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  1. OMG, so are you saying that I was recorded before 1992?
  2. Jitterbug

    Everybody - Holiday - Borderline Like a Virgin - Material Girl - Crazy For You Live to Tell - Papa Don't Preach - Open Your Heart - La Isla Bonita - Who's That Girl Like a Prayer - Express Yourself - Songs from BAT Vogue - Justify My Love Erotica - Deeper and Deeper - GST Secret - Human Nature - Take a Bow Don't Cry for Me Argentina - You Must Love Me - Buenos Aires Frozen - Ray of Light - Drowned World Music - Don't Tell Me - DWT Die Another Day - American Life - VMA with Britney and Xtina Hung Up - Sorry - CT 4 Minutes - Miles Away - S&ST Girl Gone Wild - MDNAWT Living for Love - RHT Medellín - God Control - Future - MXT
  3. Jitterbug

    The English housewife...she even looks hot and sexy there!!!
  4. Jitterbug

    Shoo-Weed-Doo Weed Song Till Drugs Do Us Part Smoking Lesson Pray For Red Eyes Secret Garden Weedtime Story Be Careful (Cuidado Con Mi Marihuana) Never Smoke From a Stranger Hollyweed Smoke Another Day Let It Weed Be Smoke It Or Not Give Weed 2 Me Grow Shop Give Me All Your Money Addicted (The Weed That Got Away) Jointtown Holy Weed Killers Who Are Smoking I Don't Search, Madonna finds You Must Drug Me
  5. Jitterbug

    Excuse me? She CAN act and she CAN sing live. She has nothing to prove, she's a real popstar, and just like Madonna did for a long time, she sings and releases what she wants, and she doesn't care about the charts. So why not? She could play the role of M in a movie
  6. Jitterbug

    Madonna: 01 Lucky Star 02 Everybody 03 Burning Up 04 Borderline 05 Physical Attraction 06 Holiday Like a Virgin: 01 Dress You Up 02 Angel 03 Like a Virgin 04 Material Girl 05 Over and Over 06 Into the Groove True Blue: 01 Papa Don't Preach 02 Open Your Heart 03 La Isla Bonita 04 White Heat 05 Live to Tell 06 True Blue 07 Where's the Party 08 Love Makes the World Go Round Who's That Girl: 01 Who's That Girl 02 Causing a Commotion 03 The Look of Love 04 Can't Stop Like a Prayer: 01 Like a Prayer 02 Express Yourself 03 Cherish 04 Promise to Try 05 Till Death Do Us Part 06 Oh Father 07 Keep It Together 08 Pray for Spanish Eyes I'm Breathless: 01 Hanky Panky 02 Sooner or Later 03 Back in Business 04 Now I'm Following You 05 Something to Remember 06 Vogue
  7. Jitterbug

    This era is getting more and more similar to the AL/RIT era. I think that eventually it will happen the same as with the RIT dvd: she will scrap the MXT dvd (if she ever had the idea to release it) and then she will release a documental with only some performances and lots of backstage and rehearsal scenes... Not to mention all the other similarities that MX era share with the AL era (underperforming singles, some fans hate the album while others love it, good live vocals but excessive autotune and vocoder, political and social themes...)
  8. Jitterbug

  9. This And I would add: - Hollywood, Eagle's Wings and No Choice (Music Era) - React (American Life Era) - Just a Dream, Possessive Love and First There's a Kiss (LAP Era)
  10. Jitterbug

    Totally agree!! I always like to know what songs were meant to be included on a setlist and then rejected (such as Impressive Instant S&S, Everybody CT, Deeper and Deeper CT...)
  11. I wonder if the side B of the tape 2 of the Rain Tapes exists...anyone knows?
  12. Hung Up Sorry Don't Tell Me
  13. Jitterbug

    Human Nature American Life RIT or American Life MXT?
  14. Jitterbug

    The Look of Love Don't Stop or Can't Stop?