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  1. okay so, the next dates are at MSG, am I the only one who thinks she'll record the MSG shows for release? I mean, to me, that's what makes sense within the narrative, its circling back to the beginning. LIFE IS A CIRCLE... LIFE IS A CIRCLE....
  2. even though the brazilian audience NEVER dissapoints, my gut is saying that this time around she's gonna film the NYC concert at MSG, its where it makes the most sense, even the stage mirrors NYC, it goes hand in hand with the story and concept of the tour... but let's wait and see
  3. btw: remember when we all thought she was gonna sing Back That Up To The Beat?
  4. also, up until Paris she stayed in the same place throughout NRM, but starting in Paris now the stage revolves on the first verse before the break and before M going to the central platform.
  5. about the merch store, do you know if its usually located after entering the gates or before it? I'm thinking about going early but no point if will only be able to access the store after the gates open
  6. yep! I bought the You Can Dance package - they said it would be sent 1 week before the concert but my anxious ass is getting anxious
  7. does anyone who's attending the Lisbon shows have received their VIP tickets yet?
  8. my body is ready to be lifted to the skies with NRM now pretty much confirmed 😍
  9. hey guys! I'm attending both nights in Lisbon! Mon Nov 06 – Lisbon, PT – Altice Arena Tue Nov 07 – Lisbon, PT – Altice Arena
  10. we're almost a week from the first post from Guy.... this waiting for official news about her health is getting to me. I'm positive she'll be back stronger than ever but the radio silence is deafening!
  11. for all the Madonna fans from Portugal: do any of you know where can I buy the Vanity Fair Madonna edition in Porto or Lisbon?
  12. I honestly believe it's about the NEW album, she said she's excited about making people dance, and said she wanted to make a house-inspired album!
  13. ps: she looks A M A Z I N G without the fucking filters!!!!!
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