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  1. I wish I had access to her Spotify page for 24 hours. I would fix EVERYTHING. (If some kind colleague explains to me how to do it...)
  2. The last thing we need is ANOTHER Confessions single uploaded like that though. They should just take them all down and re-upload them as collections. I'm so tired of having three different releases clogging the page all titled "Sorry". Sorry my ass, fix it.
  3. Is it me or are technical issues way too common on this tour? Especially with the audio? She often says "I can't hear" into the microphone, and it's happened on multiple cities. The opening night was interrupted for like 15 minutes cause the audio was down and then the flying box didn't reach her on time for Ray of light, among many other issues. What's going on?
  4. After seeing the show there's almost nothing I would change. If anything, I would make it a little longer. I would insert elements of Causing a commotion into Into the groove instead of the Missy Elliot bit and change the lyrics of Into the groove to the original ones. Replaced The Beast Within with 4 Minutes (interlude) Added elements of Oh Father and Promise to try to Mother and Father Replace Don't Cry For Me Argentina with Express yoursef/I rise Replace the awful Ray of light remix with a better remix Add another song after Rain to make that section a little longer, maybe The Power of Goodbye/Take a bow? Make the Celebration/Music a proper 4 or 5 minute performance.
  5. If Like a virgin is the first, maybe they'll do Like a virgin, True blue, Like a prayer, Erotica, Ray of light, Music and Confessions on a dance floor? American Life already got the Mixshow Mix edition and it's probably all it's gonna get. MDNA, Rebel Heart and Madame X will probably just get re-issued on vinyl from 2025 after they become Warner's. Madonna, Bedtime stories and Hard Candy will probably just get ignored. Unless the first re-issue is Like a virgin and Madonna together?
  6. It's really not difficult to do and it would sell like hot cakes. If it doesn't happen we can safely say Madonna just doesn't want to do it. Designing one of these is not hard, they also definitely have demos sitting in a vault and Nile Rodgers could easily remaster them as he's offered already. The Virgin Tour was shot on tape so a full HD remaster is possible and the editing wasn't crazy back then, so it wouldn't be hard to re-edit it after remastering. The Material Girl music video has been upscaled already as well, so it's really just Like a virgin that needs upscaling now. They could include those two videos too.
  7. I 100% agree with this. She should have announced the Celebration tour right after the Superbowl, celebrating 30 years in music. Imagine a show as fantastic as the Celebration Tour, but at a time when Madonna is still able to dance her ass off. Girl gone wild would have been a nice single to release at the same time as the Superbowl too.
  8. All that matters is what quality they start from. They probably couldn't find a high-quality video to upscale for The Power of Goodbye.
  9. Frozen and Nothing Really Matters looks amazing though. Not all of them get it. Express yourself also didn't look good enough to warrant the "HD" label.
  10. I doubt this is gonna get the "HD" thumbnail. It's too bad to be called HD. It's gonna be another Express Yourself situation, where it's just improved a bit but not really advertised.
  11. It looks terrible to be honest, and I've liked almost all of them.
  12. Miss Thing is also gay slang for "gurl". Like "okay Miss Thing, werk!". It's like "bitch", if you say "bitch is looking snatched" it's a compliment... In the context of RideOrDie's message, it could be interpreted anyway. It doesn't sound like he was being shady to me.
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