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  1. Lucifer's Angel

    Well, the tracks we got so far can reach max 8.5/10 in my book, so yeah I'm craving for some 10 I'd love to hear the most political ones.
  2. Lucifer's Angel

    So the singles are the weakest tracks? Btw I got bored of Crave's better than Medellin but it still just a 8/10
  3. Lucifer's Angel

  4. Lucifer's Angel

    Um it's silly to bash these reviews only cuz they disagree with yours LOL The RS review is 90% positive and the only real critique is about Killers lyrics, which they fail to motivate why they are bad. I mean they clearly explain that being weird is a positive quality for a Madonna album, but from the 3 stars rank I was expecting a harsher review.
  5. Lucifer's Angel

    Nah, ROL is the best album and it got many more awards including Grammys. LAP does not come close and the RS got a very good reputation in the music world you know. Just deal with the fact that RS agrees with me that HC is the superior album. You can still enjoy LAP more, but don't try so hard to push your biased taste please. It is not perfection, maybe for you but surely not for me or the RS magazine. Most of the LAP songs rely on Madonna's vocals abilities and that says it a lot. Madonna's vocal peak was during Evita-ROL and on LAP her vocals are not that perfect. Madonna is not a great vocalist like Whitney and therefore her ballads are not that powerful or touching, unless they provide also a great beat. This is not the case on LAP cuz the beat is so fucking boring. Overall LAP is a boring and depressing album that miserably fails to be joyful. I mean, Cherish, Dear Jessie and Keep It Together are meant to be happy cheerful songs but they are just plenty boring, soporific and got pathetic lyrics. Those songs aged quite bad compared to her other 80s hits and are definitely a skip in the album. Love Song is bland and disappointing cuz Madonna and Prince did not put enough effort on it; and, finally Act of Contrition tastes like the title track leftover. This means that half of Like a Prayer album is not that great at all. Let's face it: the only real skip on HC is the Incredible song. Seriously, even Spanish Lesson is lowkey a bop and a great way to learn some Spanish. There is plenty of substance on the rest of the album: 4 minutes still got a great message to save the world and Miles Away's lyrics are extremely mature and it kinda forecast the imminent divorce with Guy Ritchie. It may not be a subject as deep as the lost of her mother, but it still deal with very important and personal stuff. Most importantly, HC songs are joyful and make you dance! Even the ballads got awesome bridges and melodies. Just compare Miles Away to Promise to Try to see what I'm talking about. Both songs are ballads with deep introspective lyrics. However, Promise To Try is the usual slow ballad that you are probably going to forget after the first listen and it's the kind of song that could had fit better a stronger vocalist like Whitney Houston; on the other hand Miles Away is that kind of rare ballad that rocks hard! It is generally downtempo with a sad/reflective mood but at the same time it's great to dance to it and sing it out loud. That is because the electronic beats are dope and the acoustic guitar is so pleasant to hear. On top of that the bridges are so powerful and the chorus is extremely catchy: an epic ballad that is impossible to forget. The musical style of HC is very innovative as Madonna experiments different kinds of sound. The album blends with great mastery a wide variety of music styles and tastes, such as R&B, dance-pop, disco, hip-pop and trip-hop. Despite all its producers the album is very cohesive and Pharrell serves some of his best productions ever, like Give It To Me: a song/candy with a juicy disco center surrounded by a crunchy hip-pop shell. Overall HC feels like a candy store, with many different candies (“Say which flavor you like and I’ll have it for you”) but they all wisely exposed next to each other and the album progression towards the end is great. Seriously...let's compare the albums: 1. Like a Prayer VS Candy Shop 2. Express Yourself VS 4 Minutes 3. Love Song VS Give It 2 Me 4. Till Death Do Us Part VS Heartbeat 5. Promise to Try VS Miles Away 6. Cherish VS She's Not Me 7. Dear Jessie VS Incredible 8. Oh Father VS Beat Goes On 9. Keep It Together VS Dance 2night 10. Spanish Eyes VS Spanish Lesson 11. Act of Contrition VS Devil Wouldn't Recognize You 12 Supernatural VS Voices Lap: 5/12 vs HC: 7/12 winner: HC
  6. hmm releasing a GH is so anachronistic
  7. Lucifer's Angel

    Maybe cuz Hard Candy is more enjoyable and interesting than LAP? Lbr Lap is one of Madonna's worst albums (slightly boring and with few skips). That Said, I think when you rate 3 out of 5 stars you should highlight also the negative not just the positive like they did in this case.
  8. Lucifer's Angel

    thanks for educate me on that. I'm Italian and I can ensure you that he resembles a lot of Jesus Christ. I doubt that many persons could recognize he is a saint and after all the real Jesus (the man who was born Bethlehem) had dark skin. Ofc ethnic identity it is a sensitive topic, but the Black Madonna got nothing to do with that. So to back up is like a win for reverse racism. If nobody takes a stance then it is difficult to overcome people's ignorance. No, that is clearly an edited picture and not album cover material at all. We are talking about the album title, not the cover
  9. Lucifer's Angel

    The majority of the gp did not agree with Madonna during Erotica or when she kissed a black Jesus on the LAP video, but thanks God that Madonna did not care about that in the past. Again, art is meant to be provocative, it is meant to make people question their ignorance. Personally, I don't like when Madonna plays it too safe.
  10. Lucifer's Angel

    Black Madonna is a ancient religious concept that evokes motherhood and it is identified with the primordial darkness and chaos of the universe, and with the moist and fertile black earth. The Black Madonna also speaks to an ancient cultural memory of the African origins of humanity, representing the original mother of Earth’s children. To claim that Madonna can portray only the normal Virgin Mary but not the Black Madonna because she got white skin it is reverse racism. When Beyonce got pregnant and portrayed herself as the Virgin Mary, everyone was quick to call her the Black Madonna just on the basis of her skin color. When people judge other people or their artistic work only on the basis of their skin color that is when racism takes place.
  11. Lucifer's Angel

    Controversy is one of Madonna's best qualities and the lynching would have been only from ignorant people. Art should be provocative and the album itself got religious references as well as dark vibes (Devil Wouldn't Recognize You, Voices, 4 Minutes), so it would have make sense.
  12. Lucifer's Angel

    Got to upload my list with Future, Soltera and I Rise
  13. Lucifer's Angel

    Guy was extremely dumb. Controversial Madonna slays and Black Madonna is dope. I wouldn't be surprised if Guy was also responsible of convincing Madonna to release that trend-chasing "4 Minutes" as lead instead of the far superior Give It To Me.
  14. Lucifer's Angel

    The "best" deserves a music video treatment. If I Rise gets the video and Dark Ballet does not, then I'll be very pissed off ngl.