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  1. Pre-show. Madame X Lisbon in a few days for me... one year ago! Thank "ME(some say God)" I recorded the show.

    "things havent been the same, since corona came into our life..."


  2. emanon

    #soon (on madonna time) no, it makes no sense...at all YES! That would be perfect
  3. My team on Coin Master 😂😂


  4. Portuguese fans, don't forget to vote on January 24, and I hope, none of you supports the trump clone we have here.

    1. Dito


      I sure won't... he needs to go away

  5. emanon

    wasnt she, always?
  6. emanon

    I heard the new album is just another (private) photo album because the others were already full... :-P
  7. wish me luck :-)

    1. stefo


      all the best mate!

    2. emanon


      thanx @stefo:)

    3. DanK
  8. My Secret Santa just arrived @Dito:)

    P.s.- it made me smile

    1. Dito


      I'm glad it did! And thank you for participating :kissy:

  9. nudes? who talked about nudes? I want too. Dont tell anyone Madame X is great... so great, that, that is why some don't get it. By the way, kylie or Disco is not "bland and devoid of personality". She is totally different from Madonna, and in some ways much better than M...Madonna is very political, Kylie not but it doesnt make disco bland and...Some people are just so full of themselves that they think they know everything and their taste is better than others...it's not.
  10. emanon

    The Cane World Tour with the Detroit Seniors Gospel choir as a special guest
  11. Will you Marry me? 😁

    like a gremlin 3.jpg

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    2. emanon


      That is what I like...forever :heart:

    3. emanon


      madonna could marry us, but she is too busy trying new grillz :)

    4. Gabocicco


      that's true hahaha