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  1. Lucifer's Angel

    Do u know that human races do NOT exist?
  2. Lucifer's Angel

    Omg there is no law that forbbids a 18 enjoy the song of a 60 y.o.!!!! If you like a song then u stream it regardless of the age of the singer. If improving the streaming means to release weak singles, then no thanks. The best bangers shoud be the singles and the lead single would be better to be without features imho. I don't hate Medellin, I just think it was not a smart choice for commercial success. I hope that it was a single for artistic reasons, not commercial ones. The latter scenario would be pathetic.
  3. Lucifer's Angel

    um what about your comprehension skills? I said if the song is THAT good then it will get streams. What I'm saying is that if she reeased the next Hung Up she would have get more strrams than Medellin. I think that people don't care about the age of the singer but the quality of the song and Medellin is a difficult song to like at first listen so it will not help non-fans to stream it. This strategy is failing cuz the streams are still very weak and she's making bad publicity to the album.The gp doesn't know that "the best is yet to come". The gp think that if these are the singles then the rest of the album is worse. Hung Up was a breath of fresh hair...Medellin looks like chasing the latin raggaettton trend.
  4. Lucifer's Angel

    I haven't heard the full album lol. The music critics who heard it are saying that the singles are the worst tracks. It makes no sense to release the weakest tracks, even if they got a feature. I disagree with your logic, just accept it and move on. I don't care about charts in the US. I care only about worlwide stats and it is a given that Madame X will debut #1 worldwide. Imo Madonna should focus on the quality and be less desperate about streaming. If the song is that good, it will get streams. No need to force things...
  5. Lucifer's Angel

    Ghosttown got a very basic sound. The gp expects better from Madonna. Madonna needs to be experimental not basic to succed imo.
  6. Lucifer's Angel

    obviously if Madonna team is sure that Madonna will not get a hit then the possibiity to get a hit is 0. Personally, I think that if Madonna release Hung Up now in 2019 it would still be successfull and chart in the top40 at least. These new tracks are not building streaming because if you check their streams are very weak. I mean, I am a fan and I don't stream much her new songs cuz I'm not that obssessed with them so I can't imagine why non-fans woud stream those songs. I mean if I were a Maluma fan I would stream HP or other Maluma songs instead of Medellin. Regardless, who cares if the new album debuts at #2 in Trumpland? What should matter is the quality and people who have heard the album said that the best tracks are yet to come. This strategy of releassing WEAK features makes Madonna look desperate and insecure.
  7. Lucifer's Angel

    um you sound so opinionated. First of all, let me clarify smth: I do like the song Medellin. If you check this forum and other forums you will notice that many fans don't like the song and it was predictable. It is a difficult song at first listen and it requires times to grow. Regardless that, is Medellin an epic comeback for Madonna? Clearly not cuz it failed to leave any impact. Madonna latest epic comeback was Hung Up and it's not rocket science to realize that another Hung Up-like song was her best shot to chart. The singles are meant to expose the album to the world, they got to be the best or more interesting/innovative songs in order to make people willing to buy it. Moreover, wouldn't be nice to have music videos for the best songs? Finally, Madonna fans are actually very large in number and they are many young fans and regardless everyone streams music nowadays, even the old people.
  8. Lucifer's Angel

    That was really dumb commercial strategy. Her best chance to get a hit was to release as lead single the best banger on the album. The singles should be the best or most innovative tracks imho. Moreover, the other fanbases cannot support Madonna much and in this way she lost a lot of streams from her own fans. Dissapointing many of her fans was not that smart really.
  9. Lucifer's Angel

    no offence, but you sound insecure. Let the comment section go wild with vocal coaches and Illuminati believers, cuz it can only create more buzz and people will check more Madonna videos. Moreover, Madonna has been accused many times to have bad vocals or be a satanic bitch, so it's nothing new and it cannot hurt her reputation. The performance is epic and the only "fail" concerns the vocals, but guess what? The vocals have been improved and I can ensure you that a video that makes you ears bleed does not gain so many views. It is a brave and innovative performance that only Madonna can deliver. You don't see this level of quality of theatrics, costumes, concept etc from Beyonce or Lady Gaga. As long as the video remains trending, anyone can see it and make his/her own opinion. At the end of the day, Madonna stays relevant.
  10. Lucifer's Angel

    this is incorrect. Madonna is trending RN with the ESC performance. All I'm saying is that it would be smart if her fans put more effort to stream the ESC instead of Crave, so Madonna can remain on trend and people can listen to her new song Future and get a taste of what Madame X is about.
  11. Lucifer's Angel

    the video doesn't have much replay value lbr, especially with that long-ass intro
  12. Lucifer's Angel

    Crave > Medellìn > Future > Soltera > I Rise
  13. Lucifer's Angel

    Neither of them? Both are terribly boring and uncreative music videos...
  14. Lucifer's Angel

    Charts are irrelevant for Madonna at this point, but it makes difference if she's able to influence music or if nobody cares about what she got to offer anymore. I'd like Madame X to make some sort of impact and make people talk about her (even in a bad way) and be exposed to her message and new stuff.
  15. wow that makes no sense to me...but ok maybe you are was just a coincidence then :/