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  1. I'm trying to read but can't! Can anyone make sense of what it says on the script?
  2. @Shoful I'm so so happy for you! It's amazing you got to live this experience! I'm sending positive vibes from Brazil
  3. I really didn't like the remix, I think Crave is an amazing song on the original version, very personal, and the remix took that away to me. BUT OMG WE'RE GETTING THE FULL SHOW
  4. for the life of me, I just can't understand WHY the filtering of the face on the VMA promo and WHY the filtering of her face on EVERY insta pic.... if she is looking absolutely amazing!!!! I'VE HAD IT. OFFICIALLY.
  5. WHAT in the world was her face on the video? I mean...........
  6. omg this struck me like a massive dildo!!!?? THANK YOU QUEEEENNNNNNNN Next year will be crazy!!! To me is clear the biopic comes out next year. 40 years!
  7. my brazilian ass got very happy when she said it's coming back here, I've got Carnival/2010 and Jesus Luz flashbacks , BUT THEN I got very very confused... does she doesn't know the hell we are living here? what is she thinking? FIVE G's: Good God Get a Grip Gurl
  8. I'm ignoring all of this bitching on the posts above and just say: I'm SO GLAD she is back, alive, pain-free and happy! At this time last year she was undergoing surgery and on crutches. I love her.
  9. the end of the gay world if M would sing Born This Way
  10. 26 here! I've been a fan since I was 12 when I heard Hung Up on the radio.
  11. to me, the Oscar party from 2011 remains flawless to this day:
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