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  1. For me this was her last best live performance on TV, amazing performance and always loved the song and remix too as many of you didn't like the song at all. it's a typical M song for that time in 2015.
  2. Nope, never. Dream is all we can do i'm afraid.
  3. It will never gonna happened a Blu ray release for the Virgin Tour i gave up hope many years ago. we can only dream. we have to deal with it.
  4. in the shots with the gorgeous make up she has the peace sign earring
  5. the reason is simple: they shot both nights in Detroit 25th en 26th of May that’s why in some sences in Over and Over she has other make up
  6. beautiful! Angel (HD Upscale) next ?
  7. Incredible edit, Dan, thanks so much!
  8. I believe this photo shoot (Joe Bangay) is from late '82 right ?
  9. I'm pretty sure this one was take in the late summer of 1982, as her hair is shorter here and the left bracelet, she wore this only in 1982.
  10. Finally ? The Virgin Tour complete on Blu ray/Streaming and Blond Ambition Tour from Paris complete (Truth or Dare footage)
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