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  1. It looks like it's all old remixes, but I do think the new Frozen Remix will take the spot of the old one. And they will use the Frozen Remix ft Swae Lee to promote the remix collection. Kinda like what Dua Lipa did with Madonna for her remixed album.
  2. Ok, I think this is called Remix revolution now...
  3. I still don't get why people are discussing You can dance. She is remixing 50 songs. It sounds nothing like a You can dance re-release.
  4. Hard disagree to be honest. He might be a lunatic, but the Rebel Heart material he reworked was really good. Especially Wash all over me and Inside out. Imagine if Madonna had actually released Wash all over me with that tired old Avicii sound that already sounded dated in 2014. As a song, yes, Sex is terrible but Holy water is too iconic to be "bad".
  5. You seem to think that Madame X sucked because it didn't have strong, catchy choruses? That's not what makes a good album. She didn't really have many because she chose not to. It was definitely not a mainstream pop album.
  6. These publications have zero credibility. They're just reacting to what they see on Instagram
  7. There is now way she is even making an album at all right now, let alone with that absolute nut job.
  8. They will join Warner from 2025. For now, they only belong to Madonna. Interscope owns nothing. Because Madonna is making this, she can choose to publish her Interscope-era material with Warner, she just needs to make a deal with them. From 2025, Warner won't need Madonna's permission to re-issue Madame X etc
  9. As far as I know Interscope and Live Nation don't have any rights to her 2012-2019 catalogue, it belongs to Madonna only. Live Nation was just managing and promoting Madonna and Interscope was just printing and supplying stores with her physical releases. From 2025, Warner will have the rights to those songs too, but Madonna can have them on a Warner release now if she wants to. That's my understanding.
  10. I don't think she is taking about the You Can Dance compilation at all. She just quoted Into the groove
  11. Everyone talking about Spotlight but it doesn't look like it would be included in this project?
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