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  1. Are you readdy to give away the sausage? 😛😂
  2. Fuck no...I'm so tired of all thi covid 19. China again? start thinking this is strange...
  3. Baila conmigo, baby...

    Reggaeton baby! :tongue:

  4. te quiero, te quiero, te quiero, te quiero...pero de lejos,pero de lejos...(i really like this maluma song)

    Colombia/Reggeaton/Maluma Baby :tongue: day at work.

    Blame it on "La Reina del Flow - netflix"

    1. Voguerista



  5. i need to download something...Hey  Madonna, wanna be a good girl? Just release on digital platforms Madame X Tour audio...You can do it, bitch! :tongue:

    1. wtg1987


      Fuck yeah ! I would love just future from Madame x tour studio version 😉

    2. Voguerista



    3. Andymad
  6. emanon

    christmas album
  7. emanon

    Fuck...I'm in love with this "unreal" person...
  8. emanon

    when the tour started and people compalined about theatre she said: this is just the begining... Maybe covid cut off her plans... About expecting...dont you expect anything from her. The disapointment might be huge,,,
  9. its a joke...it only can be a joke! ...
  10. Jesus, nobody knows how i need those 7500...and I dont have it... Can we crowdfund Madonna herself instead?
  11. they were always bad...I'm still waiting for the "Nobody Knows Me book"...no, it's not a joke...
  12. emanon

    I once found a Erotica long box in a store that wasnt exaclty a cd store...It sold refrigerators and stuff like that. I found that curious, but since the track list was the same I didnt give a shit about it. I was young. Wish I had bought it
  13. It was the summer of 96. Saturday night I arrived in my hometown in the north of Portugal, wich is 165km far from where I live. I arrived there from my first summer job, wich itwas in Spain, picking up fruit, and I never got paid for it... You know something, I wrotte summer of 96, but the Summer of 69 doesnt get out of my mind! :-) While in Spain I really wanted to see Tina Turner live in Lisbon; my sister even got the tickets for me...but since I was in Spain it was something to forget. That saturday "our bosses" decided to take me and my cousins back home in Portugal; they transported us in the back of a van with no seats...and we paid for that 10000 escudos (50euros). Actually they discounted it from our salary, wich I never saw. Also another guy came with us. Sunday morning me and that guy took the train to where i live. We arrived at the begining of the afternoon. I guess I took a shower and eat...Then me and my sister took a train to Lisbon to see Tina Turner. I thought we would miss the begining, but since the shows never begin on time I saw it all. It was amazing, simply the best even if faraway from the stage. After the show we went to Santa Apolonia Station, waiting for our train back home...in the morning. The good thing a stranger did comes now. We were sitting on the floor, outside the station, cause it as closed at night, and a homeless man gave us a cardboard for us to rest. That was really great. I dont know why but I felt the need to share what that man did for us. It's a good memory, I cant explain.
  14. emanon

    in italy or everywhere I guess. My first summer vacations job was picking up fruit...in Spain. Its a job like any other I think. I never got paid for it...and talking about it made me realise Maybe I can do this again, because I'm really tired of working with public. Tomatoes would be nice. I guess I would pick one and eat one :-) You are right about opinions on social media @Enrico. I didnt post anything about it or supporting the movement, It doesnt mean I dont support them...
  15. emanon

    exactly. Instead of doing it, people should learn from history, but they never do I think, most people never do. I kinda understand them but it's like whats the point of taking down monuments or statues? They are not gonna hurt back those who created slavery, for example...Maybe keep the statues with something written, like: this man is not an example of humanity for anyone. No matter what, I'm totally against racism. or maybe they are right in some way...those statues kinda work as an idol for racists. You know what I mean? This remimded me a black woman from my childhood. She was really kind and sweet. I never heard from her, like in the last 30 years. One of my good memories from childhood.