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  1. I have always loved that song! But only the official version produced by Reggie Lucas (4:12 B-side PDP single) I heard it for the first time back in june 1986 as the PDP B-side single It should included on The First Album for sure!
  2. I have always loved this album, it's a masterpiece and He's a man is a great opening of the album. I love that song, it's the best track on the album imo. I agree that Vogue was misplaced on this album. top tracks are: He's a man Back in Business Now I'm Following You Sooner or Later More and I agree the bare bones single mix of "Hanky Panky" is much better than the album version. This fanmade video is perfectly done.
  3. 1. The First Album (Color one) 2. True Blue 3. Bedtime Stories (Upside Up) 4. Confessions on a Dancefloor 5. You Can Dance
  4. a fan can only dream, it wil NEVER gonna happend.
  5. March 1985 when I first saw the Material Girl video on TV i was blown away when I saw her she was so gorgeous I loved everything
  6. the photographer in the video of Borderline is that Andrew Caulfield ??? i mean there was a photgrapher who made these pics of Madonna but they are not in the book at all can anyone explain ?
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