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  1. Wow, thanks for taking the time to do this - Appreciate all your efforts @steady75 Open Your Heart, while one of her all time best tracks has really low streams when compared to its respective album. question, for tracks that are available on numerous different albums, tracks like Express Yourself, the number you are showing is just the number of streams from that specific album? If so, id be interested in seeing the Total for each track no matter where that stream came from.
  2. US Link from a shop that supports and loves M obviously: https://drownedworldrecords.com/products/mdna-vinyl
  3. Ya super confusing - haven’t been here in a minute. I saw the post you’re referring to and just assumed it was for those tracks.
  4. Wow, how am I the first person posting about this? This is the one remix package I was super excited about and boy did we get jipped.
  5. https://drownedworldrecords.com/products/erotica-vinyl-lp-picture-disc?_pos=1&_sid=cbc24fa3a&_ss=r Ships to UK (US store though) Also: "We have some extra “Finally Enough Love” promo items from Warner/Rhino that we will ship with your purchase of this release while supplies last"
  6. ya i think were saying the same exact thing. While madonna was out doing a fantastic job getting back in the limelight, Warners timing in terms of releasing the singles for most Hot 100 impact were terrible though it seems like it was intentional to get more albums to move.
  7. in addition to some of the other answers you got already, Clear Channel (now rebranded as LastFM) which owns 90% of US radio stations, were huge GOP/republican supporters and Madonna had almost released her video depicting M throwing a bomb at George W Bush - they instantly blacklisted her meaning 90% of stations in the US stopped playing her instantly. She hasnt easily been welcomed back to radio, Hung Up barely got any plays and im not sure about 4 mins - does anyone have any historicals on her radio spins. The only exception is the time she purchased all the plays for Give Me All Your Luvin', every hour on the hour on every lastfm station in the US, which instantly got her a top 10 that week and as soon as that paid promo was over, the song dropped from the charts. same situation happened months earlier with Janet at the super bowl - cbs/viacom blacklisted her - i dont know if she was blacklisted at radio per se, the industry is all connected - her label stopped promoting her though and she eventually left virgin. Same with the [Dixie] Chicks. Was a strange time in the US.
  8. From a fans POV, warner made some strange mistakes with the ROL rollout. Frozen and the Album both got stuck behind Titanic. The ROL single was rolled out really badly - so the song landed on radio maybe in April, I cant remember, and then she did also this cool promo, like Oprah and stuff, but you couldnt buy the single till I think late July. Back then billboard factored in radio (60%) and sales (40%) and I believe ROL debuted at #5 without a physical single - by the time physical single came out, they lost that 1, 2 punch from both radio and sales at same time to get an easy #1.....OR....maybe they delayed the single release on purpose to get more album sales. I really dont know but when the single finally physically came out, it was if not mistaken her 2nd discounted single ever up to that point. I bought 20 copies of the physical cassette single for 99 cents. Anyway thats the ROL mistake. They did this very same delayed release with Nothing Really Matters as well - the physical single took months to be released after the premier and her grammy performance. A
  9. This one is tricky because stampers used to press records degrade so as each record is created from a stamper the next record has actually degraded and so on. Thats one reason why these limited to 1000 or less copies always fetch more because the idea is whether you end up with copy 1 or 1000 your stamper was used in a very small batch. Overall though, its all about what an inidividual and their individul ears prefer.
  10. I expect this one to be released on vinyl for several reasons. Within the M world, this has never been released on vinyl. More importantly though, I think the organic music, real strings, instrumentation and so on is perfect for Vinyl and will actually be a hot seller for her. Thats my bet on this one.
  11. jesus....the way she set our expectations. I really was expecting the mother of all duets with Gaga on a Born This Way, Express Yourself combo.
  12. How do you know there's only one new version of born this way on the CD? Do you know what the next 2 tracks will be? and who is singing them?
  13. Im voting for a Born This Way Duet as part of the gaga 10yr anniversary - There's 2 tracks left that need to come out that artists havent been announced for yet. It would be the be all end all Pride statement track with two epic powerhouses and the ultimate squashing of their reductive beef. and there's 4 remixes by the djs shes listed ALL of whom are fresh and am so excited shes chosen them - eli escobar is my personal fave from the list and Kaytranada (done tons of Rihanna mixes and is a solo dj/artist). id be happy w this. A
  14. These 4 pop in my head instantly as being high on devisive list: Who's That Girl Love Song Runaway Lover Im So Stupid
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