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  1. Hi! I downloaded from here a video about robert hoskins...I dont know from wich year that tv show is...but the man is still out there? It actually gave me goosebumps watching it. Some months agot, there was another delusional publishing things on instagram. I think people reported him. What happened to these men? Sorry bringing this here, but..i still feel those goosebumps minutes after watching it
  2. Just ripped my 2cd in both wav and mp3. I got it today, I already noticed some scratchs in it...this kind of packing is not the best  for cds. And don't wanna ruin it. The cd wo'nt play that much, I rather use the files. I also keep sealed copy :-) 

    1. professormouse


      I tore the cover of a Stevie Nicks reissue trying to get the damn CD out of it.
      And they wonder why people share files ?
      I also hate digi-packs too.
      Or any pocket type thing....'in a book' style.
      If you live in a dust-free house you will still scratch the things.

    2. Ryder


      I've done the same - my deluxe cd is still sealed but got the all 18 tracks in wav that fit nicely on 1 CD. Its a waste having a separate disc with 3 tracks! 


    3. professormouse


      Some of Bowie's last albums come in a regular edition and the 'deluxe' only had 3 extra too.
      6 months or so later a Super Deluxe 'box set' came out with most of the mixes and a DVD.
      This is not counting the Other later 2 Disc Versions ! :laughing:

  3. emanon

    Gosto da ideia. Obrigado ;-)
  4. Do you know where we can see it?
  5. Unboxing standard edition...wonder if we all gonna get the postacards :-)

    1. Enrico


      Finally the lyrics are back in the booklet....

      ...NOT!!  :Madonna037:

    2. Angelo


      and the credits?? like rebel heart or not??

  6. I'm sorry that I had some heated comments. Sometimes I can, sometimes can't really avoid it...I'm very passionate about "my things". Sometimes I can be a jerk. Other times I can be who I like to be. This is who I'm.
    Then, in some of those times comes the guilty feeling...I wish I was perfect, but I'm not, and I guess I will never be. 
    Sorry, seems to be the hardest word sometimes...but when you are honest to yourself, even if the tears fall...you will feel better. 
    Have a great Madame X era everyone!
    P.s- I'm a sinner and did what most don't admit they did, but I will redeem my sin. Madame X is the record I never hoped for and it's great! 

    P.s.2- I needed to do this

  7. emanon

    I hope so. I didnt liked the original song, cause of it's lyrics...but Madonna made a "miracle" and now I like the song :-)
  8. emanon

    Thank you. But there is no need you feel sorry for me. :-)
  9. emanon

    Thanx for posting this.
  10. emanon

    how can you guarantee me he is lying? show me proof.
  11. emanon

    Yes it his. The blonde one from instagram talke with GUY.
  12. emanon

    Honestly, i think it was more of a twisted marketing thing from her and her team. I talked to one of the guys and he said Guy Oseary told him not to share. Yes, those guys ruined the whole experience for the rest of the fans. I dont like this. Then some people here claiming they have songs... you know what? to those Just act like I said something I'm not going to say...yes, those two little words. This was just a marketing campaing...do you really believe these people found accidentaly the album on a store? One of them in old store? No. Are those fans better fans? no. They should have got it the same day the rest of us. Once again I say this was just a marketing thing. This album, was the one that gave me more anxiety, actually divided me. And I just sent emails to the websites I ordered the things asking them to cancel. Hope they will. Not feeling like supporting it, or buying it right now.
  13. tried to buy Dark Ballet video on the itunes New Zealand, but told me my ID is only valid in the portuguese store...ahhhhh


  14. emanon

    (If it wasnt for the new lyrics in it)...honestly, when i started listening to it, I was like: is it a fan made with met gala and eurovision? I like the song, but it kinda miss a intro. Not against vocoder, but in this song it is too much. Cant understand most of the words in this part. It's like what's the point of saying'singing something if people cant understand? Artistry? Sometimes, less is more...