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  1. Dont care for them. Would rather own the tracks. It's how I consume music and thats it. To each his own.
  2. Yeah I cancelled my subscription to "Hi-Res Spotify" because I remember thinking how compressed and muffled the music sounded. I know what a Madonna track is supposed to sound like, and Spotify aint it. So I keep buying the HQ tracks (Or CD's). Streaming is convenient, but it is today's equivalent of listening to radio. And strictly that: convenient.
  3. Madonna complaining about the audience being late doesnt really have any traction now does it? (giant eyeroll)
  4. It says on merch bar that the digital album is available. Is that true?
  5. I got a hunch that Erotica is one of the first re -issues we will see.
  6. I think it’s a weird comment on his part, but we dont have the same definition of “viciously”.
  7. Same! It's so great to have these remastered at last!! The joy in some of her remixes.
  8. Oh, Jesus! Thats seen thru the eyes of an adult. Children dont understand it that way. Kids dont sexualize, first of all. How to weaponize a fucking fairy tale. Good God.
  9. Dry endings would be nice. Fades are a little too “radio edity” for me.
  10. I also think that the 40th of Everybody in the Fall will bring attention to this compilation. Maybe they will release it with new remixes.
  11. This is probably what Madonna believes she looks like. lol!
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