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  1. A great read while listening to the album:
  2. Does anyone know where to buy this?
  3. PaperFaces

    I think it's time to let go of the idea of Madonna and radio. The medium has become annoying anyway. Madonna is beyond radio now.
  4. PaperFaces

    I wasnt talking about physical media. Nor was I alluding we should "go back". Im saying streaming is of its time. If it evolves into something else, lets hope it means better quality and sound and more revenue for the artists. Someone who works for Spotify makes more money than the artists on Spotify, just because people feel like they are entitled to free music. It's like walking into a restaurant and what you owe is 50$, but only pay 20$ because that's what you feel it is worth. Most people would consider that stealing.
  5. PaperFaces

    Release God Control as a USB single but the USB key is shaped like a bullet. And on it, you have the God Control remixes, video and a link to every US Senate Representative's website or email so you could write them to protest gun laws. THAT would be packaging. She'd get hell for it, but she'll get hell for whatever she does anyway. Remember when Madonna got into trouble for things other than her age?
  6. PaperFaces

    I was agreeing with you and adding to your point. ;)
  7. PaperFaces

    You cant just put on Madame X in the background. You need to sit and pay attention to it. There is a cool genius behind most of the tracks. It's left-of-center for a "pop" record and it sounds nothing like anything else out there. It's a challenging listen, but worth every note.
  8. PaperFaces

    Why do we have to have only one format of music? The quality of files on streaming services sucks. There has always been cassettes. cd, vinyl, digital. Why cant we have more than one format to choose from? Id rather OWN my music. Besides, I think streaming is a fad.
  9. PaperFaces

    I have. I ordered the Dark Ballet promo cd. Just be careful: alot of the items they carry are bootlegs.
  10. PaperFaces

  11. PaperFaces

    What is making it climb the charts all of a sudden?
  12. Probably the ones we already have, but just made commercially available.
  13. It was a great era with performances, tons of remixes, b-sides, videos, a kickass tour and lots of promo. The packaging was there, which is always important in terms of looks, theme, delivery, color scheme, message. Proof of the magic that can happen when the label supports her. I can only imagine what Rebel Heart or Madame X had been like if a similar strategy had been applied. We probably wouldve had remixes for Rebel Heart, a proper single release for God Control, etc. Not to mention the album's production was top-notch. The only thing I didnt like about it were the shitty remixes for Get Together. She had a French-House anthem on her hands: that track shouldve been remixed by Fred Falke, Daft Punk, Lifelike.
  14. PaperFaces

    Im just happy the era isnt completely over yet and we might get more remixes or a remix EP out of it yet.
  15. PaperFaces

    I believe we will see some re-issues/remasters as well as unreleased material being made available, all before any new material comes along.