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  1. White pop artist music fandoms love otherizing artists of color as part of their racism, and in this day and age it's hard to trust people in spaces such as this because it seems to happen constantly. Either it's bashing artists of color or otherizing them. Tbh you spent more time listing everything that sucks about Cardi B than taking 2 seconds to learn the name of "the other girl" and that might look sus to some. That is all. I don't think there's any need to fight about it though.
  2. Feel bad for her about that letter I wonder how high M was when she wrote that lol.
  3. She looks really cute, idc about the color it's just nice for her to keep it fresh
  4. why is it more expensive? altho it's understandable if she doesn't want to work using cloud servers and stuff
  5. This is a teaser that she's premiering it on only fans after all ...........
  6. Some movies have lots of writers that come and go and are re-written over and over. Writers are hired for the moment sometimes and then put aside. IDK why some people are acting like she's a fuck up in everything she does and impossible to work with, over what exactly?
  7. I don't listen to it anymore but tbh I just don't like music from late 2000s early 2010s very much so... when a song from it does come on, I do get very nostalgic tho.
  8. should be kept away by who? I'm as annoyed as everyone else by the long wait but she's the director of everything she does not a teen popstar who needs to be managed and handled, so we'll get what we'll get when we get it... lol
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