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  1. @KosmmikWe Miss you! And Thank You for everything you have shared in this forum. ❤

  2. I would give up my Celebration 4LPs to the first person to share Warning Signs just sayin'! 

  3. @SultrysullyI love hearing about vinyl-passion! And thanks for sharing ❤ -- I have a really good copy of the 1998 German Ray Of Light and also Music German from 2000 that I am ready to pass on if you would like to buy them, since I have bought re-issues. So, when are you coming back to Iceland ?✌
  4. OMG you haven't the faintest what you have unleashed! Get ready for some AI hating rants So SHARE LIKE A PRAYER WORK-IN-PROGRESS 7" CASSETTE DEMO AND SHUT UP ??
  5. Ok -- I have no idea why I am sharing this useless information; BUTT :fire:! ; after Burning Up on that St. Paul MN not-so-long-ago shat audio, after she goes "Thank You Goodnight"; some guy with a hot:fire:voice inarguably utters: "Takk fyrir!", which means "Thank You" in Icelandic. Amazing! ❤✌

  6. ......I meant the whole concert from Brixton by the way.

  7. HI. Could you do an AI upscale of Music Brixton from the original SVCD file?  



  8. On Soundcloud is there any chance in hell to change song order?

  9. Does anybody remember hearing Gambler on an episode of Miami Vice in the late 80s? (Or is anybody here (or anywhere else for that matter) old enough to remember))

  10. Somebody needs to AI upscale and share that Brixton Academy 2000 grainy 480×480 SVCD file -- ,cuz Muzik, makez the ppl, cum 2getha! Yeeeeaaahhhh!!!! ?

    1. wtg1987


      Unfortunately you can’t polish a turd - just be glad we even have it and with stereo audio ?

    2. jross


      Apparently not ;)

  11. Where life begins "are you still hungry...", Rescue Me, Stay "don't be afraid..."
  12. CR13LS.part1 -- password needed.   I downloaded a file with this name on the forum and went to unzip it but password needed. I did a search. Can't find the thread. Don't even know what is in the folder. Hate when this happens.

  13. One qoute I read from BG in the early 90s: "Oh M, thinks she's so down to earth with the rest of us. But honey, she just ain't". lol. Didn't he once say she slept in his bed in 1984 and he wished he never washed the sheets hehe. We're all brainwashed :=)
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