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  1. You are too conservative and ageist to get it I’m afraid. You need to stop being a fan and move on. Real fans like everything she does.
  2. The most accurate summary of this entire debate. What they’re saying is “if you don’t like the video it means …. about you.” Which is complete rubbish. Now Madonna fans who don’t like the video must be the same as right wing conservations up in arms about her 80’s and 90’s controversies Yes, that makes so much sense.
  3. Are these stats good? How do they compare to Medellin or the Frozen stuff?
  4. I don’t think it’s an accurate comparison. What Madonna did in the 80’s and 90’s is everywhere in todays pop culture. Along with a few other icons she is the blueprint. The fact so many young kids don’t recognize that or care is unbearable for a lot of fans. As we can see in this thread.
  5. I would be quite happy to get vinyl box sets with b-sides and remixes from their respective albums. 90% of the unreleased songs that have leaked are rubbish, apart from Liquid Love and a few others so I’m not sure most are worthy of being pressed to vinyl. Unless there are some true gems we haven’t gotten yet. But I feel like the best stuff made the albums.
  6. I think you missed the point of my posts. Which was… this situation is NOTHING like the Sex era and fans comparing it to that are grasping at straws. The main “controversy” amongst fans is whether people like the video or not. Nothing more.
  7. Madonnanation, Madonnatribe, Madonnabible. So no, not really lol
  8. I keep reading fans claiming she’s causing controversy and sparking a reaction comparable to the Sex book. But Im just wondering is this video being discussed anywhere outside of Madonna fan forums/groups ? Is it headlines news on tv or on the front page of papers? Does anybody other than Madonna fans even know she has a new video?
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