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  1. Madonna doing vulgar. Quelle surprise. Not a big fan of Sam and his voice but I hope the song is a hit.
  2. I'd love it if they'd release The Immaculate 12" Mixes Collection: the full extended mixes of all the album tracks. Full of ad libs, instrumental breakdowns. etc. They clearly have the stems and are no longer limited to physical media.
  3. Do you need special earphones to hear the effects (Airpods) of any kind will do?
  4. I dont think it's a coincidence that the FEL comp uses imagery from the First Album. I think the Tour visuals might center heavily around those and itll be the most logical and iconic brand marker for the promo this summer. Theyll all tie in together. Just a theory.
  5. Thanks. Is it because they lacked understanding as to how digital files worked back then that we are getting lossy masters? Did they think it didnt matter?
  6. I never believed that. Never said that. And I can provide clear examples of what I meant when I spoke of sexual signaling. It's a thing in human psychology and behavorism. Someone ELSE tied my comment to rape culture and then assumed that that's what I meant and then you ran with that. You made that assumption about me. But i can assure you that I DO NOT believe such nonsense. Good God. Rape culture had nothing to do with what I was talking about. Please dont assume the worst just because you might not fully understand what I am speaking of. This is how things get blown up to Level 10 when they should remain at Level 1. Stop seeking outrage and ask questions instead. Seek information across the spectrum to better understand things.
  7. And there it is: the namecalling, simply for stating facts. Im not engaging in this.
  8. No one's said anything hateful. It is the beauty of living in a democracy: we can exchange and tolerate other points of view. Citing reality does not make you a bigot. No one here is against anyone, so lets refrain from making grandiose assumptions. Again. And again, labeling others or tying what they say to some doctrine, or trying to silence them is never the answer. People are capable of individual thought. And we mustnt be afraid of what is foreign to us. It's ok to not share the same views. Although reality and truth should never be up for debate. How are we to move forward if there is no basis to agree on?
  9. We are conflating gender with temperament. And im just appalled by their sexist notions of "gender". By "rejecting" stereotypes, they're actually falling right into them.
  10. He's not in the room. What does he care how he is referred to? Seems a bit narcissistic. "You will adress me as such..." Jesus.
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