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  1. Fighter

  2. Is she referring to Madonna's recent "changes?" that seem very Kim K-esque? I mean obviously following those type of trends... If so I guess she's right. It did backfire on her. But she's not hurting anyone and I don't think people should be harsh on her for what she does with her own body and self.
  3. They're very similar songs in some ways yet very different and both represent the artists very well. I honestly couldn't pick because of that reason. Both songs have inspired a lot of people.
  4. This was shot with a nokia and the audio was edited by someone who doesn't know the song or how to edit audio. But it was nice to watch Such an iconic era.
  5. I think it's awesome for her team to upload it to Youtube!! Now can they finally upload the mv behind the scenes from madame x. we only have unofficial uploads in bad quality
  6. Fighter

    wait what really
  7. Fighter

    I'm sorry about this but thank you for your great work
  8. Fighter

    zippyshare is fine
  9. Fighter

    amazing im so glad she's ok,
  10. Fighter

    ive been wanting her to do that for ages.. especially so albums dont have too many different concepts going on. RH wouldve worked amazing as 2 or 3 different eps lol
  11. Fighter

    wild. anyways...
  12. Fighter

    is shes still recovering from her injury on pain medication? i suppose shes not editing the dvd
  13. Fighter

    Happy Birthday!!!