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  1. Oh I did this. It’s how I got The First Album and Like a Virgin cassettes. I remember if you didn’t order something they would just send you a featured album and you had the option to send it back. I did not know they manufactured them as well? Maybe not in Australia, I’m not sure.
  2. Maybe we’ll get the With Honors soundtrack this time 😂
  3. I don’t think b-sides are very common now that singles don’t get physical releases. Artists tend to put bonus tracks on their albums instead.
  4. There are some great songs on this album but some truly bad ones by her standards. I think it’s obvious it was rushed and was not a good way to start her new contract. The lead single was especially bad.
  5. I doubt she’s going to rush the biopic to tie in with a meaningless anniversary. Dont worry we will get M40 T-shirt’s and mugs though 😂
  6. Maybe they will do a new greatest hits to celebrate the anniversary ? Lame I know but I think it needs to be commemorated somehow.
  7. There’s simply no way the biopic will be out next year. Major films take way longer than that and it’s still only in the pre-production phase. You will be looking 3-4 years away at the very earliest.
  8. I’m actually sick of waiting now. I also don’t see how the show cannot be cut short as I can’t see it going over 2 hours PLUS there will be backstage footage for sure.
  9. Even though I love Bedtime Story and it’s video I think it’s pretty obvious that releasing that song as a single was confusing from a marketing perspective. Everything else surrounding the album was an rnb flavour. It was a strange choice to follow Take a Bow and it’s no shock it got no attention. I assume she/they probably hoped it would ride on the wave of the success of Take a Bow. I can imagine it’s biggest draw card was the video though. It may have made more sense to release it internationally only. Forbidden Love or Dont Stop would have been top 10 for certain. We can only assume Warner
  10. Not surprising. I have heard streaming services automatically adjust the volume to match everything else but I guess that can’t be true? What bugs me is the years of release. I use YT music and Bedtime Story is listed as being released in 2021. Or for eg Justify My Love is listed under albums rather than singles.
  11. No she didn't kill him. He died of suicide.
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