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  1. Beautiful_Scars

    Mdna is a masterpiece compared with the 4 songs of MadameX
  2. Beautiful_Scars

    I fucki*g love yoy
  3. Omg you guys are lost your mind...
  4. Beautiful_Scars

    I love you
  5. Beautiful_Scars

    Madonna dancing non sense and a guy with doves, wowww, yep, great. Her best video ever, i mean, WIFLFAG, Die another Day, American life, Ghosttown, Vogue, LAP, Bedtime Story, Bad Girl, 4 Minutes, Sorry, TPOG etc are shaking in their graves!!
  6. Beautiful_Scars

    sorry but you are a mind-closed fan, you can not be objetive
  7. Beautiful_Scars

    omg, I hate this type of comments, I mean.. just because she is 60 she can be original anymore and repeat herself over and over again?
  8. Beautiful_Scars

    omg, you are the perfect fan man, everything that madonna does even is a fart direct from her new ass is perfect to you, you really bothers me!
  9. Beautiful_Scars

    Omg are un blind?
  10. Beautiful_Scars

    Cheap video, another Give it 2 me/celebration, and that dance movies are so forced... is a damn balad M! not a dance song. One of her worst videos, another disappointment in this era...
  11. Beautiful_Scars

    If we were in 2005 that quote can be truth, be she has repeated herself a lot since 2008
  12. Beautiful_Scars

    Can you tell us if the performance is the same that met gala 2018? Cause it seems so...
  13. Beautiful_Scars

    And then she said that she don’t want to repeat herself? Is the only thing that she is doing lately... 1,3 million for a recycled performance? She is the worst...
  14. Beautiful_Scars

    People get ready for an recycled performance of met gala 2018....