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  1. I will start relistening it probably tomorrow. I am really excited as did not really listen alot to the songs of this album, apart from "Medellin" on several occassions.
  2. Mata_Hari

    I am surprised.. And happy! Much love from germany ❤️
  3. Sorry, I think I got something wrong. My fault here.
  4. Mata_Hari

    I think "Bitch, I'm Madonna" is a pretty enjoyable song to spread a bit of a diva feeling. Her age is the thing that makes most people dislike it - and that it is, honestly, not really a good song at all. But I like it. "Take A Bow" is not really bad but out of all her famous songs its the outright boring one - why this one got such a freakish big hit? "Ciao Bella" because...thats not even a real Madonna song. But I can't say I hate any Madonna song.
  5. Of course a music video can not change history. But Madonna knows very well that people start to change. Compare the protests now and the public opinion of many people, especially youths, to like 10 or 20 years before. I think there is something already. It can not be bad to set it on fire even more. And for a 17 year old like Emma Gonzalez to stand up and speak to the whole nation in such a strong and emotional manner while being accused of being a Faux victim after she survived a school shooting...I can not see she got treated like porcelain. Or did I get something wrong?
  6. Thing is madonna has an enormous wealth. She has absolutely no need to sell a single copy of any future album. She didn't have to since many years. And that's why I am so sure she will not stop. I don't say she's not aiming for success. Everyone does. But she doesn't need it.
  7. So many musicians still put out albums who are way beyond her age. I see absolutely no reason why she should stop at all
  8. Mata_Hari

    Which leg has this outright fantastic La Isla Bonita version you get on YouTube first? I love how energetic and high energy she is!
  9. I don't get the critique about the song being cutted too much? I never had a problem to recognize the structure..
  10. The first million viewers will be reached within the next minutes I think
  11. So if you get negative reviews you have just to accept It and are not allowed to debate?
  12. True. But I think what made many go crazy was how it seemed to be some guys very first impression how M should have changed the visuals. I think it's not common for a pop song these days to feature such a difficult topic and maybe the users u mean just thought people don't acknowledge that. But of course you are right critic is good and important so no offense
  13. This! Not the first time her video made me love a song I didn't appreciate that much before. I just feel so proud to be a fan at the moment.
  14. This is easily the best video in decades. In addition it let the song grow for me considerably... Madame X as a whole may be debatable but God Control + video are astonishing masterpieces.
  15. Damn I am excited. Could be her most intense music video since many many years. Also the song turns out to be another grower. I like it better and better each time I listen to it.