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  1. Well, the good songs appeared on the album. The rest didn't make the cut for a reason. He did a lot of great stuff with Lana and that retro style could suit Madonna.
  2. It has become silly to imply that fans hate her singles if they aren't successful. 4 Minutes is a great example of a hit song that made fans discuss about its quality, creativity, originality... If she decides to chase trends, then so be it.
  3. Not liking an album or thinking it was bad doesn't mean fans don't appreciate Madonna's music in general. Hard Candy was a successful album with a mega hit. It will never be on the same level with Like a Prayer when it comes to quality and artistry.
  4. In one of her biographies, there is a story about a woman who suggested Madonna to do a book with erotic photos. Apparently, they were supposed to collaborate, but then Madonna did the whole project without her. That woman said it was supposed to be erotic, but tasteful, not like the stuff Madonna did for Sex book.
  5. We all want a biopic, just not directed or produced by her.
  6. I doubt she would do something like that. I also think it is an awkward thing. A good strategy, but awkward. Gaga's album was a reissue with a bonus CD covering her stuff. That is a good idea for a reissue, not a greatest hits album. Also, it is important to have good artists. Gaga chose good artists. I think Madonna would choose Ariana and other Billboard top 100, and that would be a mess. I liked what The Highwomen did with Gaga's Highway Unicorn. I didn't like that song, but I like the cover which sounds like a Stevie Nicks song.
  7. There have been rumors about a new album for quite some time. Even some insiders claimed she was working on it, but then they didn't talk about it anymore. She also worked on her sassy remixes in the studio, but I doubt it was the only thing she worked on. Anyway, a new album with a greatest hits tour would be weird, but at the same time unexpected and maybe even a smart move. Let's face it, she could go on a tour to promote her new album or perform greatest hits, but the outcome could be the same. She won't make other people buy her new album because she performed a lot of new songs. Maybe, a greatest hits tour with just one new song could be an interesting strategy where she would give only a slice of her new album to public (ordinary people, casual fans, not counting stans). After a fantastic show with her greatest hits, people could buy her new album which would be a part of tour merchandise, if they were satisfied with her show and because they were interested in her new album (or wanted a souvenir). Of course, it could be a greatest hits album. Celebration covered a lot, but there were a lot of omissions and the same goes for other compilations. An ultimate compilation that contains all hits, some important non-hits and a new song could be a good strategy too. And it doesn't matter if it is a new album or a compilation, she should do reissues too besides that.
  8. I am talking about general public. They want hits, not obscure stuff. Of course, I want her to reinvent her hit songs, but I wouldn't like the latest remixes (Hung Up, Material Girl), which sound more like some artist featuring Madonna.
  9. It would be good if the setlist is revealed in advance. I know that is impossible and should be a surprise, but people should get what is promised. Nobody is for Candy Shop, Back That Up or the latest weird remixes. I wouldn't be surprised if there are people who won't buy tickets because they know she will make a setlist for herself, not to mention her tardiness.
  10. We can't compare Madame X tour to other others, because it was a theater tour and it was successful. I agree that RHT could have done better, but it certainly wasn't a flop. MDNA album did well. Her peers didn't sold that much and many younger artists were selling the same amount. The MDNA era could have been even more successful if she promoted and invested more time. We can't expect big numbers from an artist who started a career in 1982, so RH and Madame X album sales were understandable. She and her team didn't adapt well to streaming era during the 2010s. Plus, there were weird strategies and she sabotaged herself a lot. And her antics didn't help. It was the 2010s when she should have started with reissues, done special concerts with hits and embraced her legacy. That could have translated to success of her new works. A greatest hits tour at this point is welcomed and that could make her closer to people again. It could have an effect on reissues and maybe improve streaming of her hits, but don't expect it will impact the success of her next album.
  11. It has nothing to do with flop singles. All Madonna's 2010s tours have been successful. Doing a greatest hits tour is a good idea, especially for her image among general public, but that won't have any effect on her new music.
  12. I don't get why some people are upset about the 80s hits. It was kind of obvious it would be 80s oriented even before it became news, considering most of her greatest hits are from the 80s. Although the focus would be on the 80s, that doesn't mean it will be the 80s hits only. It could contain: 12 hits from the 80s 8 hits from the 90s 5 hits from the 2000s
  13. There are exceptions. LAV tour, DWT tour.
  14. I am OK with Celebration tour as long as it doesn't include Celebration.
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