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  1. A remix by The Blessed Madonna is a dream come true. I absolutely love her ❤️
  2. I'm terribly sorry for your loss! Sending my prayers and all my love to you and your family
  3. confessed

    Lady Gaga

    hmm after listening to Chromatica I began liking Madame X more just not my thing. I left only Alice, ROM and Sine from Above
  4. confessed

    Lady Gaga

    911 gave me 'Love you like a love song' vibes (which I absolutely loathe) all the rest is quite good. I like it more than anything that's been released this year so far
  5. confessed

    Lady Gaga

    Alice is everything
  6. confessed

    Lady Gaga

    So many bops!! But the sound is so dated! It's like they shelved it back in 2015 for some reason and decided to release in 2020
  7. confessed

    Lady Gaga

    Same! Until I got the ticket to her last Dangerous Woman Tour concert in Hong Kong, she's a really great performer and singer Speaking about ROM, it's okay... I'm not sure if Ariana and Gaga sound good together, I wonder whose song this is, Ariana's or Lady Gaga's, when I'm listening to it
  8. I did! That's my natural reaction to people naming RM as the worst Madonna's song lol
  9. VT - 2nd section (black top) CT - Equestrian MDNA - Transgression
  10. Sooner or Later History or Super Pop?
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