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  1. Having her releasing a proper “Holiday/Music Sounds Better With You” mix would be heaven!
  2. Well, both have to do with a Madonna, so...
  3. Ironic that the kids on TikTok think a 7-year old demo is Madonna's comeback, yet theyre the ones who are late to the party.
  4. Hey, if it means she is innovating and releasing music sporadically and not the traditional single/album/single/single/single format, then GREAT! If it means we get music outside of album cycles and it could be any new take on previously released material, material that is not even necessarily a single or even a known track, I think it's fine. Keeps us busy until there is a proper album and/or re-issue.
  5. So where are these mixes coming from all of a sudden and how it the quality? Like, muffled and recorded thru the bathroom door or good enough to be released commercially?
  6. Someone send this to Rhino, for God's sake. I aint buying no reissue if this is what is being done to them.
  7. Yeah, I take back what I said: the remaster is shit and so fucking loud. Fuck you, Mike Dean. Fuck. You. With a sandpaper pole. Seriously, he must be completely deaf considering how loud and compressed this is. Thank you Dean for making Madonna's records unlistenable.
  8. Maybe it's just me, but I bought the 24-bit/96khz single of HDTracks and they sound absolutely gorgeous. There does seem to be a difference between the ITunes files (at least, the excerpts) and the files I purchased.
  9. I was being sarcastic to illustrate my point about Dean.
  10. What the hell is wrong with Mike Dean?? What headphones does he use? GET HIM AWAY FROM HER MUSIC!!! Madonna, wake up!
  11. I wonder if there will actually be a reprint for fans afterward. Of everything in her career, I never thought THIS would get a reprint. After the effect it had on her career and on the people who surrounded her at the time, the shit she took for it....I never EVER thought she'd bring it back into the spotlight.
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