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  1. Fighter

    I thought about it but I can't think of anything. I only want her to make the albums she really wants to make
  2. I used to not really like it, it seemed dull at the time, but then I started to appreciate it a lot more, the visuals were very fresh for 2008 and really nice to look at.
  3. Difficult to choose between OYH and LAP but went with OYH
  4. Fighter

    agree Maybe not in its promotion but musically it succeeded where her previous few albums didn't. I would've liked to see more of the personas that were teased but that's separate from the album itself. Why does it have to be new? new to whom... she never did songs like Killers Who Are Partying or an experiment like Dark Ballet or Batuka. God Control is eclectic. IDSAF is supposed to be a retro type of track. Future is what Unapologetic Bitch wanted to be. I agree that I Rise is more Rebel Hearty but the production is not overdone so. I wish there had been more songs like Bitch I'm Loca on RH, that album needed more fun songs. The way this era has gone there's definitely no honeymoon phase lol. I can see myself listening to Madame X for years to come, especially after the era is over and things calm down. I'm not really in love with her at the moment so I truthfully think it is a great record.
  5. Fighter

    yes it's been working weird, not sure why
  6. Fighter

    I'm sorry to hear that
  7. Fighter

    I think with MDNA she may have gotten a bit cocky but I do think she tried very much with RH, its just that it was too much and too chaotic. i think she succeeded quite well with Madame X though. She made fleshed out, perfectly produced songs and a tracklisting that isn't too long and flows well, like a true Madonna album, with a lot of interesting and varied ideas that somehow fit together despite the different elements. i'm still really happy about this album.
  8. Fighter

    the cat never left the house so its unlikely... she was also quite sensitive and withdrawn so i dont think she would survive this long on her own if she did get lost. the important thing is to remember the good times and that whatever bad thing happened, it's over.
  9. Fighter

    my cat disappeared during the holidays. I dont know what happened to her but she was quite old and was becoming slow, she probably left to pass away like some cats do. At least i think I'm coming to terms with such things....
  10. Fighter

    To a degree that's true, especially during this album cycle, I think Madame X is a great album with a great concept but since it didn't do well commercially some people judged it harshly. However I do think that many people lost interest in her for a reason, and it's not just age. As a person, I know that she's a bit narcissistic, but I do miss the kabbalah days of a bit more kindness and introspection, and a message that came more from the heart rather than ego. To me her ego has exploded again in recent years, and while I'm not trying to tell a woman what to do or how to be, as a human being i do think that narcissism is the problem not the solution. I hope that I will still see a kinder, more open version of herself in the future, and more joyful too.
  11. Fighter

    Ok, it is all well and good, but why did her music suffer? If it is indeed the soundtrack to a show, and she expects people to go to the show so she can profit, then the music should still be top notch, what happened is the question... her shows and their musical direction have also suffered. Obviously there's still been brilliant things here and there, but there was a change, maybe she lost interest to some degree.
  12. Fighter

    If she truly discarded him for petty reasons then too bad honestly. Had she worked on another dance oriented album with him, she would've continued to stay ahead of the curve and would've been musically relevant with the arrival of the new generation of pop stars. I know we've reassessed the HC album in recent years but it is true that that sound was tired when the album came out. MDNA was the Walmart version of COADF lol. Stuart's musicianship was amazing.
  13. Fighter

    Exorcist III is the real sequel tbh
  14. I forgot about God Control, I love the song but honestly since the video I haven't really listened to it. it reminds me of the violent scenes in the video (a great video but yeah)
  15. Fighter

    That's actually so pretty