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  1. PaperFaces

    I agree that alot of people were really glad she left Warner back in the day. But that was before we knew how bad things would get with Interscope. While the material has been great ( I LOVE Rebel Heart and Madame X), the lack of promo, distribution, singles has affected her musical legacy and presence in the public consciousness (Warner would have made Rebel Heart and God Control proper singles). And if going back to Warner means all this will improve and we may start to see expanded editions of her previous albums and unreleased material seeing the light of day, then I'm all for it. The recent release of her older maxis on digital platforms (Human Nature, Vogue) might be an indicator of things to come.
  2. I think it’s Funny how some people Define an artist’s success only if younger people listen to said artist. Who the fuck cares what the kids are into?! Madonna is beyond charts, beyond success or failure. Beyond Hits. I dont need “the kids” or “the general public” (another word I despise) to like her. When Lady Gaga or Ariana or Beyonce reach 60 theyll understand. In the meantime, im just happy Madonna is still making music.
  3. Too much drama for nothing. Go back to your lives, people. Il se passe vraiment rien d'autre de plus important en ce moment??
  4. People's brains are so filled with dopamine now that the only emotion that makes them feel alive is outrage.
  5. For what it's worth, i have a 24-year old coworker who god COVID-19 in March...pretty bad, too. He was treated with Chloroquine and it proved effective. He was one of very few patients here that responded well to the treatment. It may not be a miracle drug, but it's worked. I know someone who can attest to that. Again, dont believe everything you read.
  6. We need to be careful with what we read. EVERYTHING online is manipulated and edited and often pirated. Even the news, really. It's scary that people read something and are so quickly to believe it and draw their own conclusions. My Facebook account was pirated years ago by a bot who sent out my personal info to people i didnt know and posted fake statuses. Even changed my music preferences. Pictures were posted that had nothing to do with me. People I know were sent friend requests even though I never sent them. It is important to be careful. Besides, even if this is true. Im sure everyone else here believes in stuff someone else would call out as bullshit. We are not cancelling your lives or dismissing out outright for it. Critical thinking and asking questions is a thing of the past, obviously. People have fallen asleep and dont know what's real anymore.
  7. It is terrible that we give social media such is NOT the real world. We live in a time where people really need something to believe in. Unfortunately, theyll believe anything. No questions asked. No critical thinking. They believe what they see and eat it up. Dangerous times indeed. And Social media doesnt cancel careers: people do. Based on misinformation posted on social media. I unplugged from that shit years ago. Trust me, it was like coming out of the Matrix.
  8. People need to stop living their lives online. Information is twisted, edited, and therefore, makes room for assumptions and bad decisions.
  9. Since when do we cancel careers or releases because of someone’s views? People arent perfect. People make mistakes. Big deal. Is no one allowed to fuck up anymore? Maybe She knows things we dont. I dont know...just sayin’.
  10. Madonna still has her finger on the pulse. It’s just not always in the form of a “Hung Up” or “Vogue”.
  11. You should never be able to tell if a reviewer likes or dislikes an artist. This girl is either trolling or hasnt done her homework.. Ever since their clearly-biased Madame X review, I ignore Pitchfork like I ignore Trump, The Kardashians and anything with the word "influencer" attached to it.
  12. Madonna breaking out into "Lucky Star" in the middle-8 of "Levitating" would be bonkers! Then, joining Dua on the chorus.
  13. Future Nostalgia is being re-issued in November.
  14. PaperFaces

    Id love the Mother and Father multitracks!