugh at life sometimes.  Even when it stinks. 

    3. Bobo


      @madmadmadgefanOh my days, that made me laugh so much my head hurts! How about when you're picking your dog's poop and the bag tears? There you go, gross for gross! :hug:

    4. madmadmadgefan


      I can honestly say, that that has never happened to me.  But I have picked up my dogs crap, and without thinking, raised my hand to my face to scratch my nose.  It reminded me of the Three Stooges Crazier Cousins....Steamy, Slimy and Stinky.  You may have never heard of them.  But they will definitely leave an impression on you the very first time you meet. 

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