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  1. Blue Jean

    Yesss!! Would love to meet all the gorgeous Madonna fans from here
  2. Blue Jean

    I don’t think so necessarily. Movies can take years to get off the ground. If you look back on the history of most films they have a rocky road to getting the green light. So it’s quite normal to be in development for years before filming starts. For eg, for how many years were we hearing about Wonder Woman before it happened? Or even Evita! I would actually like to see her direct another movie because it’s something she wants to do and I think it would be good for her to take a break from music. I hate the idea of her doing another album for the sake of it. I’d rather her go into it inspired. If she can fit in a Greatest Hits type tour in between that would be great but I’m not sure how keen on that idea she’d be. Once again, I’d rather she didn’t do it unless she really wants to. Obviously her career needs some damage control but if she’s not willing then she shouldn’t bother. I don’t want to see her reluctantly going through the motions.
  3. An angel A rebel A student A teacher A slut A romantic A singer A filmmaker An uncle A free spirit And on the back ‘Madame Blue Jean’
  4. Blue Jean

    I do hope for more spontaneous moments like that in Paris!
  5. Blue Jean

    Despite the public reaction at that time I think nowadays the Sex book is one of her most celebrated works amongst fans and the LGBT community. It’s one of her career defining moments. The fact she was able to bounce back from that illustrated her star power and talent.
  6. Blue Jean

    Same! I’m from Australia too! My first Madonna tour was Rebel Heart. Now I can objectively say that that is not her best tour. But the experience of being there makes it special for me in a way that’s very different from watching it on a tv screen.
  7. Blue Jean

    People are entitled to their opinions I guess. But I don't personally understand why you would not want to see it anyway if you are a Madonna fan. It is a Madonna tour. Sticky & Sweet is my least favourite tour and I would have loved to have seen it in person. I wish I had seen them all. Is it that some people feel it is not good enough for the price they are charging?
  8. Blue Jean

    By the way, was that you sitting behind Madonna in one of the beer bitch segments on insta???
  9. Blue Jean

    Me too! I love it! But I won't have the money to get a t-shirt made as I spent all my money on flights and tickets
  10. Blue Jean

    Nothing could be worse than Maluma Baby. Sorry but that was the most pointless collaboration ever. She gained nothing from it.
  11. Blue Jean

    I really prefer the European costume and hair
  12. Blue Jean

    It is like disliking a movie you saw some clips of. Sorry but it doesn't make sense to me. But OKAY.
  13. Blue Jean

    I am worried because I am going to Paris soon and I am worried I will catch it and then give it to Madonna. Maybe though we could be put into quarantine together?
  14. Blue Jean

    Beautiful interpretation. So nice to hear from someone happy and positive.
  15. Blue Jean

    Except you haven’t seen a filming of this show so you cannot judge it. It’s as simple as that. Some clips on Instagram is not the same.