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  1. Inter, but I think I prefer being side
  2. Yeah, pretty sure it's fanmade, but I want to hear it in full regardless
  3. Hi!! I'm looking for this remix of Erotica that has The Beast Within bits on it. If anyone can help me I will be very grateful https://dbree.org/v/d5b6a2 Thanks in advance!
  4. Then she should have done what she done with It's So Cool (a dance remake by Paul Oakenfold) with other unreleased songs and...voilà!! A new album that closes her contract! 1. Celebration 2. Revolver (feat. Lil Wayne) 3. It's So Cool 4. Broken 5. Revenge 6. Liquid Love 7. Animal 8. Across the Sky 9. Funny Game 10. Keep the Trance 11. Triggering 12. Can't You See My Mind
  5. She looks absolutely gorgeous in that bbq pics and some of her recent IG posts. But there's something from her natural beauty that's missing since some years ago. Where's her trademark smile? I think her smile has always been one of her most charismatic and unmistakable body traits, and I miss that!!!! Is there anybody that feels what I'm saying?
  6. I see it too, and maybe Madonna thought that too...do you remember the rave version of Frozen that was played during the 2009 leg of the Sticky & Sweet? She used the bridge of Open Your Heart as a bridge for Frozen: "Open your heart I'll make you love me It's not that hard If you just turn the key Open your heart I'll make you love me It's not that hard When your heart's not open" Absolutely adore this performance!!
  7. I guess she's trying to get Madonna on the original version of Born This Way... A guy can dream :D
  8. Dear Jessie - Patrick Leonard's daughter Veni Vidi Vici - herself Gang Bang, IDGA, Love Spent, I Fucked Up, Best Friend - Guy Two Steps Behind Me - Gaga She's Not Me - a girl who Guy cheated M with? Mer Girl - her mother
  9. 01 Angel 02 Love Profusion 03 The Look of Love 04 Nothing Really Matters 05 Looking for Mercy 06 Sorry (Demo) 07 Take a Bow 08 American Pie
  10. 1. Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded (2008) 2. Rated R (2009) 3. Loud (2010) / Unapologetic (2012) Girl, I can't believe time goes by so fast!!!!
  11. 1.- Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia. Favs: Levitating, Love Again. 2.- Kylie Minogue - Disco. Favs: Miss a Thing, I Love It. 3.- Aitana - 11 Razones. Favs: No Te Has Ido y Ya Te Extraño, Igual. 4.- Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts. Favs: Hate Me, Never Be Me. 5.- J Balvin - Colores. Favs: Negro, Rojo. When it came out, I listened a lot to Chromatica by Lady Gaga, but I only like the half of the album (the same thing that happens to me since Born This Way)
  12. Amazing was played more than What It Feels Like For a Girl
  13. I wonder if she recorded this demo and then they remixed it into the hit we all know...
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