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  1. If you are going to portray Madonna, you have to look like Madonna. What is wrong with that? It is a movie.
  2. I thought that, but then I thought maybe it was really her with some weird effect or whatever.
  3. She looks like a drag queen, but only on that poster. She looks great on these pics: Nobody said Madonna should be played by a bad actress who only looks like her. Both things (the look and the acting) are important.
  4. Vogue was used for promotion of MDNA tour. LFL, D&D and Material Girl. Material Girl was released before, while LFL and D&D were released on YT around the same time as the release of the DVD. The clip she posted on Instagram, where she sings Killers. Is that some kind of effect or a real thing? She didn't use that costume on the tour, so maybe she filmed something.
  5. It is interesting to compare these two scenes. Madonna's face looks so plastic and the wig looks like a wig in Medellin. On the other hand, her look in Madame X introduction trailer/documentary is so natural. It was unnecessary to make her face so white. It should be released at this point. I wonder if we will get a promo video before that. It seems she made Killers video, judging by her Instagram.
  6. Florence doesn't look like Madonna at all. If they can make her look like Madonna with make-up, then it could be good. If not, then it would suck. Overall, this girl doesn't fit Madonna's character in any way. Anybody who says the physical similarity doesn't matter is a liar. That is one of the most important elements of a movie. Hollywood is notorious for picking good-looking movie stars to portray people who weren't that pretty, but still there was some resemblance. In Madonna's case, they just need an actress who looks like Madonna a little bit. Did everyone forget about Denisa Juhos?
  7. @stefo Can you re-upload Fever video set pics?
  8. I am reading about this for the first time. Did she perform during the actual awards show or after? There is no source.
  9. Oh, yeah. Then there is no demo by Patrick. Basically, there is a demo by Rick. And, after that, a finished version by Orbit and Leonard. Both producers were working on the same version. I assume that you think if a song is co-produced by different producers, it means there are different versions by each producer. That isn't a case really. Leonard's production credits on ROL are pretty much related to orchestral elements. Agree. You misunderstood.
  10. Just because Patrick was a songwriter, doesn't necessarily mean he recorded a demo. Maybe at that time Madonna and Patrick wrote the music and then Madonna did a demo with Rick.
  11. I don't mind house, but only if it is similar to Vogue and Deeper and Deeper. I don't want I Don't Search I Find type of an album. This.
  12. It was cute. The performance, if we can call it that way, was too casual. Why didn't she sing more songs? The DJs could have remixed her hits and played them. I don't care about those "videos". They are just Instagram type of clips made by Madonna herself.
  13. Madonna wearing wigs with different colors - rainbow flag.
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