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  1. Fighter

    if we already got these upscales then I doubt they're gonna make proper ones any time soon i really hope they won't try to do 4k ones later on with these upscales too...
  2. Fighter

    Let this be some kind of confirmation (knocks on wood) that the film negatives actually exist 😭
  3. The first part isn't necessary my guy. You already have a warning from last year, you don't wanna get the final strike ...
  4. Congratulations President Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris 🥰🥰 Congratulations America. The world will never forget how close it came to losing everything...

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    2. artlover


      Is this person a trumpist anyway?

    3. me1981


      @artloverAre you talking to me? No I am not a Trump supporter, not even close. I have always had a problem with the narrative America=The World, that doesn't make me a Trump supporter. A rather large leap if you were referring to me

    4. Fighter


      It's perfectly understandable you feel that way, but it's also perfectly understandable that people may misunderstand your replies as you weren't very clear and there's so much chaos out there. Let's just have patience :hug:

  5. Fighter

    wait really? i didnt know that... then i hope it happens. its just that she hasn't been on the vanguard of quality in recent years. madame x tour in 4k... big if true
  6. Fighter

    Confessions was directed by Akerlund who is very experienced and clearly did an immaculate shoot and edit. God those were the days
  7. Fighter

    Please she's not gonna give us 4k but I'm glad there's news
  8. Fighter

    totally forgot we're still waiting for this DVD
  9. when you post a thread you have the options to add a poll to it, you can probably edit this one into a poll too if you see the options in the editor
  10. Fighter

    The quality of a lot of the footage is pretty bad :/
  11. Fighter

    That man was bullied to suicide, have some respect for people.
  12. Fighter

    Thanks for getting the thread closed
  13. Can we have ONE peaceful new album thread?

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    2. Shoful


      Yes! Can we please open a new one. I love the speculations :drama:

    3. Fighter


      whoemever wants to open a new thread can open one :kiss2:

    4. RebelMe


      Done. Feel free to edit, as the way you please @Fighter



  14. Fighter

    Report it to Instagram, I don't work for them.
  15. Fighter

    I was using they to refer to that user. You brough up Madonna's looks and the surgery she gets when that's not even what's being discussed hence why they told you to respect women. I don't agree that bringing up people's mothers is the best way to handle it either but it's already done. You don't have to explain since I understand perfectly. Now everybody play nice. Since everybody is an adult.