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  1. Oh my word, sometimes I'm as clear as mud. My apologies. Beautiful Stranger 😉
  2. Voted Unpopular opinion? Run should have been used instead of BS🧐
  3. A little digging and it's pretty easy to find out. We leave digital signatures everywhere. Without clicking it again (because why would I?) I can tell you that this person knows a few M sites and their mods 🧐
  4. What's the point? "I'll go on a fan forum and send them a link to an unkind/misogynistic Instagram page" sounds like the sort of c*nty troll move I'd pull on somebody I disliked.
  5. Voted Boum's a great song, this version doesn't really add anything to the original but it's nice to hear her vocals
  6. Voted, there's some tracks that had potential in this round, but nothing spectacular.
  7. I totally agree with you. I can only imagine how much worse it must be for a woman with all the added societal pressures.
  8. I'm not one to tell people what to do, but I recommend a new gif. We've seen this one a few times now.
  9. Wow does @SweetMadonnapost so much that one of our 'new' members @Madgeknows the spiel 🤔
  10. That explains why those three are my favourites, but I still (very occasionally) play Shake and Oh My🤫
  11. @Curtainswhen are we doing an early years/wild dancing megarate?
  12. Voted, but I never agree with the results (Bitch I'm Madonna is a bop you shady betches)
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