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  1. vitoralmeiida

    I just don't get it why she didn't upload the HD version filmed for Truth or Dare. Maybe copyrights?
  2. vitoralmeiida

    OMG its the official footage! I think the DVD/Bluray/Netflix Special is closer than we think
  3. vitoralmeiida

    I don't think she would keep performing if she was lacking passion or interest for a tour. She has been foreshadowing a smaller show for YEARS and she finally manage to do it, on the press tour months ago she was thrilled, explaining to everyone the concept of the small concert. So, no, she is not depressed, still performing because she wants, if she cancels the rest of the tour, insurance will take part covering all costs, just like in Lady Gaga's Joanne or Born This Way Ball. The talent is not on the hook for this kind of cancellations. But I do hope and pray this is not the last of her, I hope she tours again.
  4. vitoralmeiida

    oh thank you guys @Nobody Knows Meand @Vogueristayou're too kind! <3
  5. vitoralmeiida

    I'm praying for this every single day!
  6. vitoralmeiida

    I understand where you're coming from @truerebel, however: I live in Brazil where the concert ticket price alone would be around $2,000 BRL + travel costs, hotel, food would result in anything aroung $8-10,000 BRL, in a country where the monthly minimal wage is $1,000. I got really upset when the news broke that she would ban phones from the Madame X, because yet again I felt left out, I'm sure other South American members of Infinity felt the same, we did not have the opportunity to go see RHT live and the majority of other tours, so please, don't just say "JUST GO SEE LIVE IN PERSON" because that's not possible for most people. I don't get why she doesn't come here, São Paulo has an amazing theater, plus, she has a song in f****** portuguese! I say all that with all the love, ok? Just sharing another point of view.
  7. vitoralmeiida

    thank you @the salamander<3
  8. guys???!!!!! someone rip it!!!

  9. vitoralmeiida

    guys, have you seem this? a brazilian fansite is claiming that the tour is being recorded for release, since there is no side-screen on the theaters, is it plausible?
  10. vitoralmeiida

    its amazing! I liked it very much
  11. vitoralmeiida

    guys! did you see this?
  12. vitoralmeiida

    My gut says she will record the show and maybe release at a streaming service, she already sold the rights for the World of Madame X to Amazon Prime Video, maybe she did a contract... who knows?! But I wish she would release on Netflix, a special event like Beyoncé's Homecoming Concert. What do you guys think?
  13. vitoralmeiida

    I'm following her as she reviews the discography, she almost had a heart attack listening to ROL, it was a blast! hahahahahha Now I'm waiting for her to react to Bedtime Stories!