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  1. She also says it’s still in the writing stages. Which means they are way off casting anyway.
  2. I saw the show in Paris so never got Crave. So it won’t be missed from me. And yes, the performance was posted on her Instagram so we have a recording of it anyway. Im sure it was an uplifting moment in the show but was not a great performance really.
  3. Yeah I want to know. Will it be screened in the UK on October 8th on MTV or at a later date?
  4. Yeah exactly. She announced it Cos it’s promo. Making it a hot ticket that people want and can’t get creates buzz for fans.
  5. Unite with fellow Madonna fans around the world over 48 Hours as we react live to Madonna's latest tour film Madame X as it is released to stream on Paramount Plus (MTV in select territories.) As well as sharing our live reactions we will be recapping with fans their Madame X Tour stories, streaming some rarely seen and classic Madonna tour memories from her near 40 year career as well as previewing Series 2 of the fan documentary series 'Bitch She's Madonna!' If you want to get involved and share some tour stories (doesn't have to be MXT) on the feed or share your reaction to the film live send me a DM!
  6. No way. The album is perfect as is. Rescue Me and JML are just not part of it.
  7. Maybe call the hotel and ask them? @DontTemptMe26
  8. These lists are bullshit. Can someone share the full list so I don’t have to scroll through all the drivel to see it?
  9. It doesn’t seem that strange to me actually, it’s exactly what I imagined.
  10. I guess her stance is that if Kim K or Nicki Minaj can do it so can she. Theirs also looks weird to me.
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