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  1. Blue Jean

    Well it was horrible when Cher did it I know that much
  2. Blue Jean

    Yes. I like this sort of direction. I think proper recordings on Between the Bars and If I Had a Hammer would be gorgeous.
  3. Cher looks ridiculous in that fright wig, be real.
  4. Blue Jean

    The worst is her brothers Martin and Chris. That must really hurt her.
  5. Blue Jean

    Thanks Semtex!! Yes it is weird when they interview a random person that had nothing to do with her 🤣
  6. Blue Jean

    It’s not possible. The music videos have a lot of performance footage that’s not in the film.
  7. Blue Jean

    You have to pay to upload more than 500MB per week so I’m not going to be uploading to that anymore as barely anyone sees it there....
  8. Blue Jean

  9. Blue Jean

    Episode 4 is up covering Vision Quest!!
  10. But does he speak French? Maybe that’s why he’s slow with the answers....
  11. Hence why he’s gone
  12. Blue Jean

  13. Blue Jean

    Ok thank you guys, very useful info!
  14. Blue Jean

    So that would actually mean that Into the Groove should come BEFORE Angel in a timeline? And thank you for the info!!! It’s very useful.
  15. I really don’t think that’s true. Madonna is an established artist who sells a lot more physical copies worldwide than most artists including vinyls, cassettes, box sets, special editions etc. Do not forget that physical sales make good money. Streaming numbers may not be huge but her back catalogue of songs and videos will continue to stream well after most current artists are long forgotten. There is potential for lots of money to be made for any label especially longer term. Her current label did not take advantage of that enough I don’t think because her last few releases were barely visible.