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  1. Interesting, thanks!
  2. I do love it too but I would have loved something new. Guess the magazine doesn't have any money for that. Anyways, nice addition for collectors.
  3. Well they did better than you expected, it's a shot from 2017 ! Love this shoot but there are so many nice pictures from Madame X... :(
  4. xtysc

    Trying to keep this thread:) This appears to be the new Italian Vanity Fair out tomorrow... https://www.spetteguless.it/2019/06/16/madonna-vanity-fair-italia/?fbclid=IwAR00mZhcqEhix6PcR8G474KGlRFvnDhZaP8kKPtmoEQ_AT5JQB2g1kqndCs A picture from 2017..... how delusional... as always with VF Italy... :(
  5. Can we add a thread so that no one misses any issue with Madame X content in the press? Would be great if people from different countries can contribute as soon as something is published, I think many of us are collecting printed material too. I've just seen the new issue of Vogue CS (Czech+Slovak) will have a feature on Madame X, no idea what it will be. Let's keep everyone updated
  6. Did someone find it somewhere in Europe? I had it checked both in France and Italy and the newspaper was sold without the insert!! How upsetting. Anyone knows where it can be found other than ebay and paying a fortune... thanksssss
  7. xtysc

    Check this out!! https://www.vogue.it/moda/cover-fashion-stories/2018/07/31/vogue-italia-agosto-2018-just-one-day-out-of-life/
  8. xtysc

    wow! the issue must be at the printer now. so much anticipation, we're almost there!
  9. xtysc

    Apart from Vogue that'll certainly be amazing, I really hope the coverage will be better than that. I was hoping Vanity Fair France would come with her in August but nope.
  10. Maybe the start of some more covers as the 60th is approaching?
  11. xtysc

    yep, can't wait! One month of patience!
  12. xtysc

    Wonderful Sometimes you only have to ask to get answers :))
  13. xtysc

    Glad to see Allegra Versace looks fine, she went through a lot