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  1. I like the idea of a movie - if it's done properly. I don't think M should be the director. The movie should be more Rocketman and less Bohemian Rhapsody. let's see how that plays out
  2. omg you're a saint! this is a piece of history - it will be amazing to read it again years from now. ps: I was in attendance in both Lisbon shows, the grills were not present at the first show (Nov 6) but they definitively were present on the second show (Nov 7).
  3. first up she needs to rest! we know M, she puts up this facade that she's invincible... but 81 dates months after almost dropping dead, she really IS strong, but she definitely needs to rest her body and mind. releasing the movie version of the tour, would be amazing for a theater release (much like Renaissance) but at least on Netflix, Max or Disney. I would expect new music next year, I don't see her releasing new music in 2024.
  4. I think the perfect scenario would be to: Keep video from the Globo feed (14GB), we have less logos and the actual music is 5.1 audio. Replace ONLY the speeches with the audio from the Multishow feed (5GB) since its not dubbed. I dont have any video editing skills, but I think this way we get the best of both worlds. ps: for people wondering why there's any dubbing at all: only 5% of brazilians speak english and Globo is a national public TV. Multishow is a paid channel much like MTV.
  5. if this is just the front of the hotel - you can just imagine how loud the crowd is gonna be on the actual concert. she will feel loved
  6. I believe it was all smoke and mirrors to keep the surprise for longer
  7. they say Anitta is pretty much confirmed to make a special participation, and Pabllo Vittar will be the guest judge for the ballroom. fingers crossed!
  8. amazing then! it should be a smooth experience I'm sure - please enjoy!
  9. that's during the day, by 9pm the forecast it 25ºC... with the wind coming from the ocean it would be ok
  10. oh yesss! absolutely. I've never been to Rock in Rio exactly because is just HUGE. don't like festivals that much.
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