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  1. Yes me too. I try to stream as much as possible, but sometimes I just want to hear every instrument in the background, and you can't do that on Spotify because it's too compressed. I'm still waiting for Spotify Hi-Fi
  2. Thank you! I had them deactivated. Why doesn't Girl gone wild have one :(
  3. I hope Warner will promote this a bit more in August. Send a single to radio, make the ad one of the most common ads on YouTube for a week. Get Madonna a Jimmy Fallon interview with a performance. We're nor getting new music soon so might as well
  4. I don't think all of us are advocating for those things and it shows. Go have a read in the jozzy thread if you want to see some gay right-wing bigots
  5. I only saw a few clips (I was waiting for the official recording on YouTube...), but I remember her vocals were amazing in Dark Ballet? Anyway her vocals were terrible between 2008 and 2014 and then we got the Rebel heart and Madame X tours. We know she gets a bit rusty in between eras because she doesn't sing so much, but with weeks of practicing and training she can get back in perfect vocal shape. She's proven it many times, so no need to worry.
  6. Yes but she chose to dance so of course she couldn't sing well. If she was just sitting down she would be able to sing just fine
  7. This is not a good look honey. You are sharing your opinion, not the truth. And as I said before, a negative opinion doesn't necessarily need to be shared. Didn't your moma teach you that if you have nothing nice to say you don't have to say anything?
  8. This is PRIDE sir. Take your negativity somewhere else, we are here to be CAMP.
  9. Sometimes I type up some negative comment and then I think "do I really need to post that? What will it accomplish? Do we need this negative post up in here?" And then I delete it before I send it. Some of you should start doing the same because this CONSTANT bitching is killing this forum and sucking all of the fun out of everybody else. Go do something else that you enjoy.
  10. What happened to this topic? I go away for a few hours and it's now it's gross and full of sad people. Not cute
  11. They absolutely HAVE TO upload these remixes to Spotify
  12. She looks so good 😍 She forgot to put the microphone to her mouth in that video lol but she's dancing 😍 and the hair 😍
  13. So it's finished? Did she only do three songs?
  14. Maybe she was scared of making mistakes live? And they will upload the whole thing to YouTube if it goes smoothly ?
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