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  1. Epic. If God would be a performance, it'd be Madonna at ESC
  2. I'm struggling to accept that today I got two new songs and I dislike both of them. It looks like Madame Cliche is really coming for MDNA reputation, damn. :frown: 

    Btw, I also hate her eye-patch cuz it's made of leather. :frown::frown::frown:

    1. MattyMads


      that's a shame maybe you should just skip this era and enjoy a previous? There's always confessions and Erotica. So far Madame X has delivered every time for me i'm very happy to ride this musical journey with Madonna

    2. Lucifer's Angel

      Lucifer's Angel

      welp, I don't wanna be stuck in 2005. I did enjoy the audio of Medellin and Crave tbh, so I'll keep my hopes up for now. :lord: or maybe I should focus on the positive vibes only :ag:

    3. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      Try taking Madge's name off in your mind and have another listen ?

  3. Love it how she's taking a stand amid Eurovision controversy
  4. rank the openers songs from best to worst and the same for the closers
  5. Rank the album openers and closers and/or participate to the poll My rank is the following. Openers: 1. Like a Prayer (best) 2. Material Girl 3. Music 4. Lucky Star 5. Papa Don't Preach 6. Hung Up 7. Erotica 8. American Life 9. Medellín 10. Living for Love 11. Drowned World/Substitute for Love 12. Girl Gone Wild 13. Survival 14. He's a Man 15. Candy Shop (worst) Closing songs: 1. Take a Bow (best) 2. Vogue 3. Easy Ride 4. Secret Garden 5. Voices 6. Rebel Heart 7. Everybody 8. Stay 9. Act of Contrition 10. Mer Girl 11. Falling Free 12. Love Makes the World Go Round 13. Gone 14. I Rise 15. Like It or Not (worst)
  6. That is a matter of taste, but the video objectively lacks of originality and it is not a great video to stream at all. I mean, does my stream even counts if I skip the long prayer at the beginning? The only thing I truly enjoy about the video is Madonna black hair look, but that is not enough to make me stream the full video. I will keep streaming the song tho and I hope that radio will show more support cuz Medellin deserves to climb the charts
  7. The song is a grower but how it is supposed to grow exactly? As a fan I had to play the song 4-5 times before falling in love with it. I struggle to imagine a person who is not a fan willing to give this song a serious chance. At first listen, the 1 2 cha cha hook is not enough catchy and it sounds like Madonna is chasing a trend. It's tough to get immediately obsessed with the song, so if you are not a fan it is very unlikely that you will stream Medellin a second or third time. Maluma fans got many other songs released by Maluma in this period, so they are not that obsessed with Medellin. Regardless that, it would still be humiliating to chart only thanks to Maluma streaming power. That is why I believe that would have been a smarter idea to start the era with a solo lead single that would have tested better the power of Madonna legions of fans. Obviously, she could have flopped even by releasing a solo single, but at least in that case she would have give the fans her best shot . Medellin is a good song, but is it the best one in the album? Does Medellin reflects the album's soul better than the rest of songs? The lead single is crucial for the commercial success of an album and surely Medellin is not the epic comeback that many fans were expecting. The video does not help because it is such a cliche video that lacks of any original idea and it pales in comparison to Madonna greatest music videos. There is still hope left tho if the Eurovision performance is confirmed. That is the best promo spot that Madonna can get and hopefully she was smart enough to save the best shot for that.
  8. My rank: Bitch I'm Madonna Ghosttown Medellín Give Me All Your Luvin' Living for Love Girl Gone Wild Turn Up the Radio I'm looking forward to compare my rank with urs
  9. Yes, she can I don't see Medellin smashing the charts, especially after the mediocre music video. However, if the next single is without features and it is a great song she can get a #1
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