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  1. Beautiful_Scars

    Are you on drugs? Or are u describing any song of Confessions on a dancefloor?
  2. Beautiful_Scars

    Maybe i’m 12 but my taste in music is better than yours
  3. Beautiful_Scars

    Are you comparing Medeshit with Like a prayer!?
  4. Beautiful_Scars

    no, it's on sec 0:24-25 between "to be naive and the MALUMA DIME"
  5. Beautiful_Scars

    nobody is talking about the disastrous mastering work? listen 0:25 to 0:28, it's incredible...
  6. Beautiful_Scars

    Mmmm strange that every site has good reviews but if you check M Instagram latest post you barely can see any good review or opinion about the song, literally in the pic with the cigarette people are destroying her, so obviously the those reviews are paid
  7. Beautiful_Scars

    4 years of waiting for this garbage, congratulations M, this song is awful, starting with the typical simple and irritating reggeton sound, the excess of autotune, the misogynist lyrics, and the worst part is... the great and marvelous Mirwais has produced this shit.. (money can pay everything) omg i can't believe this is happening, as a fan I don't know if some of you are as sad as me....
  8. Beautiful_Scars

    are you deaf?
  9. Beautiful_Scars

    If this album ended being bad after over a year teasing... gosh... the meltdown will be epic
  10. Beautiful_Scars

    25 March 2019, we have NOTHING, natinnn, natinnnnn 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬
  11. Beautiful_Scars

    Where that rumor come from? That makes 0 sense, she need time to promote the album plus the album is done and the videos too, makes no sense to put a finished album on hold for 6 months!
  12. Beautiful_Scars

    No, i’m pretty sure that before May 10 we’ll have new single/singles
  13. Beautiful_Scars

    Maluma let her fall while grabbing her during video shoot  it's understandable, that new ass weighs a lot🤣
  14. Beautiful_Scars

    Stop pretending that the Eurovision thing is going to happen because it’s not, I bet everything I have
  15. Beautiful_Scars

    If we have any doubt that Maluma is shooting something with Madonna now here is the proof, she give Maluma a couple of mdna eye masks 🤣🤣