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  1. I have french, Japanese, Italian
  2. I'm selling stuff too. I used ebay and discogs as a reference, and tried to make a fair price. I«m selling because I need to. There are thingd I wont sell because it seems they worth 0.50 cents up to 1 euro. the albuns and dvds I wont sell. 3 sex books have to go, keep one. Most of the books I have will go too...keeping one that I bought with the first 25 euros i earned.
  3. Any pictures from the show?


  4. Borderline...feels like I'm going to lose my mind...

    1. professormouse


      drum thud @ 18 seconds
      drum thud @ 24 seconds
      drum thud @ 48................

  5.  My phone got Eroticized today..Already put all the remixes and edits from the song in the phone, to listen tomorrow at work. I also made 3 ringtones. One instrumental, and two with voice (long and short), from the begining of the song. I choose the instrumental...You know, I'm kinda shy, and imagine my phone in public saying: erotica, romance... :-)


    1. RUADJAI


      Sounds sexy

    2. professormouse


      Mine was - I Feel Love 

  6. emanon

    I hope too...But did the auction really happened?
  7. I cant spend any money now...but i want it...
  8. emanon

    Madonna allowing to release that LAP cd with demos...I dont think so. I hate rumours
  9. I always buy the tourbook...well, I guess I will save money
  10. emanon

    that is great news..
  11. emanon

    Like your profile pic a lot...can you send me in higher quality? thanx :-) By the way, totally agree with you ;-)
  12. emanon

    cross stitch, maybe?
  13. emanon

    i certainly would think better about replacing my damaged phone. An amazing phone that has 10x optical zoom...
  14. emanon

    what is the 4cd from Rhino?
  15. emanon

    I never meet a real gentleman :-) Gentlemen, are a boy's best friend... kkkk