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  1. I wasn't really until I saw the newest trailer. Now I can't wait! I also went to a theatre show yesterday for the first time since I saw the MXT and it brought back so many memories.
  2. Are there official remixes of the post 2005 singles that are not currently on Spotify? Surely there's loads. They could just take them all down and reupload them with the missing mixes and people won't complain about it
  3. Where is this screenshot from? There's only one Hung up instead of 1000 different versions of the EP
  4. Not sure they did. The first trailer could just have been made before the color grading.
  5. I really want her to serve us a VISUAL ALBUM. Like, you're the queen of music videos, what are you waiting for? I think it was a good sign that she made 6 videos for Madame X, 5 with her actually present in them. It was the first time since 1998. If a lot of people watch the Madame X Tour on Paramount+ and it does a good job at presenting Madonna and Madame X, it would be cool to see her present her new album that way (2 years after release is a bit late). As for the music, serve us the pop anthems gurl
  6. Is that going to be the official artwork for the release? 👀 And possibly the bluray cover?
  7. She was probably also hangover from the VMAs after party
  8. There's going to be another, bigger MET gala in May with the same theme. I guess she had to choose one and she chose the bigger event.
  9. The new teaser shows Like a prayer and Come Alive. So I guess this confirms that it's the whole show with no cuts and no backstage footage?
  10. Just tuned back in, did she really do all that just to say "welcome to vmas"? She never reappeared throughout the night?
  11. I usually don't post negative stuff but I found this other screenshot and... Yeah... Yikes... Who saw this and thought it was ok
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