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  1. With WB back in the picture, we could be in for some great quality releases. Their team (I hope) will help balance out Madonna's approach - with marketing research and the fan's perspective kept in mind. 50 #1's Remix Collection - I'm comfortable with the initial release being digital/streaming-only. I would like to see this release to include 2 singles, which will allow for additional remixes (both old and new) and some unreleased material that wasn't #1 - but deserves some platform for release. I don't expect M/WB to shoot their wad, they must save some material for the upcoming anthologies. The First Album - I want a remastered version of the original album. Disc of demos. Disc of official original remixes/edits. Disc of unreleased remixes and some fresh remixes. I also want a digital single or two, which will allow for a few extra remixes/edits/live cuts to be released. And a Blu-ray Disc of official music videos and some classic live/tv performances from this era. Erotica - 30th Anniversary - I want a remastered album (if necessary although might not be necessary). A disc of unreleased demos. A few discs of collected official remixes. A Blu-Ray of The Girlie Show + live audio CD. A Blu-Ray of official music videos (remix videos too) and class live/tv performances or interviews from this era. A digital single or two - allowing for additional material including live performance audio or new remixes to update some classics. Record Store Day - Madonna needs to have presence at RSD again. It's a simple way to get some lesser in demand releases in the fan's hands. She could even do a part 1-4 for the 50 #1's remix and simply release part 1 at some point this year (if RSD is broken up again into multiple event days, including Black Friday RSD). Santa Baby - I'd like to see a Black Friday RSD picture disc release of this classic with a remastered audio. Growing up, I always associated Madonna with Christmas because of this classic track - but it seems to have been wiped out of memory and now there are a billion covers of this song. She needs to reclaim her Santa Baby throne a bit .. and this could be a fun digital/streaming single in time for Xmas to really put M's face back in front of people in a light hearted fun way. Funko Pops (I saw this suggested by someone else) - LOVE this idea. She has so many iconic looks, and I do enjoy Funko Pops - they should release one that coincides with the First Album anthology. A classic Lucky Star or Borderline video look.
  2. In 2021, I was (and still am) I'm struggling with the body image/photo shop situation, no matter how common it is across many user/age/generations in social posts. It makes me uncomfortable still and I find with every additional photo shop photo posted, I feel this canyon of my connection to Madonna grow further and further to the point I'm actively ignoring her social posts more than ever. But then I turn on The Immaculate Collection and I'm fully reminded why I am connected to Madonna - so I'm less interested in her current non-music endeavours (which as been the case since around Die Another Day for me) but still very much connected to her musical output, which is a relief. I'm not judging her (honestly, I'm coming from a good place). I know why she's doing it. It simply makes me sad and I also see a large movement towards social media .. honesty (?) that engages me and inspires me - by people like Cassandra Bankson (medical esthetician) or the Welsh twins (skin care/make-up) and that movement gives me hope that maybe the next generation (or next-next) can shed the current social media expectations and reality and truth can take centre stage again. I'm seeing more and more TV/movie with less of that plastic face and more realness. I also think a lot of people are learning the difference between using a full bottle of Botox (or similar filler products) and using the right amount to touch-up areas they believe require it instead of dumping loads of product into the face and fucking up facial proportions, etc. This is my observation, no data to support it .. it could simply be getting worse but where I'm tuning in is different. I guess for myself, as I'm aging (I'm 42 btw) and my place in life in terms of relationship and career and circle of friends and all of that is moving along nicely, and I'm in the best physical shape of my life - eating healthy, staying active - going to the gym every day - all the things that make me comfortable and proud of who I am, I want that same happiness for Madonna where she's 100% comfortable in her own skin - and maybe she is and this is simply the product of her industry -- or maybe she is not and then I wish we could rally around her and give her a Care Bear stare of love until the photo shop filters are smashed to the ground and she emerges bare and beautiful .. unabashedly unapologetic in her raw sugar form For 2022, I really am excited for the catalog anthology project. The world needs a reminder of why Madonna is fucking Madonna. Her legacy is undeniable but has been muted or minimized with other distractions that don't serve a lot of purpose, so this reset is (I hope) a welcome change. Her incredible catalog has been ignored for too long.
