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  1. if someone has one sure ig
  2. Holy shit dudes.... I just finally watched the show, not in 4k cos my stupid TV doesn't carry Paramount but I will eventually. Anyway, forget about the editing and quality which were great, but the show itself.... I kinda had an idea from pictures and stuff but I was blown away. IDK if it's because I just watched it but everything felt perfect, the setlist, the costumes, the stage elements. I love the concept of the typewriter and Madame X telling the story throughout the show. I love that we could see little details, and the slow motion shots in a few parts were truly breathtaking. I love how she edited bits of World of Madame X into the Come Alive performance. I liked the Rescue Me interlude. I can't point to a specific favorite moment but I love when she's singing Frozen and you can see Lola's face overlayed on top of her in the same pose, it's really beautiful. Honestly didn't notice any problems with the audio or video editing, I wasn't distracted by it or bothered by fast paced cuts or little bits of "bootleg" audio. It just felt organic and Artsy. I haven't listened to the live album yet though. Anyways it was definitely worth the wait Finally enough Love.
  3. Please dont ask for links
  4. No links or asking for links for anything related to the MX Tour release please.

  5. send me a message with the new email and ill change it
  6. several old movies have real animal deaths like cannibal holocaust and andrei rublev
  7. Do you have any addons or plugins installed on your browser? try disabling them or trying another browser...
  8. Im so happy for you!! you really deserved it and sounds like it was an awesome experience
  9. is there any need to do this every time...
  10. kinda giving greek goddess vibes.... her skin 😍
  11. same reason why artists became influencers... money >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> art.
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