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  1. https://www.pop-music.ca Trustworthy? Absolutely! The owner of Pop-Music lives in my condo building, Derek is a SOLID guy and Pop Music is a top-notch retailer!
  2. My ears could be playing tricks on me, but his song sounds a touch like X-Static Process, and it's nice.
  3. I remember buying mint/sealed Madonna singles around 1994 or 1995. That is the last wave of USA 12" single reprints that I can remember seeing in stores. I could be wrong, but I can't imagine WB reprinting any in the early 00's unless they uncovered old stock or the record chain did?
  4. I found a few MINT copies today at the FYE at the Toronto Eaton Centre for $34.99 CAD. I bought one of these mint copies and I carried it so carefully home. It's a bit windy today and I was afraid the wind would bend the corners but I got it home safe. Phew. Good luck to you all ..
  5. I got notice that my pre-ordered Erotica picture disc was ready for pick-up at an independent store, but like many of you - it was bent up and the record store owner is returning them to WB for replacement (fingers crossed). Has anyone from Canada ordered this item from Amazon Canada and received it in good condition? My items usually come well packed from Amazon, so I'm tempted to order from them today (same day delivery in Toronto) to secure one. Just curious .. thanks for letting me know.
  6. It is odd, but not really odd for Madonna. Think Like A Prayer, GHV2, Remixed & Revisited, Celebration .. very few live performances (or none at all) and the same with interviews. Or she'd go on a talk show and discuss everything but the product. She's a complicated cookie ..
  7. I agree. I enjoyed it and she looks lovely. This interview reminded me a lot of this one with Donatella:
  8. Jessie Ware is pure magic. If you want to get pumped on the treadmill, Free Yourself is an incredible song to get your heart pumping.
  9. Just Google images: Lomus Rai Babber (there are lots of photos of him without the mask available).
  10. For the digital version they should fucking include CAC and call it a day. Enough Love, indeed. Fuck a duck.
  11. My 4 front row tickets to Girlie Show at Sky Dome in Toronto were $59.55 each (CAD).
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