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  1. Tonight concert is canceled

  2. Just got my tshirt done for the show!:smile: I'm Madame X...

  3. Wich is the best sound recorder app for iphone 4s? I'm testing 4, record pad, because I cant figure it out how to share is out. Dictaphone (different from the iphone dictafone), and two called voice recorder Lite - Record HD (logo is a microphone). Voice Recorder (logo is a tape).

    Anyone can help? I'm planning to record the show and share here. Tahn x a lot

    1. Blue Jean

      Blue Jean

      The iPhone 4 probably won't record very good sound to be honest :(

    2. emanon


      it's the only one I have, ans samsung s4 zoom...and the iphone seems to record better sound


  4. The Show Must Go On

    It seems people are over-reacting to a video of Jessica Pina, that Madonna posted. The girl's english is not perfect.

    It seems she is saying "we just have two shows"...Like, Madonna will give two more shows and finish.


    what she says is: we just had two shows. She is refering to the first 2 shows in Lisbon...is past, babies! The show must go on.

  5. Need help with iphone. I got an app that records in wav. Yes, i will do it. BUT there is only two ways to transfer the audio: ftp (wich I dont know) and email...but when I try it, it always crashes. So, no way to transfer this audio. I have another phone, an android, wich is easier to work, but the sound recorded in the iphone seems better. Anyone can help me? thanx

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    2. RebelMe


      It's a very old app, I guess it is not optimised to the new iOS. Agree, u should try another one. Google it, there must be another app that some website recommends you to download.

    3. emanon


      I'm trying 2 now. I'll be recording a 3 or 4 hours file, see if i can upload it to itunes, and if it works... I wont worry after the show :-)

    4. emanon


      I dont really expect to record something crystal clear, but at least I will have a special sound file...

  6. emanon

    Obrigado @Frank
  7. emanon

    I hope everything goes well and nothing is cancelled. I'm going on 21
  8. This picture in HQ, anyone?

    Please, it's urgent! :) thanxD5hny6mW0AATmXe.thumb.jpg.50c891641cc5ab064ba05c36e5c92ecf.jpg

  9. Wich is the best Madame X Tour recording?

  10. Today at work only playing Madame X. I dont really wanna play anything else. She starts today in my country :-) The last months, I've been feeling like she is a distant memory...BUT, I think she is coming for me again, slowly as time goes by, but she is. "A senhora vai me pôr tão louco!" :cute:

    I'm feeling like a "little tenderness" for this woman. Dont ask me if I love or ever loved her...I dont know what love is. 

    deep inside I wish everything goes well for her, tonight, and the rest of the tour. It's nice to have her back in the game, but, and I'm not being negative, she didnt seemed totally well to me in the first videos she shared from Lisbon. Something, like when you look into someone's eyes... hope I'm wrong. 

    and sharing about her, is getting me emotional...BUT...(jesus, it seems today I only writte BUT...lol), but,is not negative being emotional; my eyes get dry easy, so, being emotional kinda hydrates them...ah ah ah:lol:

    Dont know wich tshirt I will use for the show...If I had someone to help me choose, someone that wouldnt leak my designs...LOL




  11. recordpad for iphone. Later today, I'm gonna make another test. With dictaphone (the one that comes with iphone), I cant adjust the settings. with recordpad I can adjust...and I will do it for the best. I don't know if yonder cases will be used here in Lisbon. Let's wait for the first show. About phones...I will take two. They can put one in prison, and the other will be a spy...ah ah ah but If there are no yonder cases...i will use both... and yes, the sound I recorded yesterday with recordpad app was so much better than the one with dictaphone...
  12. just downloaded an app...it records much better than the iphone dictaphone...the difference is really biiiiiig... hope it works for the show
  13. external mic? I dont have apple earphones...other headphones would work for this? about recording apps, do you know any for the iphone?
  14. I have an iphone 4s...
  15. I made a "sound test" with Bryan Adams concert...and the sound quality in this phone is not really good. Anyway, I will try to record Madonna.