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  1. Lmao that guy has very poor photoshop skills. if he's the 'art director' I'm gonna skip it. PLUS it does look like Celebration!
  2. A remix by The Blessed Madonna is a dream come true. I absolutely love her ❤️
  3. I did! That's my natural reaction to people naming RM as the worst Madonna's song lol
  4. VT - 2nd section (black top) CT - Equestrian MDNA - Transgression
  5. Sooner or Later History or Super Pop?
  6. Crazy Inside of Me or Mother and Father?
  7. Never Let You Go Unapologetic Bitch or Trust No Bitch?
  8. judging about others' tastes in MV just because you think DTM is boring? okayyyyy
  9. 1. Don't Tell Me 2. Human Nature 3. Hollywood 4. Love Don't Live Here Anymore 5. Open Your Heart 6. Justify My Love
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