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  1. I guess, but if it's made-to-order pre-sale-style, then it'd work. Online-only -- we'd all get what we want. Metallica does this all the time. They produce their own limited edition web-fan-club only releases .. it's easy. Also, if there's concern for the last decade to sell, then you balance that box out with some super special "singles" like Santa Baby, Impressive Instant, Buenos Aires, Nobody Knows Me .. God Control .. with a few bonus remixes not found anywhere.
  2. I'm not entirely sure, simply asking, but wouldn't it be similar to Slane Castle?
  3. The Dreamlover (Def Club Mix) included is one of my favourite cardio songs and I'm not a Mariah fan - but it's solid.
  4. Thanks for sharing this. Just ordered from the publisher's website.
  5. I agree. Combining George Michael's 'Older' with MTV Unplugged seemed like a misstep. Both should stand separately. M could benefit from this approach, even as mini releases to bridge gaps between larger ones.
  6. I pre-ordered direct through WBR Canada, hope this helps someone: Picture disc: https://store.warnermusic.ca/collections/home/products/madame-x-music-from-the-theater-xperience-3lp-picture-disc Black vinyl: https://store.warnermusic.ca/collections/home/products/madame-x-music-from-the-theater-xperience-3lp
  7. I love Octavia's poem: I'll reach for you with all my arms. You'll fall for me and all my charms. I'll hug you with delight, And squeeze with all my might.
  8. That's great, two of my favourites + it was done by Matt Moss, a lovely guy I knew a long time ago (90's, I think) as he was a webmaster of a great site. Super cool guy.
  9. Roisin Machine or the new album? the new album .. mmm the artwork is not for me.
  10. Róisín Murphy is .. a gift. Her last album is addictive.
  11. https://www.pop-music.ca Trustworthy? Absolutely! The owner of Pop-Music lives in my condo building, Derek is a SOLID guy and Pop Music is a top-notch retailer!
  12. My ears could be playing tricks on me, but his song sounds a touch like X-Static Process, and it's nice.
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