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  1. Anyone knows how to had subtitles to a video with NERO?

    I have nero 2015, I have the video, wanna dit the subtiltes, add it to the video and burn a dvd. Anyine can help? Thanks :-)


    1. Kosmmik


      NERO do not support subtitles :(
      I sugesdt you start using DVD Architect or Adobe Encore for authoring DVDs and Blurays

    2. emanon
  2. Her name is...

    karen INFINITY.jpg

  3. do they have a good download forum? if not, it sucks. I was there in the begining, then they made changes and I couldnt get in anymore...AND i never been passionate around there...
  4. Bought a new Girlie Show bootleg weeks ago...Got it today. Why didnt I read the track list before buying it?:thinker:

    Got it today...it doesnt include The Beats Within...:scary:

    P.s.- the sound is really good, I think better than my dvd rip....but it doesnt have the Beast within....Buahhhhhhhh 

  5. I recorded Lisbon 21 on a iphone 4 (the sound only) and it fucking amazingly terrible...Thank God for Samsung...it did a better job MDNA dvd is messed up...The last time I tried sometimes it turned green, pixelated... Rebel Heart...that mess edition Madame X will be the cherry on top of the cake...
  6. Thank you, guys and girls! You were right about pal and ntsc :-) Anyone has portuguese subtitles for "In Bed with Madonna" (European)? I only found for Truth Or Dare...and it doesnt match the movie :-)
  7. I guess its not just that...In the end, when she uses the remote to end the film...the Mexico one is a bit longer than the european...I just discovered that. I guess there might be some more differences, not just the Pal and ntsc
  8. Found a dvd with the Portuguese broadcast of the Girlie Show... :-)

  9. You might think I'm crazy...But I'm not! My european dvd is 114 (1h51min), the mexican one is 120, both In Bed. Truth Or dare is one hour and 59 (so i guess teh same has the mexican dvd). I noticed it today cause I wanted to rip In bed with and try to put some portuguese subtitles, like in the vhs i had. (I've done years ago, but wanted to do better). do you know anything?
  10. The cover I made for Girlie Show Rio. It's just a joke :tongue:

    Bunda suja.jpg

  11. Madonna in this series from Israel 


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