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  1. Watch the Tourbook be released as a package with the Live album later this year to give it an extra push in sales.
  2. Buy the instrumental and stick Madonna’s acapella on top of it.
  3. Ok, so officially, the only difference between the Orbit Remix and the Orbit Alternative Remix is the length? Are there other differences in terms of production? Im not noticing any. Just wondering what the point of releasing two very similar mixes and calling on "Alternate" when, really, theres just no fade out. Same thing with the Beach and Groove mixes? What the hell are the differences? Also, anyone notice distorsions in the Groove Mix in some points at 1:43 and 4:03?
  4. Releasing the studio mixes for this Tour would make a lovely greatest hits comp. No need for a live album. Just the studio mixes.
  5. @clkelley39which mix are you talking about and what do you mean about her vocals? The Orbit Alternative mix shared by @Would You Like To Trysounds great. I can increase the volume a bit, but it sounds just fine.
  6. Was the Keep It Together Instrumental off the new release available anywhere before? I dont remember having it.
  7. Is it remastered, though? Or exactly the same as the cd maxi?
  8. Remastered = Mike Dean running everything through an equalization filter. Im thinking.
  9. The show is relentless from beginning to end. It is a testament to the power and impact of her music. I left the show completely floored and dehydrated.
  10. If anyone scored that mask and riding crop, im willing to buy it off of you. Message me. Please.
  11. Anyone at the Montreal show know if the Erotica mask and riding crop are still available and how much they go for?
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