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  1. cleopatrathatcher

    haha yeah I'm really excited to see that one!!!
  2. cleopatrathatcher

    no clue tbh but i think its a strange choice having another mid tempo song as the second single... time will tell!
  3. cleopatrathatcher

    i think FUTURE will be aa proper single due to it coming out the day before Eurovision...? but im only guessing but after watching the new Instagram version of the Medellin video and that visual loop on the "audio" youtube upload of I RISE im assuming all the teaser tracks will get some form of visual with them ala I RISE im really glad that the greatest video artist of all time IS FINALLY catching on that people want videos and visuals GALORE
  4. cleopatrathatcher

    im right in thinking that before the album drops we are all also getting FUTURE, the day before eurovision, and then DARK BALLET?
  5. cleopatrathatcher

    i found a link - doesn't bother me downloading it a day early as ive already pre-ordered the deluxe on iTunes and the 3 different physical editions that were on amazon im still feeling the vibe of the album but after the last two songs i thought we'd get a BANGER!
  6. cleopatrathatcher

    don't forget that fab UK surprise L4L single with 4 versions on it! as a big collector of her CDs from around the world im gutted not to get even a limited singe release this time ;(
  7. cleopatrathatcher

    FINALLY can't believe its taken so long to get official mixes!
  8. cleopatrathatcher

    as an album closer i can see this working perfectly NOW WHERE ARE THE OFFICIAL REMIXES OF MEDELLIN???
  9. cleopatrathatcher

    does anyone know IF we are getting OFFICIAL remixes of this track? and if so WHEN are they coming out? seems weird not to have any yet?
  10. cleopatrathatcher

    COMPLETELY EXCITED! loving the cover art... have loved everything about this era so far!
  11. cleopatrathatcher

  12. cleopatrathatcher

    did everyone catch the nod to her wedding to Sean?
  13. cleopatrathatcher

    The video is now available to download on UK iTunes
  14. cleopatrathatcher

    if she doesn't... im not doing anything that evening!i
  15. cleopatrathatcher

    im not majorly mad about it - you just KNOW how some people will be... that's the part i think she looks the most beautiful!