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  1. The song is so mainstream. Sounds like a song from Ariana’s “thank u, next” album. I’m absolutely loving the song
  2. confessed

    There are 4 different vip packages
  3. confessed

    The prices. Yeah haha. With Madonna it’s always been an issue 🙃 but I’m ready to spend at least $750 VIP to see her. It’s a nice experience
  4. confessed

    Why are you guys being so hysterical without the official info? We can’t say all the info is accurate. To me this is super exciting (I’m a HUGE fan of Madonna’s shows like Confessions or S&S), because to see a star like MADONNA in a venue like those is beyond amazing. Imagine seeing her without 200 dancers, big moving screen etc. Just you and Madonna 🥰 I’m hoping she goes not only to the US and Europe just like in 2015-2016. There are fans outside those regions, if you didn’t know hahaha
  5. Taylor has always been such an overrated artist. She’s just average
  6. confessed

    China, Russia. Everywhere at 12AM
  7. confessed

    I love this song but it’s far from quality music
  8. confessed

    I think we’re listening to different songs haha because to me it sounds super fresh. I’m usually super skeptical about Madonna new material and don’t have high hopes, but this song just stands out for me, probably not lyrically but musically. I’m in love, for the first time in years. Her voice, music, lots of adlibs etc just aww 🥰
  9. confessed

    By the way is that me or her voice is like from American Life or COADF years? Even from this perspective I Rise is amazing! She doesn’t sound “old” at all
  10. confessed

    From what I heard all I can say is that’s gonna be her best album in 10 years. I Rise is a nice song with a very good production just like Medellín. Rebel Heart really sounds unmastered at all to me
  11. confessed

    But it’s not a single lol
  12. i've listened to it more than 20 times now and still don't remember the words and the tune lol
  13. i LOOOOOVE the new merch!
  14. it's fun to read what we must say and what we must not. come on, it is okay to have a different opinion. again, no one has to like it. there are trolls here who should be banned of course, but don't tell people what to do here