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  1. vitoralmeiida

    if she keeps using that 3 screen setup I thing I'll have a meltdown. As a stage designer, I want fresh innovative ideas on epic proportion sizes!
  2. vitoralmeiida

    Hey guys! Everybody listening to Medellín on a loop? So, last week I got an idea for the stage of the new tour, take a look below and tell me what do you think. I really wish she goes on an awesome stadium tour!
  3. vitoralmeiida

    Yes! Medellín out today and the music video out next wednesday, the 24th.
  4. vitoralmeiida

    we have a deal!
  5. vitoralmeiida

    let's do it!
  6. vitoralmeiida

    another wig!
  7. vitoralmeiida

    Five G's: Good God Get a Grip Gurl
  8. vitoralmeiida

    she looks STUNNING!
  9. vitoralmeiida

    very beautiful pic! a heartfelted moment indeed. today is a bad day to be a hater.
  10. vitoralmeiida

    really? I'm hoping she's going to go on a stadium tour to show the world who's the boss. (even though she doesn't need...)
  11. vitoralmeiida

    If the first single is going to be disco I'm gonna loose my shit IS GONNA BE AMAZINGGGGGG MY BODY IS READY FOR MAGIC
  12. why is she insisting on that ass? looks like a bad padding job
  13. I cannot believe shes singing LAP.