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  1. Can't be bothered reading all these pages of arguments so I don't know if it's been said before: Song and Video: good Wig line and make up: 🤢
  2. Oh sorry I thought you were the one who started the topic
  3. Because you said she's a genius for her production or lyrics, and I was just pointing out those songs on the list that she pretty much did nothing for. It's called correcting a mistake 🤷🏻‍♂️ she's a genius for the Blond Ambition tour, for the whole Erotica era etc, not for the lyrics written by other people or production where she had a small input. No one is saying she should do everything by herself, I was just disagreeing with the song selection on the list
  4. Off the top of my head she didn't write bedtime story, swim, don't tell me, falling free... Also Ray of light, Drowned world and Sky fits heaven are derivative of other people's works. I'm not saying Madonna isn't a genius, just pointing out what she does and doesn't deserve credit for
  5. I guess it's all fan art. I don't see them hiring a designer for these things
  6. ANYWAY The official cover looks better than what she posted on Instagram. I just can't get past her singing about wanting a new ass...
  7. Look, at the end of the day you can think whatever of the Queen. I didn't hate her. I just thought that it's absurd to expect Madonna to adjust her plans according to her funeral
  8. Some people are saying it's disrespectful that her song comes out on Monday and she should wait
  9. Madonna hasn't really ever shows interest in the passing of people she wasn't close with. Am I wrong? I mean, it does seem weird to mourn a stranger...
  10. Lol are people for real? Madonna should change the release date for her song because one lady from one country died? She wasn't Nelson Mandela. She's a woman who lived her whole life covered in diamonds she didn't earn. It's said that she passed, she was cute. Her country is already going all-out on her funeral, no need for more, certainly not in America
  11. Even though I really wanted a big boxset for Erotica, I'm kinda glad it isn't coming this year. I hope nothing comes out until spring because my wallet needs a break
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