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  1. The final product was perfect and M looked beautiful - I read somewhere that Melodie wanted her to soften her curls as it was looking to harsh.
  2. AModSquad

    For any Kylie fans that missed the Giorgio/Kylie release - it is being re-pressed in a 2nd edition - yellow vinyl. Wax and beans and some other UK record stores will have it on pre-order already.
  3. Depends - they are celebrities of the highest caliber - they are ego driven and narcissistic. I feel that Madonna is fully aware of this side of herself. I dont know Mariah enough to determine if she is aware of this. They are both fire signs. They are both moms. They are both icons. They are NY'ers. They are in similar tax brackets. They love young brown boys. They have a great deal in common and could BUT all depends on if they have evolved enough to be supportive of their similar needs or if it creates an unhealthy competition.
  4. AModSquad

    ya i get your perspective as well. I think they do their best to balance things out. Records stores dont get to 100% pick/choose what they receive and they are also stuck with tons of product after this event. If they happen to have anything valuable after RSD weekend, they have every right to update the price to reflect current market rates. As someone that wants to continue to go to my record store for more RSD's, I want them to do what they need to, to remain open, especially right now with whats going on.
  5. AModSquad

    i still see it available all over - if i run into it again, ill send you anotehr link.
  6. AModSquad

    ya thats pretty much the deal the record stores have with the RSD committee - they can update the prices to reflect market prices after a certain period of time, specifically after customers had a chance to get them at retail when the stores open. Every record store does it differently but in general thats how it works.
  7. AModSquad

    I scored Robyn and could part with it for the Duran Duran or Kylie?
  8. AModSquad

    so they've been selling online the morning after for years. This year most stores put their stuff online later same day and there were a few stores that ONLY offered online such as amoeba, because LA is still suffering from new covid cases so safer to keep everyone at home. Got Robyn - "may" have an extra for trade. Plenty of Shakespears Sister on various uk store sites still @ScottyX This place has both Shakespears right now if you want it. Here are some of the ones I was able to get at my local record store. The rest (Robyn, Thelonious, etc) are being mailed. Wanted the Duran Duran and Kylie but wasnt able to score either.
  9. AModSquad

    Did anyone participate in RSD2020 - Drop 1? For those outside the US, I want the Duran Duran and the Giorgio Moroder if anyone happens to have gotten extra's. Ive got stuff for trade or Ill just pay for it. open!
  10. I mean her first Madame X tour did less than 100M so she would need about that many dates to beat the S&S record.
  11. I mean im not sure thats a good thing tho. So shes really the only person that can beat her numbers (because well she charges a ridiculous amount of money) - that being said - isnt it dissapointing or atleast telling that she hasn't been able to top these numbers?
  12. I have to say this was the first M tour, as an adult, that I refused to buy tickets for. Reasons are pretty simple: This came after Confessions - expectations would obviously be high. She didnt beat or even come near those expectations. Her move from arena's to stadiums The terrible setlist - I mean she literally rehashed the confessions La Isla but then destroyed it, rehashed Ray of Light, murdered Hung Up. Her worst tour outfits to date. I did end up scalping tickets night of the show in LA at dodger Stadium and made it to the 2nd row for much less than she wanted. Truly her worst show. MDNA was significantly improved, back to arenas but she hasnt created a solid concept in ages - She literally rehashed her Drowned World/Jamie King Tour concept 4 sections, political video, interlude - Confessions was the pinnacle of that concept. Madame X was exciting because she did something different. Anyway, I digress, back to appreciating this tour - I still have nightmares about THIS era lasting over 2 years.
  13. AModSquad

    i think what the poster you are replying to was saying is that Prince fans arent hungry or necessarily only relying on RSD - the Prince estate regularly puts out rare items so they dont need RSD per se. To be clear, batdance was not an RSD exclusive - it was an RSD First - meaning it came out on RSD day but not only available through RSD - was available everywhere after that day including the prince store, amazon etc. Versace Exp was an RSD ONLY release so you are right there. Im not sure i agree with your Prince sales not being the same on his website. When sign o the times was announced a few weeks ago, they released a limited edition 7" box set numbered etc, which i was excited to get - it sold out in less than a day. i dont think an artist needs to rely on RSD to put out limiteds. I hope more do it with RSD so I dont have to get in those damn lines anymore.
  14. AModSquad

    so im sure this is true in Italy too but Universal/UMG/Interscope, etc having nothing to do with Warner so if the song is already with Warner then the above doesnt need to happen but if its with another label (not part of the warner family - sire, rhino, maverick, bla ba) then your scenario or something like your scenario would be true.
  15. AModSquad

    This would be a definite no for me BUT why does Warner need to sell to Universal? Her back catalog and so on are re-issued by Warners group, Rhino. This should have anything to do w Universal unless im missing something.