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  1. Alan Leggate

    Very interesting! Thank you. I didn't think about radio scanners. It's just mind blowing to think of the amount of stuff that some people have or that is in vaults and may never see the light of day, especially live shows. The amount of playback would be a disadvantage but the auto tune/effects are the ones that I can't stand. Listening to some of the Madame X recordings, particularly Medellin, there's so much echo and of course the sound of an actual live band is sad. Love Kim Wilde - I will need to go have a listen to that album! Thanks :-)
  2. Alan Leggate

    I've often wondered this as I remember I think during RH tour, Monte recorded or streamed live part of a song but it was his instrument. This might a question that you can't answer, but are these "in ear audios" recorded for every show and kept? I like the Tokyo one that had the audio prior to the show beginning. And is it true that each show recording is kept? Hence why BA Houston is out there? Or is it just luck of the draw? I'm surprised she's never thought of that idea to make even more money - selling the show you've been too.
  3. Alan Leggate

    I did like some of the tracks from MDNA, Some Girls, Falling Free (I thought was beautiful), I Don't Give... I think I'm running out of ones now. But I agree with you RH was beautiful, especially the demo songs, Beautiful Scars demo has to be one of my favourite songs and Living for Love and I thought the tour was just divine.
  4. Alan Leggate

    First of all I love your opening line! lol. Your comment about reverb makes sense to me now, I thought it was my headphones because especially during Medellin, all I could hear was everything she was singing echoing. I was sure it was me because I hadn't came across any of the reviews mentioning this but it was so obvious on this recording. I'd rather hear a shaky voice while dancing than all this vocoder, heavy backing track over live vocals etc. This makes me think of how amazing Donna and Nikki were, especially how Nikki could take over the higher notes during Into the Groove etc. It's a shame they split and the new ones are placed right at back of stage now.
  5. Alan Leggate

    I'm not a huge fan of Cher or Kylie, although I know a good mixture of their songs. However, I do know a lot of people who go to see them when they come, because they know they are going to get a good mix of their songs but I think more importantly is because of their affordable ticket prices. I have had loads of friends over the years I've asked to go see Madonna with me and majority would love to but £150+ on Ticketmaster plus they know she tends not to sing a huge amount of back catalogue songs put them off, but mainly the prices. I don't really care if Madonna dances constantly through a show, I don't think I've ever came away from a show thinking about that. It's more like things like Heartbreak City mix, deeper and deeper and Who's that girl. All the songs I never ever thought I'd see her sing live.
  6. Alan Leggate

    A lot of different things said by various people that I agree/disagree with but I've went with MarXus' post as it touches on a lot of what I think. I definitely agree that the idea must have been there to have the various characters involved more, the adjectives used to describe each character of Madame X and the money she spent on the different holograms at Billboard Awards. I guess we'll never know the reasons why this ended up not being explored or whether time just seemed to run away, but there seemed to be a few things that happened that were clearly planned in advance such as iHeart, the random Apple store events and Apple interview which was recorded, fans attended but never aired? The Graham Norton interview was a shambles. Whether due to nerves, exhaustion or being last minute, she didn't come over well at all, to the point everyone who knows I am a huge fan, I was fed up of hearing them say this but I agree. Marxus didn't mention it, but Eurovision was not the time and place to make a statement and the songs performed were terrible choices. A lot of people, especially in the UK tend to have Eurovision parties and I think the reaction to this (not taking into account vocals) must have effected her. To many people I know, Eurovision is like the European version of the Superbowl halftime. 100% agree with MarXus on the ticket prices, I was absolutely stunned when the prices for London came out and although I earn a decent enough wage, I was priced right out market this time. The logistic/injuries have been so unfortunate and she has fought on as best, if not even more than ever expected. What hasn't helped has been the mis/lack of communication from her team and the mess of the management of her Instagram. This needs to be looked into asap by her because this has effected her badly by who is running it. Cancelling London shows then uploading a video soon after praising the Lisbon audience or cutting the first act of the shows but then soon after a clip of the God Control performance uploaded. Agree that the videos for the songs released have been the best in a long, long time. Pride Performance was fab, but another missed opportunity to have it uploaded onto YouTube. I do think she has tried to make it work taking all things into account. I know songs are cut all the time but some songs teased felt unfair once the final set list was revealed, however, I do think it was good of her if she couldn't work out or a performance of Rescue Me wasn't working, she still did include it in the show.
  7. Alan Leggate

