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  1. Im not sure if she referred to it recently. But its been well known she loves popcorn since the 80's and this was a big part of her diet when she was broke.
  2. The SweetMadonna referencing is funny. The fact some people are so bothered about it just makes it more hilarious. But don’t worry, the joke/novelty will wear off soon enough and you can go back to focusing on her face/filters, lack of obscure dubs on the digital releases, blaming Guy O for ruining her career etc etc.
  3. I think we can assume remasters / box sets are not coming anymore. The film has been put on hold / shelved and she’s touring to celebrate 40 years. Plus working on new music. These things are way more exciting than a box set let’s be honest.
  4. I’m Breathless is a soundtrack album same as Evita and Who’s That Girl. Yes I have joined the dark side bitches.
  5. She makes her kids fly in cattle class, she’s also been spotted on the Eurostar
  6. Maybe the success of the Rebel Heart Tour vinyl from Interscope made them see the potential of it?
  7. Remember when Warner issued a press release saying the Justify my Love video on the Celebration dvd contained “unseen footage” and the unseen footage was just the breasts being censored for the first time?
  8. I wonder if that means a Bluray is coming as well?
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