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  1. A remix by The Blessed Madonna is a dream come true. I absolutely love her ❤️
  2. confessed

    I'm terribly sorry for your loss! Sending my prayers and all my love to you and your family
  3. confessed

    Frozen & Nothing Really Matters
  4. that's something new to me! I love this band
  5. confessed

    I did! That's my natural reaction to people naming RM as the worst Madonna's song lol
  6. confessed

    VT - 2nd section (black top) CT - Equestrian MDNA - Transgression
  7. confessed

    Sooner or Later History or Super Pop?
  8. confessed

    Crazy Inside of Me or Mother and Father?
  9. confessed

    keep doing your remasters @nastybutfancy
  10. confessed

    How High Give It 2 Me or Infinity?
  11. confessed

    Never Let You Go Unapologetic Bitch or Trust No Bitch?
  12. confessed

    judging about others' tastes in MV just because you think DTM is boring? okayyyyy