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  1. The MJ interlude is too important to the show's overall point to cut, and I'm amazed that by this point in the tour people are still not aware of that
  2. They don’t do that. Not for tours, not for movies, nothing. Sources will post what adjusted figures are but no official ranking of tours or movies will ever use inflation numbers because that isn’t real money. It’s hypothetical money. A tour didn’t actually earn it’s inflation amount, it’s just what it theoretically would’ve earned if it took place today or was released today. And that isn’t a very effective tool for measuring grosses.
  3. The floor was absolutely full, every show was packed to the gills. They just opted to not do general admission for these shows, likely so they could allow more people to be on the floor. Here is a photo (albeit blurry). There’s certainly more space between rows than there has been at other dates, but that’s more down to this is the largest stadium she’s played so far by quite large margin. The set up of the seating honestly reminds me of how they set up MDNA at Yankee Stadium (weird angled rows with fairly wide gaps between sections). As for why they’re not reporting the figures nobody knows. If I had to take a guess myself I’d say that, as impressive as the record is, I don’t know that she wants the tour’s legacy defined by it’s box office.
  4. Yes they are to be taken seriously. They're a very real, reputable source that has real, verifiable access to touring figures. I am subscribed to their Patron account and they have access not just to earnings, but to individual ticket counts for every show of every tour that they track, including The Celebration Tour. I can get on right now and see exactly how many tickets are sold and left for every remaining show of the tour. What they're saying is not incorrect. It's just that they do not know Taylor Swift's actual figures, and as I said in my post above, they never will because those figures are not going to be reported. They'll be able to use estimation to officially declare Taylor the highest grossing female live act once the tour is over just as they're able to estimate the earnings of The Eras Tour's US legs, but they won't be able to ever get concrete numbers. The first leg of The Eras Tour earned just north of $1 billion. Adding in all of Taylor's previous tours to that, she's probably just a tad bit under M's $1.6 billion. Madonna's tour will finish before Taylor's current leg does so that lead will be extended, but once this leg of Taylor's tour is complete and the official estimations come out, then yes i imagine Taylor will move past M's lifetime gross.
  5. Well, there's going to be a bit of a complication with this. While yes we do know based upon the industry trades who track it that The Eras Tour's US leg earned a little north of $1 billion, that figure, nor the final overall figure, is not going to be officially confirmed. Ever. Taylor's team announced quite awhile ago that they do not intend to report the box scores for The Eras Tour. All we know about its earnings comes from the trades. It is likely they're correct, or at least close, but it is at the end of the day still something of an estimation that will never be confirmed. The reality is yes Taylor will become the highest grossing female touring artist of all time, but we'll never actually see the real number breakdown.
  6. This format actually can be beautiful if a talented editor is doing it. Beyonce's Renaissance film is pulled from various shows and the transitions between the various outfits that changed night to night are genuinely mind blowing in the way they're presented. Artistic, smooth, and jaw dropping. The problem with M is that...well history has shown that she doesn't edit like that, and it can absolutely look bad if it's not edited in the way Beyonce and her editors chose to do Renaissance.
  7. LA and Mexico seem to be the most likely candidates for a proper filming, but I do think we're going to see some stuff thrown in from other shows. Yes, they're mainly for the screens, but that footage is all saved and archived and that jib that's present at the center square at the end of the two main stage arms provides them with very good shots to use for inserts.
  8. None officially, but there's a good amount of tour left. I would say in all truth they're probably going to use footage from throughout the tour like Beyonce did with her recent concert film, but do a full multicamera main filming somewhere in this leg. The most obvious candidates are LA in March and Mexico City in April, but we'll have to wait and see.
  9. A couple videos I took Monday! Apologies for my horrid voice. Gonna do a more thorough write up on my experience at the show but Im still so emotionally drained it's hard to form words right now LMAO Being that close to her did a number on me https://i.imgur.com/S4BgNmX.mp4 https://i.imgur.com/AiPZF4R.mp4
  10. It was full save for one or two patches in a few sections of the upper tiers. My photos were WAY before she went on. I'm going to use this as an opportunity to reiterate what I have been for months: most people in the US these days wait until the last minute to get their tickets. I was checking Ticketmaster from my seat and every few minutes dozens of seats were getting snatched. They wait for prices to drop. She is not playing to half empty rooms. Some cities just aren't selling out until the buzzer. There were even people at the box office buying tickets once 8:30 passed and Ticketmaster stopped selling through their website.
  11. And everyone was in a great mood. I heard all through the venue on my way to my seat people mentioning her tardiness and no one seemed upset, they were all prepared. Most people weren't there until around 9:15 or 9:30 everywhere, it was over half empty when Mary Mac went on and almost full when she was off
  12. Ticketmaster has the worst website I've ever seen. Managed to transfer my original tickets to someone though but goddamn TM didn't make it easy.
  13. We're not going to head over until around 8:15 LMAO I am not anticipating her being on time and our hotel is just down the street. I may have found someone who wants the seats though if you were going to show me to someone. I posted in the Madonna subreddit and someone wants them
  14. Oh my mistake I missed you being in Tampa LOL I'm trying to offload my Sec 109 Pittsburgh tickets bc I was able to snag floor seats. If you know anyone going to the Pittsburgh show tonight who's in the nosebleeds and wants to be lower, send them my way. I want to give them away for free.
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