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  1. Fighter

    they said it was ammonium nitrate that was in a warehouse, similar to what happened in China a few years ago with that insane explosion
  2. ❤️️ 

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    2. Andymad


      Hearts Hearts Hearts... for career girls 👒

    3. cedric


      a ❤️ for who? :):cute:

      My turn, I send love to all community (and beyond) !

      and most of all, I send my thoughts and a billion hearts for Beirut!! ❤️ 🙏 ❤️

    4. Fighter


      to everyone feeling stressed out with this shitty year!!!!!! we should focus on positive things :bothered:

  3. Fighter

    Probably just another post advocating for a cause 🤷‍♂️
  4. Fighter

    People forget the fans asked for: more mysterious roll out, more experimental direction, a distinct album persona and more than 3 music videos... all things we got. So we gotta give her team some credit.
  5. Fighter

    The rumors about her checking out fan sites have been around and there are a lot of things that are suspicious and make me think it may not just be a conspiracy theory. But I honestly don't wanna know if she does, we would become either so entitled or so self conscious that it would destroy the discussion.
  6. I think it boils down to her not being confident about live recordings that haven't been edited and mastered to sound as pristine as possible.
  7. Fighter

    RIP 😔
  8. Cancel culture as a monolithic hive mind is not real. 

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    2. theREALmgo


      Cancel culture is NOT being kicked out of forums what...........

    3. xrayeyes


      My account was wiped without notice. That is cancellation.

      And no insults were made to anyone.

      I just had strong opinions about some things. Those stuck inside social media have their brains fried with nonsense and are thoroughly social justice zombies. 

      Should've known better than to expect nuance and complexity in a popstar forum.

      At least I had my front row centre Madame X experience to remind me that freedom of expression is why I love Madonna so much.

      Absolutely no regrets.


    4. Fighter


      Off the top of my head you were calling someone a faggot which is not civil discussion.

      Making a damaging public accusation leaving out context is exactly what cancel culture is but you don't see the irony in doing that here by calling me authoritarian and denying you did anything wrong, not even telling me who you are. I didn't even remember any of this. 😐

      I hope you can find a place where you can be happy. Going about things like this is not ideal tbh. 


  9. Fighter

    drag race canada?
  10. It's ok to not relate to her anymore. I probably wouldn't make the same decisions she's made here and there, but I'll still defend her right to make her own choices. I've felt the same way but honestly while I dislike some things she's done, I love a lot of other things she's done. And that makes me realise that she's just human, and yes it's hard to look up to someone who is just human.
  11. Fighter

    With the NKM footage they probably rotoscoped parts of the face and blurred those sections.
  12. wasn't that originally released for free online for Live Earth?
  13. She made a lot of "mature stuff" around her 40s and then she let go of that more and more. As you mature you explore yourself and you might become more serious, but then you let go of that stuff. That's the whole point of introspection, being happier and more free and I'm glad she's continued to be those things with time, it means she has matured very well. Even if we may not understand some of her choices, we are not 61 and we're not her lol. And she's still adding to her legacy, she should save the old stories for when the time comes for that. Middle aged artists are not very celebrated usually until later on. She has time for that.
  14. Why post about an anniversary that doesn't really matter when there's so much going on that she wants to focus on? I'd find it so annoying to have to remember every year to celebrate things I did decades ago for nostalgic fans. That's never really been her style. She's an artist and usually artists like to live in the present. Of course it's nice when she does post about past things but it's not very important. We should celebrate her it's not her job to constantly celebrate herself. I honestly had no idea it was the first album anniversary. I don't know the exact dates for any of her albums, except Madame X cos that's fresh in my memory lol.