  3. EVITA will be released on vinyl - no question. I expect a 2-LP highlights and a deluxe 4-6 LP box set. There could even be a super-mega deluxe version with DCFMA & Buenos Aires remixes ..
  4. I've thought similar and then the other day I was going through pre-order vinyl on Amazon and all of Prince's earliest (and low selling) albums are up for reissue. I think 3-4 of them all bam, bam, bam around the same time or at the same time. Mariah did the same - didn't Janet Jackson a year or two ago? Even her Japanese only remix album of Control got released. So anything is possible .. If you bundled American Life with Re-Invention tour (some version of a video release and live album) - that's quite the appealing box set for a fan. Or not .. I don't think they need to be bundled at all. When I think of George Michael's reissue of Listen Without Prejudice and how they bundled in the unreleased MTV Unplugged - I thought, "what a fucking waste." Listen Without on vinyl was ENOUGH of a release to sell another copy to every hardcore fan and casual vinyl fan. They didn't need to toss MTV Unplugged away like that - it could have been a live video/audio release on its own and it would sell an okay amount for that type of release. More or less the same as what Rebel Heart tour would .. not a lot, but not nothing. That plus, MTV Unplugged had very little to do with LWP .. it made more sense to be bundled with Older if it was going to be bundled with something ..
  5. I see the appeal for this type of gathering up of songs into eras, but given what we've seen done with Prince's catalog - there's no real reason for WB/Madonna to do this. It makes more sense from a commercial perspective to milk each of her potential releases for what they are worth. Collections or albums that aren't in big demand like Remixed & Revisited or GHV2 Remixed can all be limited edition RSD-type releases. If they mop up the non-album singles etc onto bigger collections, they'd be missing the boat on a lot. Even Fleetwood Mac have done definitive editions of albums and still broke out live versions of the album or additional "newly discovered" demos .. the potential is endless.
  6. Barcelona was aired in Canada through Much Music many times in the early-90's. The VHS release of BA Yokohama is a nice release.
  7. I wonder sometimes if she's having issues with her teeth right now. The grillz could be a .. fashion statement, but they could also be masking a larger concern and teeth can deteriorate. I wonder ..
  8. I agree. I think the first major surgery happened around the time of the Sorry video. A simple explanation for the fuller face around the release of Music is obviously that she had just had baby.
  9. But no posters. I'm not going to enjoy a folded up poster at this point. I'd rather something .. else like a photo book.
  10. With The Girlie Show HBO Australia and Japanese pro-shot laserdisc version on Blu-Ray and live audio versions
  11. I have all my vinyl in black Odyssey cases. I have a wall of 15 framed picture discs in the living room. The rest of it is in a giant trunk.
  12. Maybe the real true 4K HD remasters will be on Blu-rays for each album anthology. Collect the associated videos and remaster them properly along with any KEY performances for that era. So for the first album -- Everybody, Burning Up, Lucky Star, Borderline .. maybe the American Bandstand performance with Dick Clark footage for Holiday. And then for LAV .. all the videos, and the MTV VMA performance of LAV. So they can slowly get them all released to us physically in PRISTINE versions, and then replace the upscaled versions on streaming services at that time. But for now, the upscales - if that's all we get - is better than not upscaled. And not everyone cares how perfect they are. But Madonna and her fans do deserve perfect.
  13. Yeah, but .. she's been doing a zillion collaborations for years now and they haven't amounted to any hit singles. 4 Minutes was the last one .. but that was a long time ago. Like 3 presidents ago ..
  14. It was, but we were so damned resourceful. I had so many tapes of her concerts from around the world - trading them with penpals I'd met in Backstage (ICON) and MLC and other fanzines - was in some ways a very magical time, we just didn't know it. But like you and others, when I finally found bootleg CDs (which were easily $60-80 per double CD set) -- I was in fucking heaven. I still have EVERY ONE of those bootleg CDs. And I think because they weren't doctored in any way - they're just raw. You feel like you're there. The Cheap Popcorn Leather & Lace live from Leeds WTG tour double CD (with express yourself bum image on the cover for some reason) might not have perfect sound, but I felt like I was always in the crowd with the fans listening.
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