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  1. I think they're joking and giving us a gentle trolling. Sorry I mean I hope they're joking.
  2. Read the room. The only person here sexualising a child is you. If you have a genuine concern for a child's safety call social services otherwise you are implicit in the abuse by not speaking to the correct authorities.
  3. And you think that there wasn't choreographers, directors, management, dancers and lord knows who else around her during rehearsals. Nobody said anything during those rehearsals, but you've seen a few bootlegs and are an authority on the subject?
  4. You're more than welcome not to attend this tour. That'll show her!
  5. If that child is watching a TV from that far away? You're worried about my eyesight, are we supposed to be able to see details from that far? I need to go back to the eye hospital
  6. Whilst I do have a disability that makes me see double (thanks for your concern), I'm able to see exactly what is happening on stage. Besides thought you were leaving this thread
  7. She's nowhere near this. Look how many people are between the sections of stage.
  8. You can't start sh*t, then storm off when you can't produce the evidence of your argument. You have only seen the same videos that everyone else has
  9. Seen a few bootlegs now and I can safely say that I don't see her anywhere on stage and certainly not "just a few feet"
  10. I might've missed it, but I didn't see any children on stage during that specific part of the show.
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