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  1. Someone needs to scan the shirt at least
  2. Fighter

    it was known for a long time right? before she spoke about it on video/radio, i think a print interview too.
  3. Fighter

    If she took it seriously and had a lot of time to prepare and had good writers and directors............
  4. I always saw the kiss in the OYH video as maternal, but it never occurred to me that she could actually be playing the boy's mother, that is so interesting. Her 80s videos are truly genius. So much meaning to interpret from them.
  5. Fighter

    People are talking about the quality when they say it's not HD, not how the file is encoded. You can blow up an SD video to 4K is not going to magically become UHD with the detail and clarity it should have.
  6. The Celebration version is pretty horrible omg. I'm glad the acoustic demo leaked, it's a very nice song.
  7. Fighter

    tbh more than sharp grainy in the HD sense it looks textured in a tapey sense... I think 8mm is roughly similar to 720p quality, which would look great even upscaled... I hope so but we've never had any indication that it's available to her :(
  8. Fighter

    it makes me scared Madonna either didn't keep shit from her catalogue or lost it all
  9. Fighter

    Doesn't look really HD to me, looks like SD upscaled, but it's not bad. Better to have a proper upscale than the old versions or badly done upscales.
  10. Thanks!! its from madonna's youtube. I'll make something more original if its not a perfume ad or her boyfriend's mixtape
  11. Fighter

    Confessions what an iconic performance. It's almost like a new song.
  12. Fighter

    Yes!! It was fixed on Opera's new update, that was fast.
  13. Fighter

    I mean, it's social media, people post pictures of their food in there... it doesn't really have a point
  14. Fighter

    I relate to her a lot in some ways, but I wouldn't really compare myself to her. We are both leos at least