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  1. Blue Jean

    For some reason I always thought it’s a reference to Drowned World, she’s a “mer girl” as in a mermaid so living under water. I realize that has nothing to do with the story of the song but neither does the title “Drowned World” to the lyrics in that song. They are both metaphors. If you think about Drowned World and Mer Girl are part of the same story as fame being her “substitute for love” is very much connected to her losing her mother and trying to find a substitute for the love she didn’t feel without her. That is why one opens the album and the other closes. Notice too the album has various references to water. Swim, Frozen, Drowned World and Mer Girl (Mer means sea in French by the way.) Maybe there are more clues to all of this in the book Drowned World that inspired that title?
  2. Blue Jean

    Is it good or bad? I’m on my phone so can’t tell
  3. Blue Jean

    By the way, the quality of Queen’s music videos on YouTube is a disgrace and it has not stopped them racking up huge numbers. EDIT: I just saw they have now remastered Bohemian Rhapsody but I recall when the movie was out it was very bad quality.
  4. Blue Jean

    They don’t even make that much from YouTube views anyway. I can’t see any real benefit for labels, it’s most likely the artists and their management arranging all that stuff. Alanis for example, yes she did that big reissue and video remasters but she was promoting a huge anniversary tour.
  5. Blue Jean

    Since when do Alanis Morissette reissues make more money than Madonna?
  6. Blue Jean

    Like a Prayer was a highlight if you were there, the audience went wild. I didn’t like the God Control costume much either. I think it was possibly her weakest opening on tour. But the show overall was gorgeous. I loved it.
  7. Blue Jean

  8. Blue Jean

    Exactly. This is as good as it gets for some time. The Beatles went back and remastered their videos for a Bluray, the quality is amazing. But what Mary Lambert says confirms the reason Madonna’s people won’t do it is cost.
  9. Blue Jean

    If she wants her tours to be successful again though she does.
  10. Blue Jean

    I think it depends who you ask. I think to older conservative people, yes. But in saying that she was always a mainstream artist that generated huge publicity. So there were definitely people that did not think she was edgy but believed her “controversies” were just marketing gimmicks.
  11. Blue Jean

    She does! I love it!! I wonder what is the earliest we could get this show ? Maybe April??
  12. Blue Jean

    I hope we get it by mid year at the very latest
  13. Blue Jean

    She’s clearly trolling
  14. Blue Jean

    Mary Lambert said in an interview they were given $35,000 for Borderline