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  1. Blue Jean

    Just play the album version and turn the volume down when it gets to the 3.50 or so mark
  2. Blue Jean

    Rather than rerecord them I'd love for her to release an album or box set of early demos.
  3. It’s an absolutely beautiful compilation! I love all the new songs. Even One More Chance is an underrated gem. The sequencing of the tracks is perfection too.
  4. It’s So Cool is not a very good song, I can see why it didn’t make the cut.
  5. Blue Jean

    Exactly. At least if they do this with all the videos they will be the best quality we have available on YouTube. 480p uploads are way too compressed, you can see the difference is lower than dvd quality. Id love to see them do the same with all the live performances they’ve uploaded. Many of them on her YouTube channel just look awful on a tv.
  6. Oh and Borderline was released before Lucky Star.
  7. @Fighteralready made DVD’s, they’re probably still active if you search but I believe he took from all the best sources.
  8. - There is a video for Promise to Try, it was an official promo from TOD. It is lifted from the film but doesn’t include the dialogue. - Holiday had several videos. While they were tv performances they were officially sent out to stations as music videos so should be listed. They were different in different territories too. - Like a Virgin from TVT was an official video to promote the VHS. - Into the Groove from Ciao Italia was as well which is heavily edited down. - Bye Bye Baby had 2 versions, a montage using the album audio and a live version. - Jump from Confessions tour, officially sent to TV stations. - Into the Groove music video has an extended version. - Gambler has an alternate version which has some different scenes. - True Blue (US Version) was part of that MTV contest, this was used as the official video in the US so it should be listed. There are other things missing but I’d have to go through it all properly. I believe there’s already a thread somewhere?
  9. Blue Jean

    Love Power of Goodbye! Love Human Nature too!
  10. Blue Jean

    I hope we get Fried Fish in HD as a bonus feature
  11. Blue Jean

    I tried to record one of the Rebel Heart shows and the guy next to me kept squarking like he was getting double penetrated. It ruined the whole recording
  12. I agree but I wouldn’t totally rule it out. Perhaps they may do a performance or something more low key together one day.
  13. Blue Jean

    Mondino. But David Fincher and Mary Lambert are up there! Jonas has done some good videos but also some of her worst. I know people like Ghosttown and God Control but they are not in the league of Ray of Light sorry. She has of course worked with many amazing directors who haven’t become regulars. Frozen is a masterpiece as are Bedtime Story, Rain, Die Another Day and several others.
  14. It’s probably a commercial for the perfume