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  1. last 7 days, top 9 most listened to albums
  2. Just thinking of the category of r&b/soul, obviously at this moment, doesnt make me think of PSB. They're so electronic and cold. Maybe What Have I done with Dusty brings some soul. That said, going back to 1987 when R&B was more dance oriented and less Hip/hop oriented, I can see how it makes sense. I remember them playing Madonna on the show as well, when I was a kid, but again even with here, she'd clearly been inspired by and worked with disco, soul producers so not as confusing with her.
  3. i never get tired reading this and it gives me chills thinking about it.
  4. WOW had no idea PSB performed on Soul Train. Its exciting and confusing at the same time. A
  5. This is the best 90's Madonna piano house remix that was never released. Its silly. That said, i discovered it when it was played on a now defunct dance station in LA. The station was obsessed with this remix.
  6. Is it just me or is that Bruce cover, like a very hot male face, album cover. Like i can just stare at it.
  7. Here's my Top 16 most listened to albums from the last 7 days. Still kinda moody but starting to shift gears a bit.
  8. thanks! ya im not really either but been wanting to understand their stuff a bit more so ive been diving in. havent become a bigger fan yet THO i will say that through this experimenting with the beatles, ive become a bit of a yoko ono fan....she released an album right after John Lennon died season of glass - i havent dived deep into the history but long story short the cover of the album includes his glasses from the day he was killed. The album is pretty intense.
  9. heres my top 9 albums from the last 7 days of listening/scrobbling
  10. Guys, club edition is simply the version you’d get at the clubs or sometimes these were snuck in at retail and you couldn’t really tell from the outside packaging that you got one of these. They’re Super rare hard to find and the front or back sleeves might be a little different even, such as no upcs etc. anyway, more importantly, I do have a few of these very very rare items. Since I’m doing spring cleaning, I mean, $100 obo? First come first served.
  11. ohhh thats interesting to note. thank you. I hadnt thought about initial releases and then subsequent changes to that that new release and that it maybe to trick the spotify system, to be honest. Intriguing.
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