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  1. jross

    Yeah. I have seen it often on ebay. But not recently though.
  2. jross

    I used to have this in mint condition but sold it. The poster is the same as the You Can Dance poster; in case you did not know.
  3. CR13LS.part1 -- password needed.   I downloaded a file with this name on the forum and went to unzip it but password needed. I did a search. Can't find the thread. Don't even know what is in the folder. Hate when this happens.

  4. One qoute I read from BG in the early 90s: "Oh M, thinks she's so down to earth with the rest of us. But honey, she just ain't". lol. Didn't he once say she slept in his bed in 1984 and he wished he never washed the sheets hehe. We're all brainwashed :=)
  5. What's on my mind ? Waiting for new M music.

  6. jross

    OMG -- I can't watch it. But I'm unable to sleep from excitement. And it's 6 am now where I am. I just can't sleep till I know which songs they did !! :=) Please keep me posted as they come ! lol
  7. jross

    Most definitely ! That's what I thought too.
  8. jross

    Whatever she does is gonna be great -- as long as it's not Borderline twice as slow as she did on Jimmy Fallon.
  9. I had been a fan since 1985 -- my friend bought me a ticket to see the DWT in 2001 --- I wasn't even thinking about it and never thought I'd see her -- but then it happened -- she came rolling forward through the smokey stage - big grin on her face - everyone was screaming -- my jaw dropped (I had all the posters and vinyls somewhere back home - but this was real-time!)
  10. jross

    What is this sh*t
  11. jross

    I'm going to get one hopefully -- don't shoot me for saying this - but I find it strange that the comparison between the re-issued vinyl and original is [i don't know what adjective to use]. For instance -- I have the original Something To Remember album on vinyl and the dynamics are great -- powerful --- but the re-issued one .-- I have to crank my stereo all the way up to hear something that sounds like a monochrome cassette. You know what I'm talking about. Same with "Virgin & Other Big Shits" original japanese VS. pink vinyl re-issue. I would have thought technology today and all these 200 gram vinyl da da da would be a justifiably awesome listening experience.
  12. I would love a new copy of BS.
  13. jross

    I swear I read it in some interview a couple of years ago that he was originally commissioned to shoot the shows - but then things evolved and changed and Alek was brought in. It sounds incredible but who knows. Maybe someone can find the link for the article. I don't remember which site it was on.
  14. jross

    here we go Express Yourself - demo Like a prayer album instrumental Lucky Star – first album – instrumental Papa don’t preach instrumental Where’s the Party – True blue album instrumental Crazy for you instrumental Crazy for you demo used in movie (full HQ) Gambler demo used in movie (full HQ) (Warning Signs) That Boston 1983 performance - CNY (club new york) Express Yourself MTV Awards - HQ Master logo free Express Yourself video b-roll Blond Ambition – Barcelona - HQ Master logo free Full Virgin Tour – Pro – 13 songs Over 200 hours of footage for Truth or Dare – incl. The concert footage – And didn’t David Fincher shoot all the shows in Japan on film .. ? Well, I want that ! lol. Bonus: (All Holiday 1983/84) TV appearances - HQ – full - logo free – incl. Passeport / Hip hop / etc.