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  1. Yeah. She'd be awkward as fuck to talk to. She'd say something terrible about your weight (not YOUR weight) or ugly shirt or .. do you have a small dick? I don't think she'd be able to have a decent, thoughtful conversation with strangers that adore her. Just take how she interacted with fans during MX Tour or Tears of a Clown and .. that's her in a nutshell. Not great in that capacity.
  2. That's cool Do you ever just type and pretend Vogue is going to start? Secret agents all over your house? I think the eye patch in doses is cool. To commit to it and not need it, could be dangerous or damaging and I just don't need M to do anything unnecessary that will hurt her
  3. If I see another goddamned eye patch on a person that doesn't need one .. I enjoyed Dita's gold tooth and the cowboy hats and disco balls, but the grillz and eye patches need to fuck the fuck off.
  4. I remember looking into this and thinking about it many years ago and I added a comment and a quote here that might help: (Jay's note is mine - I'm Jay) https://todayinmadonnahistory.com/2017/12/04/today-in-madonna-history-december-4-1987/ On December 4 1987, Madonna filed for divorce from Sean Penn in Los Angeles County Superior Court, California. Twelve days later, Madonna withdrew the divorce papers and the couple stayed together until January 5 1989, when Madonna filed new divorce papers citing “irreconcilable differences”. Jay’s Note: I often wondered why Madonna released Y
  5. Phones hold a lot .. I'm not walking around with an external hard drive
  6. lol .. at one point I had memberships under the names of our family pets.
  7. Ah yes .. 11 CDs for 11 cents And you only have to buy 3 more at regular price and your contract is done. But each of those are $24.99 (compared to $12.99 retail) and $5.99 shipping .. so you never do it .. and it goes on and on and on .. and then there's the "hey, in the meantime -- want another free one? and another?" and soon you've spent a fortune on your 11cent CDs I must have done it 3-4 times as a kid. What a great way to get a ton of new releases all at once.
  8. That's crappy. It's such a simple way to engage fans - makes no sense to me to not do it. They could release a 12" picture disc for Dear Jessie and fans would be happy. Anything .. throw us a bone or two.
  9. No one is fighting -- just expressing ourselves
  10. I remember you fondly My long-lost Spencer!! xoxo
  11. Nah, I'm fine, thanks. I'm not being a cunt to another fan in a safe space because I want to be a cunt. And I'm not inserting race or racism into a little blip where I commented about one performer I don't think has very much talent and complimented another I didn't happen to know the name of at the time. I know her name now - I've looked her up and heard more of her music and quite like what I see and hear as I did then, but I already said that. And race is irrelevant in most conversations unless the conversation is about race or you want it to be about race? But I did not make t
  12. I wonder if we were pen pals. I met so many. I used to get more mail than my parents and I was like 12-13 back then. We'd share lists of what we had what we wanted, trades .. lol
  13. Would be kinda cool to look back through those pages and see how many names I recognize
  14. I joined in October 1992. I met so many amazing pen pals from the backstage area at the back. Really amazing people, some I'm still in touch with today.
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