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  1. what in the world is going on here lol
  2. I'm trying to read but can't! Can anyone make sense of what it says on the script?
  3. When he gets back to me about the streaming resolution I'll ask him about these questions!
  4. guys! I slip into Nuno Xico's DMs to ask him if the concert has mastered in 4K (since we know Paramount is streaming it only in Full HD) and we had a lovely coversation in Portuguese! He said it's weird Paramount is not streaming in 4K and he is definitely going to check what's going on. GAY RIGHTS!
  5. my guess is that they mashed speeches from different nights together, same thing with the footage, in the speech parts sometimes there's vertical scenes, probably recorded on Ricardo's phone.
  6. I'm searching in the other vid forums to see if anyone capped it
  7. there is! we can see the LED behind her on the Pride footage
  8. it is definitely 4K and 5.1 audio! very crisp, amazing mastering! we can see her skin.... finally!
  9. IT FINALLY PAID OFF TO BE BRAZILIAN!!! I'm watching right now guys! I'll bring my notes after it
  10. one of the theaters that will premiere Madame X this weekend just confirmed they will show it in 4K... so we have confirmation! Madame X will be M's first 4K concert film!
  11. usually, there is subtitles in English [CC] for accessibility purposes, however in Homecoming there are subtitles only in the dialogue parts. M doesn't include the lyrics on her products... let's just wait and see!
  12. new trailer with a bunch of new shots!
  13. Rafa, MTV Brasil was announcing Madame X on its schedule a few days ago, but I'm not sure if they will broadcast it on friday or saturday. As for Paramount+, I believe it will be avaliable at midnight for us
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