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  1. Footage of her gyrating with 2 men in underwear was all over the news . Plus all the details reported and scathing headlines printed in every paper.
  2. The same universe where MJ featured in the Sex book in a 3way with M and Naomi instead of Daddy Kane
  3. Does anyone remember when Madonna did a live stream with Diablo Cody and fans were asking about Bad Girl. And Diablo started singing the Donna Summer song
  4. That look doesn’t suit her
  5. Which shows have you bought us all tickets for ?
  6. I wish I could be so stressed that I don’t even notice an $800 transaction on my credit card
  7. The question shouldn’t be “what happened,” the question should be why were they ever friends in the first place?
  8. I would not do that. Yes it must be tempting but they could very well pick up on it and just cancel your ticket. Unless you have a back up ticket/show and are not worried about missing that show I wouldn't do it.
  9. I think you’re right. Probably because it’s a song nobody knows/remembers. Imagine if she’d instead performed Fever from The Girlie Show at the VMA’s Pretty sure they’d remember that one.
  10. I think if they were in damage control mode they would have released Rain right after Deeper and Deeper. But even then she went ahead and did The Girlie Show which featured some of her raunchiest performances.
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