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  1. Will the rebroadcast on Saturday fix the glitches? And will it have different camera work or will it be exactly the same?
  2. Madonna is not credited, so I doubt they did
  3. Technical problems during Bedtime Story. The front of the box was not working
  4. She looked stunning with the wig, what are you guys talking about it
  5. I still don't understand why she didn't tour south America and Australasia. This could have been her #2 most successful
  6. Madonna after she finally releases the Celebration tour book
  7. It completely depends on what kind of music they are into. Pop fans? Confessions or Rebel heart Classic rock fans? Like a prayer Electronica and ambient fans? Ray of light Jazz and spoken word fans? Erotica or I'm Breathless 90's ballad fans? Bedtime stories Broadway fans? Evita R'N'B fans? Madonna Hip hop fans? Hard Candy... I guess? Taylor Swift fans? True blue or Music (The Immaculate Collection would be better) Disney fans? I'm Breathless
  8. I hope she sings it for you but also be prepared for the possibility that the setlist will be different.
  9. That's just being pedantic. The sources we have are more than enough to call this confirmed. Madonna might not even say anything until the day of, who knows.
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