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  1. But I don't think it's Madonna's decision whether the movie is happening or not. If the script sucks and no one wants to fund it they just won't make it. Other movies she wanted to make have never happened because she couldn't find investors.
  2. This didn't even cross my mind until this Sorry remix was announced. Now I'm really scared too
  3. Yeah I think this is the way to go. On the other hand, in the tour reveal trailer she said "I'm MLVC", and I don't think she's ever referee to herself as that? That was only on the cover of the LAP single. So maybe there will be a new greatest hits titled MLVC?
  4. It's not supposed to be completely new and original, she is promoting a greatest hits tour. It's meant to be self-referential and on-brand. I think this shoot is stunning and the cover is now my favourite picture of hers
  5. Part of me thinks "if you're going to see Madonna you should know not to expect her before 10", but also she got SO MUCH shit for this, come on girl. You pleased the fans and the general public with the greatest hits tour, you cleared your Instagram, take us all the way and start on time. Don't give people any reasons to leave your show unhappy
  6. It's a slightly different picture. I don't mind either in HD, I just want one 😂
  7. I meant from the HD cover. This is a different picture
  8. Anyone really good with Photoshop that can remove the writing?
  9. That would be printed and put in a 1m frame in my house
  10. God this interview was so boring. You can hear the boredom in her answers
  11. But she should return it, it's not hers. If someone steals your car and sells it, and someone else buys it and pays for it, does it stops being yours? She should return the painting to France and sue to get her money back
  12. I'm hoping these visuals will be recycled for an interlude or for the tour book.
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