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  1. aitorelao

    I think we can describe Madame X as the best way to get into Madonna's fun nights during these last 2 years. Listening to these songs makes me feel like I am watching her & her people through a window. Rebel Heart felt like a mixtape and MDNA (+ Hard Candy) just a bunch of demos she liked and recorded. Madame X may not have the catchiest tracks, but it's, by far, the best she's offered in more than a decade.
  2. aitorelao

    Can't wait for Monday ❤❤❤
  3. I wish I was strong enough to wait for the music video and watch in on a huge screen instead of listening to the song as soon as it leaks and watch lq clips of the video on Twitter ???
  4. Thank GOD I don't have to work for a week. I'm gonna be online 24/7 for this ❤❤❤???