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  1. Is Madonna opening or performing at a later stage?
  2. Is there allready a review out that has the songtitles of the album and their sound described in words piece by piece?
  3. alb69

    Are the exact track names of all these bonus tracks known allready?
  4. alb69

    Where is the picture from?
  5. alb69

    rather extended versions with extra lyrics or adlibs, or remixes by the originall producers of the songs
  6. alb69

    Good luck!
  7. alb69

    Jimmy Jimmy I'm going banaaahh naas
  8. Don't care, as long as I get these, just for my own pleasure
  9. Imagine what a great ROL deluxe one could make for themselves with these gems.....
  10. The unreleased track she recorded with Paul Oakenfold during Celebration sessions