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  1. PaperFaces

    This was, what....8 years ago? Watch it again. See what's happened everywhere since. To the people who thought this was lame or bullshit: tell me she didn't see it coming?
  2. Using Lola to try to get to Madonna is weird at best. And if I felt used, id probably clap back too. So people need to check their behavior before deciding what kind of person she is based on Internet behavior. Again: what you see online isnt real.
  3. I think she ‘s hilarious. Lol!
  4. She’s always said she divides her career into two: before and after Erotica. So, we’ll see how that applies here.
  5. PaperFaces

  6. This can't be official.
  7. She's not checking out, she goes on with her life. What is she supposed to do? Put her life on hold because the US is in turmoil? If we all do that, we wont get a lot done in the coming years. She's an artist and a businesswoman and she is tending to her business. Because she has an album called American Life, she would have to be holding meetings at the Senate? Not everyone has to have an opinion about everything, and not expressing said opinion doesnt mean you agree with or support what's going on. I just dont understand the correlation youre trying to make with Madonna, her travels, and whats going on in the States. Maybe she shouldnt be traveling, but maybe she has to and chooses to take every precaution involved. The woman was one of the first to engage in discourse about safe sex and has lived through another epidemic: AIDS. So im assuming she has an understanding of risk assessment and what it means for her and her loved ones. She also probably isnt taking it likely as she has seen alot of people (her friends) die from not receiving treatment for AIDS related illnesses. Maybe, just maybe, she is making sure it isn't the case this time. She also knows ressources are limited in the countries she is visiting and might be there to see how she can help and how the pandemic is being handled (if I'd invested in Malawi, id want to see for myself how things are managed and how my money is spent). Maybe she shows pictures of herself being tested there to prove to people (who ABSOLUTELY need the proof) that they are providing testing over there and the sick are being taken care of. Instead of assuming the worst, how about we trust.
  8. Let’s see your face so I can write an editorial about it. It might put things into perspective for you. As a rule of thumb, never say anything online you wouldnt say to the person’s face. It works wonders for me. Please.
  9. PaperFaces

    Yeah, these are old pics. So another pointless thread...again. I say we start asking people to post bad pictures of themselves so we can make rude remarks about THEIR appearance. Like somone who's just getting out of bed, or is in a dentist chair with really bad lighting. Or perhaps the 200 other pics they took of themselves before deciding which one they look good enough in to post online,
  10. PaperFaces

    Yeah, when they had that sale.
  11. PaperFaces

    I ended up buying the VIP book. It is absolutely gorgeous. It's fun to go through as you listen to the album.
  12. Ok, so some of you have these already?
  13. PaperFaces

    Id love Hollywod, if only for a clean acapella to make a full vocal TWD mix.
  14. PaperFaces

    Id kill for mother and father and Across the Sky.