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  1. Also, by adding an extra option, they may already have a rejected/alternative master with on their assets and use it on purpose or by mistake. Sometimes labels/artists have alternative cuts/versions on their archive that they just don't have any reason to use. Idk
  2. I think it has been discussed in the past that the text has changed, but I don't remember what or when. But okay anyway. I hope someone can help me here. Otherwise I'm turning delulu. 😝 You're right, for some reason I though it was released in 1983 😵‍💫. 👍
  3. You probably mixed up the posts. The 2012 box set has nothing to do with the press release about the anniversary. I just mentioned that the guy responsible on the recent and upcoming projects was responsible for that old box set from 2012.
  4. I read that, I mean it was posted here recently, I'm sure I saw the link like two weeks ago or so.
  5. Yeah I know, I mean the whole press release is changed from time to time, removing and adding other parts. It's not the same everywhere. Though the anniversary was last year and not in 2022 right?
  6. I'm talking about this, you might have already seen this, it was posted like two weeks ago. https://www.wmg.com/news/madonna-and-warner-music-group-announce-milestone-career-spanning-partnership-35716#:~:text=The deal encompasses her entire,Warner catalog beginning in 2025.
  7. At this point I'm not even disappointed, it's already in the past, I'm not waiting anything anymore that's why I don't post. The latest 'news' we have is that modified text that tells it's starting next year. They can easily change that text again so it doesn't says a lot really. I hope all this time was needed to make sure it's gonna be perfect and well made in all aspects. Idk. 😜
  8. I'm not against of remastering old tracks as long as they're close to the original masters (and improved). The use of multi-tracks is usually done to create multi-channel audio like making a dolby atmos mix and rarely for stereo mixes. Normally they use an unmastered mix but in Madonna's case, for some reason, they always choose the mastered tracks. And this is quite problematic because the sound is essentially being distorted.
  9. Only if it was made by the producer or Madonna. Video edits are usually happen from the director. If it's a combination of both is fine for me (and if the audio exists out of the video itself in the vaults).
  10. We might get it on the Like a Prayer anniversary which is in March. Hope so.
  11. I can a see with my crystal ball that Material Girl seems more likely to be released. No sign of Keep It Together yet. 🔮 😜
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