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  1. Spock

    Yep, but i don't have the CD with me. I want to order it online and don't want it to be an European import, that's why I was asking
  2. Spock

    Yeah I assumed that they were going to be reissues, but since it says London does that mean that they're imports? I'm really bad at this lmao
  3. Spock

    Don't know if this is the correct section but oh well. I want to buy some albums from Barnes and Noble and the majority of them say thisLike a PrayerPub. Date: 10/25/1990Publisher: Sire / London/RhinoDoes this mean that they're from the UK?
  4. Did anybody ever remaster the MDNA studio versions? The vocals are quite drowned out by the instrumental

  5. I'm trying to buy Madonna's entire discography made in the US and I'm having kind of a hard time. Like, I just bought the first three albums and Erotica from Amazon, and Madonna, Like A Virgin and True Blue are US editions, they're the reissues. But Erotica I had to buy through an Amazon seller and it's made in France. I really hate buying from the Amazon Marketplace because there are no details at all, and since I have quite a few albums to go I really want to avoid the struggle. Haven't any of the albums been reissued overtime? Even on eBay, the sealed ones are from all over the place except the US. It's really annoying. Anyway, does anybody know where I can find them, or even a more detailed online store?
  6. I'm actually the one who wrote this "essay" on GGD. My username is the same one I have here. I wasn't actually going to say anything when I saw this thread was opened, but the fact that I am first and foremost a Gaga fan has nothing to do with it. Surprisingly enough, there are some of us who can make abstraction of the problems between them and the fanbases and enjoy the music. For example, while a couple of stans where dragging Gaga that day in the queue, 95% percent of the other people I talked to had only good things to say about her. I'm sorry if you don't like what I have to say, but that was my experience that day, and while I had an amazing spot and the concert was amazing, the portion of the fanbase I met that day was rude, bossy and condescending af
  7. I hope so I really loved the show, I would def go again
  8. Spock

    This is so sad. I hope it doesn't end up like the Kelly Rutherford custody battle
  9. The show was amazing and Madonna talked to me :om:some fans were a bit... difficult but I was slayed to the core.