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  1. captainjay

    There is nothing hot or sexy about Dua. Again, my opinion. She looks like a million girls I see every day - all my life - forever and ever -- nothing special, I'm not saying she's ugly -- she's just another person to me. I find Madonna to be completely interesting to look at and she has so many different angles physically but also in her personality to enjoy and discover. Dua looks like a cousin I have.
  2. captainjay

    My opinion, not that anyone asked for it, but I'm 41, and i've been a Madonna fan for a very long time. Big fan of Cher and Kylie and Blondie and Annie and Bjork -- and those women broke down a shit-tonne of barriers, moved the envelope -- crushed stereotypes and created the blue-print for what we see today. That said, now that all that work is done -- the new comers have very little to do. They're just repeating over and over bits and pieces of songs and videos that worked, it's fucking boring. Dua Lipa -- I decided to give another chance. I unclenched my jaw (which clenches like a mother fucker when I feel forced through something, like one of her songs or a video) and gave it an open minded chance. She's pretty. She has an attitude, I guess -- like she doesn't care, or she's not awake -- is she always this expressionless? There's just nothing for me to grab on to and enjoy. Just a generic dance song with a generic message about nothing --- or is that what people want now? Less of a personality and just a blank avatar to live vicariously through? I'm not sure. I like Gaga's music, but I find her exhausting to listen to when she talks, like a Bette Midler -- she comes off an "artist" that peaked in drama class in high school. Jazz hands!!! Why do I mention Gaga? Only because I'm able to separate music from a person -- and for Dua, I see and hear nothing to enjoy. Whereas with Gaga I really get into her music, but run away when she starts to talk. But just my opinion. I'm trying to not become the old guy that thinks young kids suck -- but man, she sucks!!!
  3. captainjay

    No. She shouldn't interact with her fans. She's disconnected and comes off as a crazy person. She needs full choreography and it has to be planned and scripted.
  4. captainjay

    Happy Canada Day! I think fondest memories as a child is just wandering around Main Street in Newmarket with family, ice cream, parades, fire works, BBQ's .. Later in life, spending it with family at the cottage when we were all together. My Mom died a few years ago and it's never been the same .. Time for new memories I might go on the roof of my condo tomorrow (I'm downtown Toronto) and watch the fire works. Would be a great day to go to the Island for a swim .. but it's near impossible to get on the ferry with covid.
  5. captainjay

    The saddest day. I'm terribly sorry for your loss.
  6. captainjay

    I'm less interested in an album worth of material and more interested in just 1-off singles or EPs with 4 songs. Similar to what Roisin is doing, just release an incredible song when you have one finished. Don't bother trying to collect 12-16 songs when you have one ready to go. Issue the single to iTunes, etc. Determine response from fans ... then do a few remixes. An instrumental .. just small gestures .. Do this 2-3 times a year .. it's nice. Albums are great. They had their day. But now -- they ALWAYS leak. And they don't perform well. So they're a lot of work and little is recovered. Back in the day, Madonna did a ton of 1-off singles from soundtracks/charity/benefit albums -- and many of those did SO well because they came when there was a dry spell, but also -- no one had them. There wasn't an album already released containing the song. And instead of ramping up a massive "ERA" campaign with expensive producers and photographers and merchandising, just throw out a single. I bet it would do better than an album single. The other thing is, with a 1-off single -- no one has it. With an album single, by the time the 2nd or third single hits, everyone has the album that wanted it so .. what's the point unless you have kick-ass remixes and where will you hear those? the clubs? where all her 40-50 and 60-year old fans are every saturday night? Mmm .. they're not .. Her fans are not going to the clubs like she thinks they are or she should be lol ..
  7. captainjay

    I think that is a very nice thought, but no one saw the videos. Aside from a handful of fans, no one knows it happened ..
  8. captainjay

    That's the thing though -- I don't think the fans are happy. We are NO LONGER aligned at all at a time when most artists (at this stage in their career ---> see Metallica or Depeche Mode) are ALIGNED and giving fans what they want and please them, because gaining fans at this stage is IMPOSSIBLE with no air play or video play -- but losing fans is easier and more damaging. She's a damager. Or -- she'd be on social media this week saying, "Holy Shit --- I didn't realize there was so much interest for BLOND AMBITION TOUR -- you know what? I'm going to fast-track this -- what do you want? Single show? Two shows? Live CD? Maybe I'll call up the girls and dancers and we can do an Ask Me Anything when we promote it --" RADIO SILENCE .... The big anniversaries keep passing her by and we look to her and it's, "hey .. watch the Vogue video again! What's your favourite part of Vogue?" Stupid. A complete waste of an opportunity to engage fans and make a buck. But go to Metallica. EVERY Monday during Covid, they're airing a pro-shot concert online. They just launched their OWN vinyl club -- where you subscribe and are guaranteed to get exclusive material on vinyl THEY publish according to what FANS demand. Depeche Mode re-released ALL of their singles by album in box sets. ALIGNED. Madonna? Not even close.
  9. captainjay

    I think both were sad. A lot of work went into them (initially) and then were dropped just as fast (it seemed to me). Secret Project was Madonna waving "hey, do this!!!" and even her life long fans replied, "nah .. we're just gonna Netflix tonight" .. she couldn't get people interested. And I think the response either made her sad or really pissed off to realize her pull was no longer a "pull" with her fans, the built-in trust/give/take was gone. We just let her fail. But she does that to herself. MDNA Skin? Okay .. I'm a 40 year old man .. I don't care. And your audience is NOT a lot of women. And the majority of non-fans think you've had too much work done -- so SKIN care is like .. an odd pairing when you clearly have fillers, etc to make you look as "wonderful" as you think you do. I guess MDNA SKIN and HARD CANDY gyms are the same -- a lot of work -- and then she abandoned them both .. like her Truth Or Dare fragrance or shoes .. what about the Material Girl clothes? Guy took her down some (possibly lucrative) roads in merchandising, but man .. comes off as a sell-out when you list them all.
  10. captainjay

    Thanks for referencing Today In Madonna History Justin and I appreciate it
  11. hunting for HQ versions of LDLHA remixes .. searching the search, but so many dead links .. 

    listened to Rain from Girlie Show in Japan today -- first time in at least a dozen years or more, I love all the fun adlibs, I wonder why they took them out -- such lovely voices together :)


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    2. captainjay


      yes, but found most of the links are dead now :(

    3. madgefan


      These can be found in the Remixology Archive thread :)!yJ9S3KwD!ejKCf_y9kCRj_aJl5lB9pg

    4. captainjay


      Thanks! I must have missed that!