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  1. Just Google images: Lomus Rai Babber (there are lots of photos of him without the mask available).
  2. For the digital version they should fucking include CAC and call it a day. Enough Love, indeed. Fuck a duck.
  3. My 4 front row tickets to Girlie Show at Sky Dome in Toronto were $59.55 each (CAD).
  4. Confirm. Vinyl black, vinyl red, CD standard + CD deluxe: 50 Number Ones (unless anything changes).
  5. It's like anything else. You book production and then you can determine delivery etas. I'm a buyer and I book production in China/India/Turkey/France all the time. You just book it once you have the product selected and go from there. Either they have nothing ready to produce, or to book production, or it's all in motion and they're going to surprise us.
  6. It's that early 2000's plumber butt/low rise jeans thing that makes it sloppy or unappealing for some. Mousy brown Kylie hair .. not the best look, but was ok.
  7. Billboard Staff Amid the widespread social distancing being practiced in reaction to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Billboard is suspending the weekly Billboard Boxscore and Dance Club Songs charts. Mar 31, 2020 https://www.billboard.com/pro/boxscore-dance-club-songs-charts-temporarily-suspended/
  8. Her management team has zero presence. She appears so untethered ..
  9. sounds good. I'll ask - you're right - there's no harm in asking. but I also don't think he'll reply. I'm asking him now.
  10. I'm a premium member, I could message him. I found him and opened a message to him and it will work - but what are the chances he'll be able to respond? He's going to be tight lipped - not likely to reply to a fan ..
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