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  1. People are negative online because no one else wants to listen to them in real life, so this becomes an outlet where they think people here will care.
  2. Is hyper-pop another word for douchy, obnoxious EDM?
  3. Oh, I know they do it for the numbers. But when you have quality material, the length doesnt even play into it. Just look at the two ABBA tracks that were just released. There is a market for longer tracks and people are still willing to sit and listen to them. Again: when you have quality and are uncompromising about it. I cant invest in a two minute track. I didnt even listen to those. I bought 4 tracks and they are all over 3 minutes long. And what annoys me about the mixes is that you CAN TELL where they fade in and out. You can tell theyve been edited. Thats shitty.
  4. It sounds like most of the tracks have been faded in/out or edited to ridiculous lengths. If youre going to have a remix album, release the full mixes, not just stupid 2-minute edits.
  5. These remixes that last 2:40....what the hell? Can people not be invested in music anymore? What moron dj will play a 2-minute track in a club?
  6. What Ive heard of the remixes so far made my ears bleed. It just sounds like douchy, obnoxious EDM. Hope im wrong.
  7. People throw around superlatives like theyre candy. I clearly do not have the same definition of "legendary" as most people. It's probably Kylie.
  8. Yeah but she could give It her twist.
  9. The Weeknd - Take My Breath ....why isnt Madonna doing music like this? Goddamnit.
  10. She worked with people with bigger egos than hers and, for the first time, she felt like a guest on her own record. Too many duets. We hear JT, Pharrell and Timbo WAY too much on the tracks. And I feel like they shouldve gone with Candy Shop with a first single. We mightve gotten some really cool mixes for that track. It's the only tour of hers I havent seen. She was on a roll from Ray of light to Confessions. This just brought everything to a screeching halt. The album isnt bad. I just think her collaborators didnt listen enough to her input and her influence on the tracks was diminished. It's the only record I dont go back to somehow. I keep forgetting it exists.
  11. The 4 Who's That Girl tracks, plus Spotlight added to this edtiion make for a summery, joyful listening experience!
  12. Whats with the Remix Edit of Open your heart? It is not actually an edit of the Extended Mix and it sounds like an edit of the album version.
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