    Although on this tour she has performed during very little shows an impromptu song, I think we've been spoiled by previous tours, especially Rebel Heart where a huge amount of shows got a variety of songs from catalogue performed. I am really surprised out of all the recent tours, this is the one she has really stuck to the script each night and not changed or added in those little surprise songs.
  8. Alan Leggate

    I can imagine Madonna being one of those employers who for whatever reasons, doesn't agree with her main staff getting together and would "punish" them by sacking them or by being difficult enough to make them think "f**k this" and then resign. There was a similar issue with Caresse Henry when she got together with Madonna's security guard. And Madonna has in my opinion a very hard hearted attitude when it comes to things like just discarding people who have been there with her. We've seen it with Nikki, Donna, Stuart, Angela, probably lots more. Then things that William Orbit said about how she had changed when he was dropped and then that famous fax she sent possibly to Patrick to say she was going in a different direction with an album and about someone wanting a writing credit and Madonna wrote next to it EGO, EGO, EGO.
  9. Alan Leggate

    I loved the relationship they had together, he took no crap from her but in a fun way. He would remix oldies with respect and understood fans would love to hear them. Was it not Confessions where he tried so hard to get her to sing Rain and she wouldn't. One of the best things he did though was Erotica/You Thrill Me. I'd never heard that song before and just fell in love with it. I always love the interaction in DWT near the end of Music when she goes up to him as he is playing.
  10. Alan Leggate

    That's amazing. A lot of memories, - that's truly magical and to see how things have changed in those years.
  11. Alan Leggate

    How much has this tour cost you? How did you manage to be in those front or first few rows all the time?
  12. Alan Leggate

    The few audios that I've download, Medellin always seems to have either this weird echo or as if she is behind the music or in front. Is this playback do you think? Is the echo so evident in the theatre? Thanks!
  13. Alan Leggate

    Well by the sounds of her mood, it seems like the owner of the theatre (Andrew Lloyd Webber) hasn't admonished the theatre staff. They probably were on tender hooks as well when he showed up. I was surprised by the later start last night as I thought she would have pulled it out bag like the first night as he was in the audience. I was discussing it with one of my friends today who produces/directs theatre productions and she said while she understands this is a Madonna theatre show and not a West End theatre show, even she would be itching to know what the delay was because you're lucky to get 5 minutes past the scheduled start time. Perhaps Andrew Lloyd Webber who must be so used to theatre shows starting on time was perplexed by it. Who knows. I do have a little bit of empathy for Madonna. As a person, I 9 times out of 10 am constantly running late (usually nights out, but a couple of times for work...) I haven't reached the superior stage though of saying to my boss to shut the fuck up, either I do some work or no work. Would be fab! I remember talking to one of the general managers at RHT in Glasgow when they put the lights on and implemented curfew and she said that they had given Madonna an extra 40 minute grace period but as the time was approaching midnight and she had just finished Unapologetic Bitch, they had to implement the curfew because she said the fact they had let her run so late on a Sunday night meant they were likely to get a heavy fine. Although I seem to recall it came out afterwards that Glasgow Council were so happy to have someone as huge as Madonna play Glasgow, Scotland that they waived the fine to the arena.
  14. Alan Leggate

    Oh that takes me back. That RHT show in Glasgow was the best I've ever seen her. She was so engaging, down to earth, actually funny and no diva attitude. Although, she did start at around 9.40? So she must have known she was getting cut off because she rushed the fan meet with Unapologetic Bitch and as she exited the stage I could hear her saying something like "I don't care motherf**kers, I am going to come out and sing holiday" and it was a truly unique and amazing moment. However, a Sunday night wasn't the best night to choose to run over curfew.
  15. Alan Leggate

    Yeah her acting roles are not the best. I'm sure I read an interview years ago (can't even remember the film) where the director said the problem is that Madonna wants to have control over everything and that is what hinders her performance in films. Anyway, I would probably say my favourite Madonna movie would have to be Who's That Girl. However, I am going to break the rules Markus and also say that one of my, if not my favourite Madonna video Bad Girl, her acting is outstanding in that video and it is just like watching a mini movie, no doubt due to David Fincher directing it but wow yes. The emotions and reactions she displays in that video are out of this world.