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  1. She deserves some months off and gonto the studio with Stuart Price, The Weeknd and Max Martín. The sale goes for Guy Oseary, let's hope he's more anbitious now that they did Rio a legendary concert.
  2. I wouldn't start with a studio album. I would just recommend the 2 cd version of Celebration or the DVD (or the Confessions tour DVD) and then let that person decide which tracks/eras to start discovering. The easy answer would be telling Confessions, Ray Of Light, True Blue or Music but all her albums are so different from each other that starting from a compilation would give that person a bigger perspective to choose where to start from (that's why I also mentioned the music DVD and the Confessions Tour, Madonna's visuals are increible).
  3. I'd kill for a studio version of this song. Gosh, they are the last standing Queens.
  4. Loved the show BUT I agree that making people wait almost till 10pm doesn't build anticipation. I've seen her live several times but this time I was exhausted and really annoyed by the whole situation (I think starting THAT late is disrespecting people); she was still rehearsing when the gates had to be opening and there was an unannounced entrance next to the early access one that was opened a bit before the "official one", lucky me and some friend I went with but the organisation was a disaster.
  5. Celebration performed in full would make a very satisfying ending instead of confusing the audience.
  6. Just got a copy on imusic but I am still (desperately) looking for a Hard Candy LP 😭😭😭
  7. Nothing Fails Nothing Really Matters American Pie
  8. I have to open the rainbow one but also a couple of dozen LPs I bought before summer
  9. You should check discogs.com to check the editions and prices you can ask for ;)
  10. It would be cool to see Britney performing with M, as well as other collaborators she's had during her career; and by the way, Britney Spears is not nor will be irrelevant ever.
  11. I got it yesterday I only need Hard Candy to have the whole family
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