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  1. Blue Jean

    How much did it sell? I don’t think any of them have sold that well in a long time have they?
  2. Blue Jean

    Oh FFS 🤣
  3. Blue Jean

    It’s just a rumour. Remember RHT was on Showtime but then eventually came to dvd/Bluray. I think they make too much from physical sales to bypass a release.
  4. Blue Jean

  5. Blue Jean

    Perhaps they have used a fair amount of footage from the American leg to cover the injuries up?
  6. Blue Jean

    I could not tell. I do hope PDP is included!
  7. Blue Jean

    Also Vogue she is not wearing the wig! I did notice the black and white but at least it is only in the interludes. I also noticed the image has a kind of faded look to it similar to mdna *cue the meltdowns*
  8. Blue Jean

    Here is the clip slowed down so we can see each pic! This looks to be a full edit of the show, looks really good!!!
  9. There is no source. Fans are just filling in the gaps.
  10. This has not always been the case. And the injuries plus pandemic/lockdown will have probably changed whatever plans she may have had. On top of that we know she has been recording stuff with Malik.
  11. Blue Jean

    *gay gasp*
  12. Prince was worse at honouring his own legacy than Madonna. What he wanted when he was alive was NONE of his old music available on streaming, none of his old music videos on YouTube and legal action being taken against his own fans. The fact is the way his back catalogue is being handled since his death is FAR better than when he was alive. You can’t really fault the job they are doing imo. And it’s obvious there is so much more to come.
  13. Blue Jean

    Exactly. I have to be honest and say I’m not super interested in it either. I would just like all the maxi-singles/remixes and concerts to be available on streaming services. I have given up hope they will put together a new version of BAT or The Virgin Tour but it would be good for the existing versions to be available officially. Assuming unreleased songs are of a similar standard to those that have already leaked then I don’t see any great urgency for them to be released. Yes it is interesting to hear and there are a few gems but overall the best stuff made it onto the albums.
  14. Blue Jean

    In most cases the album versions or single versions are better than any remix. But there are some remixes that are as good as the album versions and must haves. Here’s some of my favourites: - Like a Prayer (Sheps Remix) - Express Yourself (Sheps Remix) - Justify My Love (Orbit Remix) - Deeper and Deeper (David’s club mix) - Secret (Junior’s Single Remix) - Bedtime Story (Orbital Mix) - Don’t cry for me Argentina (Miami Mix) - Frozen (Stereo Mc’s) - Ray of Light (Sasha’s Remix) - The Power of Goodbye (Dallas Austin) - Music (Groove Amada) - Don’t Tell Me (Tracy Young) - What it feels like for a girl (Above & Beyond) - American Life (Oakenfold) - Hollywood (Stuart Price) - 4 Minutes (Timbaland) - Give it 2 Me (Oakenfold) I would seriously recommend getting all the maxi singles at the very least especially the 90’s ones. And the 12” versions from the 80’s are also a must!
  15. If she does it it should be a new song. Levitating is not that great.