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  1. maybe, just maybe a scam from him...it is what it sounds like now
  2. Madonna was teasing us a lot with Magic, but actually it is Kylie who will give it to us :laughing:

    1. aleex123


      Omg I remember, Kylie is giving us what Madonna should have done years ago.

  3. emanon

    sorry, but who cares about this shit? Roling stone mag, Billboard, grammies, vmas...who really cares? you know what? fuck all that. Nothing really matters, her making music is all we need...
  4. Doing something on my computer, had to go to my bedroom and when I returned it was shutdown, and all work gone. I even Said "fucking computer", but then I Started listening to "Ironic", and Started feeling good.  Guess I'm gonna do it everytime something doesnt go well. So i can have a laugh instead of getting pissed off 😂😂😂😂

  5. Doubt about my True Blue Super club mix cd. There are two on discogs from Australia. One as the audio technologies logo on the right side (the link I'm sharing), the other doesnt have this logo...Mine as the logo on the left side...is my copy a misprint, rare edition?


  6. Should I stopp following Madonna on instagram? With madame X, her constant teasing really got me to my nerves. The Biopic is goin the same way, I'm not interested in the movie...but the music. Her last post was with a song we never heard. And I doubt I will ever hear that song again. It's like,  if you dont know, you wont feel anything. About the movie, I really doubt she will tell something we don't already know...I really doubt she will tell the truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth...

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    2. emanon
    3. Ulisaax640


      it was more virtual but the vmas..

    4. lap


      I'm really tired about her posts: kids, bathroom,  kitchen,  boyfriend dancing around and many bad selfies. I'm not interested about her personal life, but about the star she used to be. For me, Madonna's instagram is the most boring celebrity account ever. 

  7. emanon

    Untold story...yeah, right...like she is gonna reveal something we dont already know...
  8. emanon

    do you have it? i wanna see it
  9. emanon

    Like a bitch (out of order) I made it trought the wilderness I'm down on my knees Anyway, I'm not that excited about this. Madonna making a movie about herlsef? I wonder how much is true and how much will be fantasy...how many myths, and how many facts. If I was making a movie about myself I wouldnt tell lies I guess, but I would leave a lot behind...like Madonna. Is Christopher a real cunt or did he told the truth on his book? I dont trust her for this...Madame X is a story teller...
  10. Dear Madonna, fuck Blond Ambition...We have several professional recordings of it, so we dont really need your official release. You lose, baby...

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    2. Aiwa08


      Dear Madonna: Make the "Blond Ambition Tour: 30 years later" a reality. Just change the Dick Tracy parts with  seven songs from MDNA. And don't forget to record the tour in Barcelona, in 4K and 3D.

      Thank You!

    3. Andymad


      Dear Madonna: where exactly IS the party...?

    4. RUADJAI


      In Julie Brown's pants duh... 

  11. Just got back "Like a Prayer" as my ringtone on my phone. I had Macgyver for a while but...today while listening to a dance cover of LAP I kinda missed listening to it when my phone rings. Wich is your ringtone? :-)

    1. discohub



  12. They say karma is a bitch...Today, I was karma and a bitch. So, I wonder if its wrong to give back to people what they gave to to you? 

    1. RobertoFer42


      sometimes... YESSSSSSS!

  13. really? the worst thing she did...
  14. I don't get why I still get disapointed with people. How can people be happy mocking others? What pleasure they get from it?

    1. Voguerista


      I wish I knew. It's sad.

  15. I guess I like Levitating