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  1. Better than all the rest, better than anyone... 

    Thank life I was able to see Tina live once in my life. She is simply the best! Cant wait to have my cd, coming from France (cheaper than pre-ordering it here kkkkk).

    She is AMAZING!

  2. Listening to Britney. I really understand her, and dont see myself has a  fan. Just can't understand why this shit didnt already ended, with the whole world knowing about it...  

    People should really try to get in her shoes...When she shaved her hair, or that thing with the papparazi...It was her own way to say: enough. To scream. when people are "attacking" you constantly, everyone would "freak out", if I can say it this way.

    Listening to her, I can see a person with capacity of taking care of her own life.

    #freebritney #leavebritneyalone

  3. OTTO Von something if we can consider that an album. Worst? I dont think there is a worst one...
  4. while chosing this one, I remembered Madaame X, Erotica...Can it be one for each album, pleeeeeease!
  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

  6. And MAdonna is the Queen of them all! In Europe we only have Good Stuff...and some of it comes from Latin America, like Shakira, for example, or bananas. the other stuff I don't use it. Why they call her that? She has a huge ego...but. The album is brilliant, agree. Admired her for doing the tour when she was injuried, but I also thought she should have stoped. Her health and well being is more important than a tour. This "gourmet" release sucks, Even if i think you are right about the 30 minutes looking for it. By the way the only thing I will move looking for it is my fingers. My ass, no. My heart is just a muscle. About not taking a no for an answer...Mmmm sometimes we have to (giving or taking) (even Madonna needs that). Agree.
  7. You know what Lá Casa de Papel is saying about Madonna Not being on Netflix? She's Not me... She's Not me and never Will be...???
  8. I wonder if in a thousand years the world will still remember who Madonna & Tina Turner were... because the Music is simply The best!

  9. - If you hate clowns, why you keep coming to the circus?

    _ I guess I'm attracted to danger...

  10. Madame T gives me fever...when she sings, feverrrrr...


  11. exactly. and they get offended by things that werent meant to be offensive, and turn their back and pretend they dont see when thins are really offensive That is why I said before: the queen of I should have been away from instagram. Sometimes its better no say anything. I make my own jokes for my insta. There is one that I realy liked but someone told me: I get it, i know you but a some people will think it is... but it feels like: should I or shouldnt I? it's like, its not worth the attacks people do, this is not against her, but sometimes it feels more like : dont do it, dont say it... agree. I didnt find if offensive in any way. But not everyone gets her humor, not everyone will laugh with a joke...
  12. sometimes here its like: repress yourself, dont express yourself. Wasnt madonna herself that said some years ago something like: people cant understand irony anymore?...and isnt it ironic, dont you think? Do you know what Madonna would do? Do it yourself too.
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