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  1. Yay I’m glad you enjoyed it! I was thinking of starting “ranking the performances” for each tour. That might be a hard one but it’d Be a lot of fun
  2. We are at the final album now (for now). RH is an exhilarating and nostalgic album for me. This was released at a time in my life when I really felt like I needed new music from Madonna and I got it. We all did. Say what you want about this album but I love it. Body shop is one of my favoriotes off this album and who can say anything bad about best night and S.E.X. ??? All stunning tracks with that demo unfinished sound which I appreciate and enjoy. Please rank the tracks from your least to most favourite. Also, how does everyone feel about ranking the performance for each tour next??? 1. Living for Love 2. Devil Pray 3. Ghosttown 4. Unapologetic Bitch 5. Illuminati 6. Bitch I’m Madonna 7. Hold Tight 8. Joan of Arc 9. Iconic 10. HeartBreakCity 11. Body Shop 12. Holy Water 13. Inside Out 14. Wash All Over Me 15. Best Night 16. Veni Vidi Vici 17. S.E.X. 18. Messiah 19. Rebel Heart
  3. Some of you might not be fond of this album but it really is underrated. She took the mainstream and made into her own. She added her own flavour. That’s what an artist does. Also, falling free is one of her best finales to an album and I’m addicated is one of my personal favourite non single tracks 1. Girl Gone Wild 2. Gang Bang 3. I’m Addicted 4. Turn up the Radio 5. Give Me All Your Luvin’ 6. Some Girls 7. Superstar 8. I Don’t Give A 9. I’m a Sinner 10. Love Spent 11. Masterpiece 12. Falling Free
  4. Don’t stop is a jam and you can easily dance to it. Effortlessly groove to the music
  5. You need headphones and alcohol. This will change your mind. This album is pure POP
  6. Pop. Music. At. It’s. Finest. Heartbeat is one of the greatest pop songs of all time. 1. Candy Shop 2. 4 Minutes 2. Give it 2 me 4. Heartbeat 5. Miles Away 6. She’s not Me 7. Incredible 8. Beat Goes On 9. Dance 2night 10. Spanish Lesson 11. Devil Wouldn’t Recognise You 12. Voices
  7. Imo her most overrated album and era. I love the album but I’m disappointed that the fans only appreciated because it was dance oriented. Anyways, this album holds great pop music. Forbidden love is one of her best non singles. Future lovers is ART. I love New York’s finale takes me to another world. Enjoy ranking this album from least to most favourite 1. Hung Up 2. Get Together 3. Sorry 4. Future Lovers 5. I Love New York 6. Let it Will Be 7. Forbidden Love 8. Jump 9. How High 10. Isaac 11. Push 12. Like it or Not
  8. Love profusion was a really good choice of single and the video is beautiful
  9. For some reason I feel that this is madonna’s visual album. She literally could have released it on iTunes today with a video for each song and it would have won a Grammy. Underrated and overlooked like most of her catalogue. Nothing fails is one of her best. Please rank your least favourite to most favourite tracks on this album x 1. American Life 2. Hollywood 3. I’m So Stupid 4. Love Profusion 5. Nobody Knows Me 6. Nothing Fails 7. Intervention 8. X-Static Process 9. Mother and Father 10. Die Another Day 11. Easy Ride
  10. I did it because it’s my personal favourite album and cyber-raga is an artistic jam. Forgive me *cue sorry*
  11. Yesss the quality is just wow!! Nobody’s perfect with headphones is an experience. The whole albums is a fucking experience.
  12. My personal favourite Madonna album. This was an experimental album and a visual album too. Every song could have had a video and all of them I could imagine would have been superb. I’ve added the 2 bonus tracks in this list from the Australian & Japanese editions because they deserve to be ranked. Cyber-rags is underrated and is one of her best tracks, debate with me if you think differently hehehe 1. Music 2. Impressive Instant 3. Runaway Lover 4. I Deserve It 5. Amazing 6. Noody’s Perfect 7. Don’t tell Me 8. What it Feels Like for a Girl 9. Paradise (Not for Me) 10. Gone 11. American Pie 12. Cyber-Raga
  13. Unique. Beautiful. Breathtaking. Wonderful. Out of this world. This album is definitely one of her best albums. ROL is absolutely incredible. Deserved all the credit and love it gets. 1. Drowned World/Substitute for Love 2. Swim 3. Ray of Light 4. Candy Perfume Girl 5. Skin 6. Nothing Really Matters 7. Sky fits Heaven 8. Shanti/Ashtangi 9. Frozen 10. The Power or Good-Bye 11. To Have and Not to Hold 12. Little Star 13. Mer Girl
  14. Don’t stop and I’d rather be your lover are jams! Give them a chance you won’t regret it
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