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  1. Fighter

    Why? Its not like its a new thing for her to find latin guys attractive. Shes keeping true to herself..
  2. Fighter

    Obviously sometimes it is a stylistic choice, but there's an element of cleaning up her vocals too much in recent albums which takes away from her singing. I think songs like Love Spent needed more natural vocals for instance. I hope the ballads on the album will have nice vocals without too much processing...
  3. Fighter

    Honestly people blame the leaks too much for the quality of the album. It was a good album but Im not sure it was ever perfect. The leaks maybe made her change some elements of the production and maybe switch versions but the songs already had problems (too short, overproduced, lacking complexity). Thankfully she seems to be correcting those issues on Madame X. Anyway I dont think Live Nation had anything to do with anything, I think she wasnt that inspired for a while... at least we always got great things on each album and each tour.
  4. Fighter

    I really can't think of a reason why so much autotune though, I think maybe she's self conscious 🤧 I think it could be done in a more subtle way by fine tuning the processing but it's not gonna ruin the enjoyment of the album for me.
  5. Fighter

    I like that it makes you wait for the best part. Thats been one of the problems the last couple of albums the songs were so short that they didnt really surprise you.
  6. Fighter

    The truth is it will NEVER be a hit if fans dont compulsively stream and do what they can, to at the very least get it to people's attention. All fandoms do it, it's how things are now. Unless you don't care at all about charts and success then it's absolutely necessary.
  7. Fighter

    i think I will wait for the Youtube, I dont even know if they have that channel on my TV..... and Im really bad at using that device...
  8. Fighter

    Happy Birthday
  9. Sad excuse for journalism, get a real job Barbara. Hope you enjoyed those clicks you hack.
  10. Fighter

    'Medellin' (MV Teaser #4)

    Release on April 24, 2019
  11. Fighter

    M has been added to Spotify's Its A Hit playlist which has 2 million followers, stream it on there please
  12. Fighter

    Can you come at people respectfully and stop trying to annoy everyone?
  13. Fighter

    it will be on the front page
  14. Fighter

    This era should already be a triumph to fans, even if they don't like the song. We need to be realistic, the music industry is completely different to when she released RH even. I'm glad her team are doing a great campaign, while it could've been done sooner, I think it's happening with the right album and the right project. If the song cracks the top 100 or the album is number 1, is not something I'm losing sleep about. It's a different time and all I care about is that the music, videos, campaign are good, and so far everything is looking good. People are allowed to dislike the song but I think it has a less predictable and repetitive melody than Living For Love and GMAYL, her most organic lyrics in ages for a lead single, and they're also beautiful and meaningful without losing the fun and flirtatiousness. It also has the best production out of all 3 with a subtle and delicate Mirwais touch, yet completely fresh. It's not overproduced nor generic. As the reviews have said, it's current but she's not lost in it or forcing it, like it happened with some of MDNA. All the elements put together make it a great lead single.