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  1. Alan Leggate

    What shocked me and in a good way was that they kept in the parts where he pushed her head and her voice showed and when she then missed the cue to sing after it but still did. That would never happen now. I loved this performance and it's varied, some shows I think like Las Vegas/Miami possibly when she sings without the autotune "cool I'm not when I am lonely" has a lovely echo on it put onto it.
  2. Alan Leggate

    It gives me a headache too. They butchered Living for Love, I hate that slow motion then suddenly she's on the stage. Probably for me Girlie Show, DWT, RIT (Lisbon) are my fav professional recordings. Confessions is ok but I feel after Paradise it becomes too much like a pop video at times for me and has to many frantic cuts. Remember when DVD's were first coming out there was all this talk about how viewers would be able to alter or change the angle of whatever they watched. Did that ever happen? Not with Madge, but in general.
  3. Alan Leggate

    Was it only the first RIT show in LA where there was someone during the end of Holiday yelling something and Madonna replies "hell yeah"? Then for a few shows nothing was said until the "everybody on the left..." part started?
  4. I believe she probably did most of the time because of the dancing/singing, but that upload made it looked like she mimed the majority of it which I doubted she would have done, but whoever in her team edits these videos just ugh I don't know.
  5. Yes, yes, yes! When I watch a Madonna tour or with friends (pre lockdown), I always bring a fan edited DVD because of the edits and vocals.
  6. It did give me chills watching it and remembering how great that era was and her look but yeah it didn't really sound live because I believe most of the time she has performed it live and it's never sounded like the album track no matter how much a genius Stuart Price is at vocal mixes. However, I'm glad she is hopefully catching on to what other artists have been doing in streaming/releasing rare content on Youtube. It's only taken her or her team a few months to catch up and maybe realise this is a better output than "quarantine diaries"......
  7. Alan Leggate

    I have no idea how to work the dark web, it all seems too confusing. It is scary how these things happen and invasion of privacy. However I have to admit I am nosey to see the tour contract. Only because I read online (so it must be true...!) that she pays her dancers less than they'd earn on a cruise ship, also be nosey to see how much she earns. As for their social security number, not sure how they could use that (as I am from the UK) but I think it's hard in the UK anyway to use details to hack people. Or maybe because I have such bad credit from my younger days and usually live in my overdraft that anyone who tried to hack me would be declined for everything.
  8. Alan Leggate

    I hope not too. Speaking as someone who has had and recovered from COVID, it wipes you out completely. I had zero energy for the first full week, really from the first day. I was fine the day before and then literally woke up the next day ill. The constant dry cough that wouldn't stop - especially at night. One night I had no sleep because I literally just kept coughing all night. I could barely move, fever that would come and go, no appetite and I would say it really took me a good month to recover and get energy back. So if she did have COVID then how she managed to perform those shows I don't know, because I could barely walk down the stairs and by time I got back up, I was wheezy and exhausted.
  9. Alan Leggate

    I've seen on YouTube there are quite a few famous artists now such as Rolling Stones, releasing or airing tours. Even Andrew Lloyd Webber airing some of his most famous musicals. It's sad that Madonna or her team appear to have no interest in releasing or streaming any goodies for fans during this period. Or are those quarantine diaries supposed to be? She truly is the Material Girl. Not one or two performances even from Madame X tour that could probably easily be uploaded. I find it quite sad and disappointing.
  10. Alan Leggate

    Personally I think she was just very off key and became that off key that even the auto tune couldn't fix it. She was also out of breath even beginning the performance which led to her struggling and then having the idea to sing while wearing a cloak and navigate down a set of stairs wearing an eye patch led just led to in my opinion no way back to being able to grab a moment to even try to fix the situation. Not to mention imo it was just a very boring version by her musical director.
  11. Alan Leggate

    100%, as soon as I saw the headline in today's news, my eyes rolled and my immediate thought was "oh no... A lot of my friends who are huge Madonna fans are now saying she's lost it or what is going on with her and these posts don't help her. And I don't know about you, but I can't even bring myself to watch a full "diary" she posts. I either feel embarrassed or shock that this is what has happened to her or what is going on in her head. I just can't believe this is the same person from the Rebel Heart tour. I caught a clip on youtube of I'm going to tell you a secret when she quotes about what she thinking before she was thinking.... I have no idea what has happened to her but this is not how I thought she would be at this stage. I always imagined a complete u-turn to complete diva truth or dare or the down to earth Madonna, or even a mixture of Bette Davis/Madonna persona but it's like aliens have taken over her body. It's not even narcissistic now, it truly comes across as she has lost the plot and has reached the point of now being completely out of touch with reality and the thing she has managed to dodge all these years - irrelevant. These "diaries" are so out of touch with what people are relating to or listening to or wanting to hear.
  12. If every concert she released, especially Rebel Heart could have been filmed and released this way with minimal effects, some good audience shots and no major dubbing (although it's clear she is miming) it would be perfect.
  13. They are very polite and so is Madonna during it.... wonder how many shows it took before she started cursing.
  14. Alan Leggate

    I was wondering the other day about this, hoping that although we know she's surrounded in a bubble, that she wouldn't keep her staff/entourage from their own families or home during this time just so she has company. Then again, perhaps she doesn't and that's why a lot of her IG videos appear as if she is bonkers.
  15. Alan Leggate

    I have to agree, it wasn't a theatrical show. It was a concert in a theatre. As for it for being for the fans, load of crap. It was the most rigid show she has done in a long time and yes the knee/hip injury plagued the tour, but did she even acknowledge or interact/wave/sign autographs at entering or leaving the venues for the fans who waited at any of the shows? Not from any footage that I have seen. Lastly, it is worrying that this was classed as scaled down "show" with the ticket prices that were charged. I dread to think what price would have been set if this had been produced like a broadway theatrical show.