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  1. Rebel

    Yes please..... this is the best remix i heard so far......... very dancy and joyable fresh summer tune... we need the entire remix......
  2. Rebel

    i really like this please put the entire mix here!!!
  3. Rebel

    No Promise to try & Act of Contrition ???????? this can't be real!
  4. Rebel

    Normally yes i can select text and copy it in my URL bar but not with these links. i think it's because of the color box around the text? it's so frustrating
  5. Rebel

    No, i can't select the text :-(
  6. Rebel

    i'll explain what my problem is with most of the links: 1. YES i can download (because there is a line in the link) 2. NO i can't not copy the link or download the link (the line is missing) the same problem with mega links too :-( HELP.....
  7. Rebel

    Hi maxmahoney and everybody, i have another problem if i say thank you in a topic i can't copy or download the links anymore i already told fighter about this problem.
  8. Rebel

    some tracks on these yellow series aren't the right versions as it says on the cover
  9. Rebel

    01. What it feels like for a girl 02. Don't Tell Me 03. American Pie 04. Gone 05. Music 06. Impressive Instant 07. I Deserve It 08. Runaway Lover 09. Nobody's Perfect 10. Amazing 11. Paradise (Not For Me)
  10. Rebel

    I want on blu ray Who's That Girl? and The Next Best Thing.
  11. Rebel

    Her last best album! i love this album from the start! the artwork is awful though. From best to worst: 01. Devil Wouldn't Recognise You 02. Heartbeat 03. Miles Away 04. She's Not Me 05. Candy Shop 06. Beat Goes On 07. 4 minutes 08. Dance 2night 09. Incredible 10. Voices 11. Give it to me 12. Spanish Lesson
  12. Rebel

    From Best to Worst: 01. Waiting 02. Where Life Begins 03. Rain 04. Secret Garden 05. Deeper and Deeper 06. Why's it so Hard 07. Bad girl 08. Fever (video version) 09. Erotica 10. Thief of Hearts 11. In this Life 12. Bye Bye Baby 13. Words
  13. Rebel

    From the Best to the Worst: 01. Mother and Father (Re-invention Tour version) !!!! 02. Love Profusion 03. Nothing fails 04. Easy Ride 05. Intervention 06. X-static Process 07. Nobody Knows me (Re-invention Tour version) ! 08. American Life 09. Die another day 10. Hollywood 11. I'm so stupid
  14. Rebel

    I never liked those remixes by Forest & Heller they sound too messy imo.
  15. Rebel

    1. Angel 2. Dress you up 3. Into the groove 4. Over and Over 5. Pretender 6. Material Girl 7. Stay 8. Shoo-Bee-Doo 9. Like a Virgin 10. Love don't live here anymore