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  1. I get what you mean but if that was really the objective why did she perform 2 remixes that aren't on the album? I think this new remix has more potential for a young audience similar to the Frozen remixes.
  2. I think I will have to stop reading these forums.
  3. The performance was good. What are people complaining about? (I haven't read all the whining.)
  4. Can we get a YouTube live stream of you eating and listening to the album?
  5. YouTube has a streaming service called YouTube Music which you pay for and it’s exactly like Spotify (but better.) Yet they STILL do not have Finally Enough Love on there. Really not good enough.
  6. Why does YouTube Music take so long to get new releases? Not everyone wants to use Spotify.
  7. I think it was just snippets of those other songs
  8. You’d be surprised how much hype an exclusive gig that no one can get into can create
  9. Thank you !! I probably will just catch up later ❤️
  10. Okay what time in australia should I be glued to my phone @GregVsMatt?
  11. When it’s albums we already have a zillion leaks from I would definitely not expect the world. She probably still hates that all those early half finished versions are out there.
  12. Mmm but she doesn’t have 17 studio albums. I guess it includes Who’s That Girl, I’m Breathless and Evita?
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